back to article Google Docs is going mobile

Google, while celebrating 30 million people having signed up to its cloudy documents service, has announced that editing will soon come to mobile users. First will come a new verification process that will reduce the reliance on passwords and increase the security of connections. But "in the next few weeks," document editing …


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  1. Jim 48

    That's all very well but ...

    I still want off-line access :-(

  2. Antidisestablishmentarianist


    "...many Android users find themselves incredulous that editing isn't possible..."

    I suspect that many Android users find themselves incredulous about many things in life.

  3. Robert Forsyth

    You can edit on Symbian !?

    It's not pretty, but it is possible

  4. David Love

    Excellent - First Class!

    Will be popular in the departure lounges at LHR.

    More fodder for the netbook doomsters?

  5. Vitani


    The post is required, and must contain letters.

  6. gurningchimp

    Never mind the lack of bluetooth keyboard...

    ...what about the complete lack of proxy authentication? Android users won't be editing docs without connecting to their companies WiFi... pfft.

  7. ArmanX

    It's about time...

    My previous phone was a Windows phone - say what you will about them, but at least they come with a decent document reader/writer. Office Mobile may not do everything that a desktop can, but it's far above what most mobile tools can do. I'm not about to drop $30-$50 for a mobile app, either.

    And yes, I was rather surprised to find that there was no built-in way to edit documents on an Android, what with Google Docs and all.

  8. Gaz Davidson

    No Bluetooth keyboard?

    Bluetooth HID profiles are in every custom ROM out there, it's a tiny change. Tablet manufacturers had better support them if they want to compete.

  9. jonathanb Silver badge

    Word count?

    It is interesting that every review I ever read for word processing software mentions word count. Unless you are a student, or presumably a journalist, you are probably never going to need a word count facility. For me, the =SUM(ABOVE) facility in MS Word is much more important, but it never gets mentioned.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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