back to article Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook

Orange customers are reporting that connections to Facebook are being rejected, apparently due to some technical incompatibility between the two. We had our first reports around lunchtime, and raised the issue with Orange who have admitted that mobile customers aren't being as social as they should be, and that the problem is …


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  1. Stuart Abbott

    Farmville as well

    Seems to be affecting Farmville as well. I keep getting a "blocked due to abusive behaviour" error.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. DavCrav Silver badge


      You used your real name and admitted to using Farmville?

  2. James 5

    Why is this...

    ... a problem?

    "Orange customers are reporting that connections to Facebook are being rejected"

    Surely this is one GIGANTIC PLUS / SELLING POINT for Orange ??

  3. rhydian

    Facebook just gives a "blocked IP" Message

    Sounds like FB's spotted a load of traffic coming from the orange network and has tagged it as spam. Relaxing to know it's not my new android handset at fault.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Facebook hasn't worked on my Orange HTC Desire since this morning, but is fine I'd you access it using the Opera browser from the Android market.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      seeing how opera traffic gets redirected thru opera, not a surprise.

    2. Myoukochou

      Opera Mini?

      Opera Mini uses its own proxy (which specially compresses the data). When using that, Facebook would see an IP from Opera, not from Orange, so that wouldn't be blacklisted, which explains why that would work.

      Using a VPN from your phone, if you have one available, would also work.

      Orange UK use the private range internally, and transparently proxy all of their web traffic through a comparatively small bunch of caching proxy servers (running squid 1.1 pg_squid2_3) in the range on AS12576 - and that entire range has been blacklisted by Facebook today from about 8.30am (also, I note, and, as well as's blacklist).

      They do identify that it's been proxied with a via header, and it seems like their only way to differentiate the thousands of users doubtless using each outward-facing IP is by a custom X-Orange-ID HTTP header added by their Squid proxies, which seems to be a base64-encoded MD5 (although I'm not sure what it's a hash of - is it consistent?).

      Difficult to speculate why, but that's a lot of users and not a lot of IPs, with most of it I've seen in the 193.35.135.x/24 range. These could look like one really, really big user to a remote website, and IP-blackholed accordingly - a classic problem many people who've used the few poor-quality ISPs (who still use this kind of setup in 2010?!) have probably run into before.

      I also have a HTC Desire on Orange and - when I have been able to get the Orange data network to work at all today (hint: their UMTS 3G really really sucks - their HDSPA "3G+" is faster if you get it for a few seconds, but their 2G GPRS may be a better choice for many!) - I have had the same problems today, as you may gather.

      Not happy about it (hence the icon)! That's - what - the third Orange data network epic fail in as many months?

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Facebook hasn't worked on my Orange HTC Desire since this morning, but is fine if you access it using the Opera browser from the Android market.

    1. Peter Thomas 2
      Thumb Down

      Re: Opera

      Nope, even using Opera on my Orange-branded HTC Desire, I can't properly access Facebook. But I get a more detailed error message, as opposed to the brief note of failure from the official app.

      Poor Orange. A week of suffering for customers, stil without the Android 2.2 Froyo update, delayed a third time... See

    2. Tom 35


      Your connection is going through Opera's server so it is no longer seen as a connection from Orange when it hits the facebook server.

      1. bob hob

        Mange l'Orange

        Orange users in France have not cried about this, or does the author live on an island somewhere north of France? I head that there is a strange place called Britannica up there where they drive on the left :)

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      See rhydian's post above, Orange's IP address is being blocked.

      The magic of Opera is that the page is loaded and rendered on Opera's servers (i.e. not by an Orange IP) and then sent to your device.

  6. heyrick Silver badge

    Ah, so it's a mobile problem...

    ...don't forget Orange runs large landline services, including the entirety of France Telecom (ex. Wanadoo). The title of the article could have been more specific.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It's the other way around, spanner

      Orange is a mobile business owned by FT. FT is one of the biggest Telcos in the World.

  7. dave 81

    Serves them right!

    Surly Orange customers are well used to crap service?

  8. Fred 21
    Thumb Down

    4 hour fix time?

    Had this all day, it appears to have started (for me) around sometime between 4:00-6:00. Heard nothing from Orange (until now via this article) but Googling finds plenty of people who reported this to Orange and were told it had been identified and would be fixed within 4 hours ... the customers were told this around 9:00 this morning....

  9. karl reading

    Opera mini

    Opera mini on iPhone works for this orange customer. Opera hides u behind there servers so u can acess the mobile site

  10. Pirate Peter

    not able to access faceache

    so whats the problem,

    i see no problem at all, as i do not wish to share all my personal information with the world and his dog

    face ache has never worked on my orange phone, could be it is an old 6310i

    does all i want, makes and recieves calls and the odd text

    1. Bugs R Us
      Paris Hilton

      And your point is?

      If you don't need Facebook on the move, then of course it won't affect you. For some of us though Facebook is required on the move. Contrary to popular myth, Facebook can be used for more than informing your friends of trivia about your day to day life.

  11. JaitcH

    Just imagine the increase in productivity or all those ...

    lost sould not knowing where anyone is.

    Just like the old, pre-Facebook, days.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      What increase?

      These sad fools will be trying to log onto facebook every 5 minutes all day to get there fix. If anything productivity will be down even further.

  12. Conrad Longmore
    Thumb Up

    No Facebook?

    No Facebook? Where do I sign up?

  13. Cameron Colley

    Re: Opera.

    I suspect that any proxy may work, so corporate Blackberrys from firms who allow Facebook may work also, for example.

    1. Bugs R Us


      Not if the Blackberry services are provided by Orange. Besides, corporate Blackberry servers don't handle the web side of things, that is done over the GPRS connection of your handset.

      1. Cameron Colley

        Depends on your setup.

        If your BES is in-house you can run the Blackberry through your own proxy servers -- that way you can block content if necessary.

  14. WonkoTheSane
    Thumb Up

    Don't rush on my account

    I'm with James 5.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This kind of thing will affect adult sites too

    A lot of adult sites use one of various systems which count accesses from different IP's / ISP's to detect leaked usernames and passwords, some of them use 'GEO IP' systems.

    This could result in false positives on 'password sharing' for websites which also offer mobile content for download as well as the more traditional full sized movies.

  16. noroimusha


    I would be happy if my data connection would be stable at least, not talking about FB

    in London canary wharf i have to keep the phone on grps to get a connection, in the City and west end it randomly goes away completely.

    that orange for ya

  17. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Ah, zillion to many NAT

    The phone call must have gone something like this:

    O: You're blocking us.

    FB: You're hacking us. I'll send you the IP addresses of the hackers.

    O: Everybody has those addresses!

    FB: Sucks to be you.

    1. Bugs R Us

      followed by...

      O: What did you expect when you enabled FB Places???

  18. Andy Watt


    Seems pretty knackered on voda, too. I got nothing but an error page earlier on... The mobile app can't see notifications either.

    FB on the tweak again? Has places knackered UK bookface?

  19. Chris Harries


    Does the author really need to explain to readers of el reg what NAT is? I assume if your here you probably know stuff like that

  20. Winkypop Silver badge

    And this is a bad thing....


  21. bob hob

    NATed heaven

    "Mobile networks run their internet access behind a huge network address translation (NAT) system,"

    Not quite true. The mobile ISP I use does not, and as such my Android baby runs a accessible HTTP server on port 80, with dynamic dns performing updates to it, although I spend most of the time getting the dynamic dns account deactivated for abuse because the updates are too frequent for their liking.

  22. Tigra 07

    I saw my chance and i took it

    Saw the headline for this on MSN just: "Orange customers forced to get a life as Facebook is blocked"

  23. Daniel 43


    Ive been having a similar, intermitent issue with my desire, but im on Tmobile. With the recent "network hopping" of signal between Orange and Tmob, woudl this be causign me issues too?

  24. dz-015

    Not much of a surprise

    Orange customers are always getting blocked from all sorts of sites thanks to Orange's crap infrastructure and shit DNS caches. Only the high profile sites eventually get their access fixed. When smaller sites are blocked, the people running the sites and Orange's customers have to just give up all hope (as I know well from experience).

  25. Lottie

    back on

    Seems like it's been sorted. I've just been on Facebook via Orange.

    No, I don't need a life. When my family is over 200 miles away, it's the easiest medium to stay in touch and share stuff over.

  26. Smoggie

    Facebook access

    This happened to me last Friday, even access through Safari was blocked. I ended up resetting my password and gained full access again. Bl@@dy Orange!!!!

  27. muttley

    Still not working over Orange 3G

    Fine over Wifi (obviously).

    Time to give Orange a call.

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