back to article Lord Prescott calls for phone hack review

Lord Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull is demanding a judicial review of the Metropolitan Police's decision to end its investigation into allegations of phone "hacking" by the News of the World. But the big man's contribution has been dismissed by the policeman who ran the original investigation, Andy Hayman, as "another episode …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I care not for this. Nor do most of the populace I'd imagine. A few MPs targeted by l33t hax0rs from the NotW and it's getting more parliamentary time than say... cuts to STFC budget. GTFO.

    1. Shane Orahilly

      Cuts? Are you sure?

      After all, Joe Hart's first full international appearance netted the club an extra half million.

      Oh, you mean The OTHER STFC...

      The one with the blue and amber stripes and matching scarf, thanks.

  2. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

    double standards?

    All this from a government who granted themselves every power to invade the privacy of us mere mortals.

    1. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

      Before the pedants get here...

      OK, yes, there has been an election since.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Call me a pedant.

        Marvin, there may have been an election since, but Prescott was a member of the Labour government he is not a member of the current government. So the original comment is valid.

  3. Vladimir Plouzhnikov


    I would like some croquet investigation please.

    Perscott's lament:

    "Ive been waiting here for so long

    And all this time has passed me by

    It doesn't seem to matter now

    You stand there with your fixed expression

    Casting doubt on all I have to say.

    Why don't you touch me, touch me,

    Why don't you touch me, touch me,

    Touch me now, now, now, now, now..."

  4. Anonymous Coward

    A new standard in Tight-Fisted Fuckitude!

    "another episode of Lord Prescott's rants. You know, he's nothing special."

    I know cops can have an attitude, and generally don't want to know your opinion as to the time of day, but that was by some margin one of the coldest and definitive statement of "couldn't give a fuck", even for a cop. Clearly not a Prescott fan.

    1. Catkins

      Move along, nothing to see here

      Well Hayman went very quickly from leading an investigation into News International to working as a commentator for.....News International. Not the most unbiased commentator here.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      But not by a cop...

      ... Hayman is no longer a rozza but one of Rupert Murdoch's finest. So what would you expect him to say?

      "It's a fair cop. All the NoW journalists were at it and Coulson condoned it by approving the not inconsiderable expenses"

      Now that would be (a) News and (b) Honest.

  5. Tom 35

    Phone hacking

    I expect it went something like.... Try 1234, I'm in.

    Maybe had to try 7777 too a few times.

    Now he knows what it's like when regular people go to the cops and get "don't give a crap, take a number and go away" attitude.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      Exactly, using back-doors or using a list of default PINs is not hacking. Hacking is circumventing security. So if you enter the correct password you're not hacking. Hacking would be gaining access without entering any password.

      I guess technically if they were brute forcing the pin by going through all the possible combinations then that would be comparable to picking a lock.

      As people always say (especially when privacy is invaded) you've nothing to fear if you're law abiding.

  6. Tigra 07

    He was hacked, i read about it...

    Apparently an old journalist from the News of the World hacked Prescott's answer phone and got 25mb of data

    It was all messages and callbacks from the local takeaways

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: He was hacked, i read about it...

      That has the *form* of a joke, but...

      1. Tigra 07


        It was the best i could do on such short notice

        Prescott jokes are difficult ;]

  7. Anonymous Coward

    I guess the Lord of the Pies is peeved

    probably that his hideous legover was exposed by fleet street and secondly Top ex Cop Andy Hayman deeming his hissy fit a rant and him 'nothing special' live on air during Nick Ferrari's show.

    I just wish his hissy fits didn't end up costing the UK taxpayer huge amounts of cash. Hasn't he fleeced us taxpayers enough already? We have to pay him and his odious wife cash for the rest of their miserable lives to keep them in the lard to which they've become accustomed.

    It's not even as if he was any conceivable use when he was actually 'working' either. About the only thing he was ever any good at was fetching a G&T on boats and rabble rousing.

    Hasn't he heard of peeing off gracefully and vanishing up his own cloaca? Maybe someone should clue him in.

  8. Eponymous Cowherd
    Thumb Down

    When the boot's on the other foot, eh Mr Prescott?

    So its OK to spy on the personal communications of the public at large (IMP) and turn a blind eye while nefarious commercial interests (Phorm) do the same, but an entirely different matter when Their Right Honorables are on the receiving end?

    You reap as you sow, Mr Prescott. Your Government made (in their eyes) snooping and spying on personal communications not only acceptable, but desirable (in the name of "security"). Now you blubber because the boot is on the other foot and, it hurts?

    Stop blubbering. You only have yourself to blame.

  9. Chris Collins


    Might I just point out our socialist, working man's man, anti-elitist bulimic northerner's title: Lord. Fucking. Prescott. Arch hypocrite. If this was the Mail I'd be frothing at the mouth on a New Liebor rant.

  10. Keith 21

    What a shame...

    ..."Lord" Prescott didn't have the balls to do this while his lot were in power.

    Of course, while he and his cronies had their snouts in teh tough, they were busily removing as many of OUR rights and privacy as they possibly could...

  11. Rogerborg

    Wait, default voicemail PINs?

    THAT was the 1337 h4X? Two-Jabs was too dumb or lazy to change his default PIN, got pwned, and - hang on, that's the part where he was turfed out of government for being incompetent, right? I mean, that is what happened - he's not being let near grown-up scissors, open flames or legislation, right? RIGHT?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      PIN Numbers were non-default

      Read the story man. All the PIN numbers found were non-default viz the owners wanted their calls secret.

      Coulson, Brookes and all the other journo's broke the law and did hack in the true and legal sense of the word.

  12. Elmer Phud

    Fallen for it - again

    Woooooosh - and they all miss the important bit and shit on JP

    You lot should be pleased someone is prepared to fight the plods over this one.

    The cops look like they have been leant on - big time - and are resorting to 'It's only that Presciott bloke moaning again, no need to take him seriously'.

    By falling in line with the police and Murdoch and Coulson (or 'sucking' a big one as some might say) you are agreeing that it's O.K. for both the press to hack as they please in to anyones account - yes, yours too - and that it's also no big deal as far as the police are concerned.

    even wft? isn't enough this time - you've been pwnd by Murdoch and Coulson and supplied your own KY. Fuckatrds - just hope it doesn't happen to you, you've just sanctioned it.

    1. Tom 35

      You have it wrong

      We are not pleased that someone has been abused. We are pleased that the shoe in now on the other foot and he is getting the same crap the public has been getting while he was supposed to be serving them.

      It's not who cares it was only Presciott, it's...

      Ha, Ha, how do you like it eh? Not so fun is it? Getting some idea of why we were getting mad now?

      But I expect he is not thinking "they can't do this" but something like "they can't do this to someone important like ME"

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Failed Journalism

    .. and I mean by John Oates.

    Whilst no fan of Prezza, this article is one-sided. Andy Hayman the rozza from the yard is no longer of that parish. He now worships at the church of St Rupert; which interestingly enough owns the News of the Screws. So Andy Hayman saying anything about this is pure propaganda; perhaps like some (and only some) of those screaming protest on the opposition benches.

    .. and don't you think that Yates of the Yard is intimidating new witness by interviewing them as suspects and not witnesses. (Something stinks there).

    ... and it is still illegal under RIPA to listen into other peoples communications. I don't want mine listened to. I presume everyone standing up for Hayman et al doesn't mind, I do!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Funny isn't it?

    That Prescott's government let this one slide at the time without too much action being taken. It seems that at the time the fat boy and his buddies were happy with the action taken by the police. So why would he (and other's in his party) be shouting about it now? Could it be because there is the potential for some political mileage to be had from embarassing Coulson and his new boss?

    Cynic? Me?

  15. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A legend in his own small mind

    Are you sure Andy Hayman didn't say .... "He was on a list, along with lots of celebrities and well-known people, held by a journalist - and that's no different to a contact list that's being held by any other journalist, come to that."

  16. Mr Young
    Thumb Up

    Prescott, haha

    I just loved it when he punched that mullet haired twat that threw an egg at him. Quality comedy, hahahahahahaha. If he wants to pick a fight with the cops then so be it!

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ha ha......

    I wonder whether Prescott will get the justice that his Government's dictatorship denied to everyone else, including myself. All Labour are is a bunch of self serving scroungers who only believe in enriching themselves whilst pretending to represent the working man.. Fuck Labour, they are FINISHED. Full stop.

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