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I'm used to seeing Dell laptops and PCs that are as dull as mud, so the rather attractive-looking Inspiron 15R sample came as a shock. The lid comes in a choice of red, pink, blue or black while the deck of the chassis surrounding the keyboard is chromed. Dell Inspiron 15R The power button and activity lights use subdued …


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  1. AceRimmer


    "The layout leaves something to be desired as two of the USB 2.0 ports are inconveniently located on the rear of the chassis along with the power connector"

    Personally I hate the current trend for putting all the connections on the side of the laptop. which then means you've got wires all over the place rather than neatly out the back.

    As a laptop user who's laptop sits on a desk most of the day, a couple of ports at the back is handy for those things which remain plugged in all day, e.g. mouse, mobile internet dongle, external hard drive.

    The extra USB ports on the side you can then keep free for things like usb memory stick which you want instant access to.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gaming Performance

    What's the gaming performance like? The spec looks like it could handle a few games, it would be nice to have a few basic benchmarks like Mass Effect 2 or Arkham Asylum.

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