back to article iPad app throws TV games at your head

A new iPad app listens to the television and presents interactive content to the understimulated viewer who can't be fully entertained by the programmes alone. The free application is linked to an American TV show from ABC, called My Generation, and uses the iPad microphone to lock onto the television audio and present "polls …


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  1. krambam

    Official measurement of attention span.

    So is the gnat-on-speed going to be entered into El Reg's official measurement handbook then?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Yeah very nice, but FFS!

    What is this need to constantly have stimulus pumped into our poor, barely evolved monkey brains, 24 by 7? How about you just do one thing at a time, just once in a while, eh? Just enjoy letting the TV brainwash you for a short period of time, as it was intended to do.

    Just slow down a little.

    I have a little theory that most cancer is basically caused by the stress of modern living, not this chemical or that, just the pure stress that we subject ourselves too day-in, day out.

    Just take a moment to do one thing at a time, take a walk, watch some mindless cack on TV. Just switch off the old noggin just for 5 mins, you'll feel much better.

    1. sandman

      Yep, really

      Perhaps try just watching the one programme per evening that's what you really want to see (on a good night perhaps two) and then spend the rest of the time reading - hey, you might actually learn something or imagine a galactic war/romance/crime, inside your own head and provide your own pictures - wouldn't that be cool?

    2. Raumkraut
      Black Helicopters


      A constant bombardment of stimulus prevents people from thinking clearly.

      People who can think clearly are dangerous subversives, and make poor consumers.

  3. James Downes

    A clock is not good enough

    Timing from transmission is the only way to do these things because you cannot rely on everyone using the same clock. In the UK for example BBC1 on Freeview is a couple of seconds behind analogue, over Sky it will be up to 20 seconds later and Cable similarly.

    Being able to sync what is on screen with the second screen is therefore molto tricky.

    This looks like a good way to do it.

    Whether it is a good thing or not, is a matter of taste.

    Just my2p

  4. Robert Hill
    Thumb Up

    I think this is fantastic...

    Very inventive, very clever.

    OK, I hate what it says (hold a sec while I answer that..) about our (one sec, just have to read this text) society in general. But what can (click!) you do?

    And I can find one great use for this - the BBC need to use this to present their web overview of the F1 driver's on-track positions during a race...and synch it to the TV broadcast! I tend to religiously watch F1....from a recording! It means that I always miss the simultaneous web stuff. With this though, I could get the true F1 multi-vision experience even off a recording!

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