back to article Undiplomatic tweet from French diplomats

The French Foreign Ministry's official Twitter account was "hacked" earlier today and a rather rude message posted. It said: "FUCK YOU ROMANIAN PEOPLE! I HATE YOU ALL AND I WANT TO DESTROY EU!" The tweet has gone now and been replaced with a message which said the @francediplo account had been hacked, the message had been …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Another Reg Attempt at Disguising Political News as IT News

    Why do I get the feeling that the Twitter portion of this article was used as an IT justification for putting political commentary on The Register?

    Stick to IT news. There's plenty of other news sites and bloggers covering politics.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Another Reg Attempt at Disguising Political News as IT News

      It's not disguised as IT news.

      Please sit down.

    2. Test Man

      Who cares?

      Who really cares whether there's an IT angle or not? Utterly no one apart from the likes of you. Sit down and be quiet. If you don't like it, don't click the headline.

    3. LinkOfHyrule

      Some of us like the non IT stories

      Personally, I like stories about lesbian vampires, devils in tiles and people with neurological disorders singing 80's karaoke!

      This is a tech story though, sadly twitter is actually a technology of the information variety! Although personally, I would consider twitter technology of the Joseph Bazalgette variety!

      1. Tigra 07

        Am i the only one...

        wondering how lesbian vampires got to be mentioned?

    4. Anonymous Coward

      Its a sorry state

      when one has to use RT (Russian TV) and the Register for news outside of the airhead world of BBC News 24.

      So El Reg, thanks for your efforts, and its your site, so just ignore the dickhead wannbe editors.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      IT News?

      Me, I'm just looking for the Paris Hilton angle.

  2. Matt 13

    oohh.. now theres a thought...

    maybe twitterbomber should have used that as his excuse...

  3. Daggersedge
    IT Angle

    The French are only doing what everyone in Europe should be doing

    I live in France. Since the clearances began, the streets have been free of Rom women using their children as begging bowls, of Rom women shoving everyone aside so that they can get on the tram, of fat Rom women sitting on the pavements shouting insults at anyone who doesn't give them money.

    Despite the cries of the liberal media, France is not breaking the law. The law is clear that anyone in the EU who lives in a country for longer than three months and has no visible means of support can be deported back to his country of origin. The liberal media screams about 'targeting groups'. Well, what else can one do since the Roms *as a group* fit the definition of people who can be deported?

    You might also want to think about the fact that the majority of people in France support the expulsion of the Roms. They also support the Burkha ban. The liberal press, however, is only interested in democracy when it agrees with its ideology.

    I'm glad to live in a country that is starting to stand up against politically-correct do-gooders. It's one of the reasons I left Britain.

    But I'll tell you what, any do-gooders here who support the Roms should invite them to their house.

    1. peyton?

      not really criticizing your opinion here

      But you can't just play the democracy card. By that argument all the past wrongs (slavery, genocide, etc) of most any civilization are suddenly perfectly fine.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Since the clearances began

      The Clearances.

      Obviously you feel the need for a tag that will go down in history.

      Such things do tend to get mentioned by history, but not very favourably.

      I'm in within a whisper of having Godwin's Law invoked against me here.

    3. Sensi


      Actually citizens from Bulgaria and Romania, like the illegal Roma making polemic, don't enjoy the same freedom of moving within the European countries than citizens from others countries which are full members of the Schengen agreement , these two countries and their citizens have restrictions put in place, like the fact you mention that they do have to prove of a legal way of living, a job, if they want to stay more than three months on french soil. Citizens from others Europeans countries which are full members of the Schengen agreement are -as far as i know- exempt of the latter, and can be expulsed only if convicted of crime or illegal activities.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      As another ex-pat

      I should point out that the rule you refer to is an EU directive. Might be worth considering that the next time the UK government blames the EU for all the immigrants - because it is basically "get your act together in three months, or sod off". Perhaps the sticking point in the Roma case is that the same piece of legislation mandates that after five years an immigrant must be afforded the same rights and provisions as a native. This is useful to me, I work here. I'm in the wonderful wonderful mass of paperwork that passes for French beaurocracy. :-)

      That said, around here, they are clever. How do you prove you've been in the country five years? Easy - show us five years worth of tax declarations. You'd be surprised how many Brits this catches out too ("oh, we pay tax in the UK"... and? File a non-return, it isn't hard, it's the pink one.)

      As for the Roma, we don't have many of that sort around here (it's a farming community with ZERO tourist attractions), but there are certain small houses (and I mean like the size of a posh garden shed) which are SURROUNDED by an army of white vans, several of them parked on the roads, sometimes even IN the roads. Manky clothing strewn up all over the place. I've even seen tall ladders used so baby clothes could be pegged to phone lines. WTF? And why are these people incapable of putting their rubbish into a wheelie bin instread of tossing it, well, everywhere. God-damned place looks like a half-hearted attempt at recreating a municipal dump. Hell, a fair bit of the stuff they nick from local schools and the salle polyvalente which they decide is no longer useful gets thrown in the ditch by their property, it's like they're daring anybody to say anything. Neither the Mayor nor the Gendarmes can do anything. Both get threatened, sometimes overtly (it even makes it to the local papers) but there isn't the support network to back them up. Nobody around here wants to start a war. Maybe, however, Sarko's actions will start to tackle these sorts of problems.

      I'm sure this will stir up a lot of troubled debate in the realms of the EU, but it is one thing to make useful directives for law abiding people. It is something else to try to apply these directives to people that seem pathologically unable to obey the laws of the host country, or get jobs, or pay tax...

    5. Ben Tasker

      South Park

      Reminds me of that South Park episode where they 'clear' the Peruvian Flute bands only to be attacked by Guniea Pigs!

      Didn't end too well for them.

      I only watched it cos I was bored, honest!

    6. Anonymous Coward
      Big Brother


      As you assume that anybody uneasy about what Sarkozy & Berlusconi (owner of a large portion of the 'liberal media') is a 'do-gooder', does this mean you are a 'do-badder'?

    7. Chris Thomas Alpha
      Thumb Up

      sounds exactly like barcelona

      you have this problem in france as well? It's also a problem in barcelona, begging, using children as ways to extort money out of you, when they walk away after being told no, you can here them cursing you....with their mouths full of gold teeth

      the spanish (or in this case more literally, the catalans) also want to deport them all, but spain has less backbone than france on these matters I think.

    8. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      "the majority of people in France support the expulsion of the Roms. They also support the Burkha ban."

      So, since the majority of Frenchmen don't give a toss about morality, individual choice, and freedom, those values should be tossed out the window? Sounds great.


    9. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Burqa ban

      If a majority of the French support the burqa ban it's shameful and very depressing that the people who in the 18th century shook up Europe with their fight for political freedom are now supporting such petty racism and tyranny. I hope it gets ruled as unconstitutional. We should all have the right to cover whichever parts of our bodies we want to and there is no way the state should be interfering in stuff like that.

      (I'll admit I haven't yet investigated exactly how the burqa ban would be implemented. I know the French have a special sensitivity towards the display of religious allegiance in schools, for example. But that's a special case.)

      1. heyrick Silver badge

        Burqa ban

        When you go into a shop, you are not permitted to wear a motorcycle helmet, or any sort of covering that hides the face. This is basic public security (remember, in many parts of France you can reach out and touch bank/post office employees - they aren't hidden behind bulletproof glass cages). Why should somebody be different "because it is their religious belief"?

        I work in a situation that involves the wearing of face masks. Even though they are stupid little bits of toilet paper with strings attached, you frequently see people lowering their masks in order to be able to communicate, not just to be more clearly understood but also the facial expressions make up a fair part of the communication. I cannot imagine what would go through the mind of a woman to consider the wearing of a burqa to be suitable attire for teaching young children.

        If a woman wants to walk down the street dressed head to toe in a specific seclusion uniform based upon a mysogenistic misreading of the Quran (which says, I believe, that a person should be "modestly dressed"), then that is their choice. Or maybe their husband's choice. As far as I'm concerned, I don't care, it is little bother to me how others dress and to be honest it makes a refreshing change from tweenies girls flashing their panties because they're getting their style tips from Americans pop starlets who seem to desire to wear nothing at all.

        However there are certain situations involving social interaction (shopping, teaching, many sorts of jobs) where such attire as a burqa is unsuitable.

        To my mind a complete ban is an overreaction, but it may well be bourne from a subset of the Islamic population pressing for it to be worn everywhere all the time, regardless of any thoughts to the contrary. Use in moderation probably would have been tolerated. Most of the Muslims around here wear a head scarf and nobody cares. Now go type "burqa" in to Google and look at the images returned and ask yourself if that is suitable clothing for popping out to buy croissants and coffee?

    10. Boring Bob

      Artistic license

      "of Rom women shoving everyone aside so that they can get on the tram, of fat Rom women sitting on the pavements shouting insults at anyone who doesn't give them money."

      I've been living in Paris for twenty years, I have never seen Roms acting this way. France has changed radically over the last few years. Two years ago no one took any notice if a woman wore a veil in public, now she risks being attacked if she should do so.

    11. Burch

      You are a disgrace

      As is The Register for leaving this openly racist comment.

      France and Italy should be suspended from the EU at the very least. And you can go and live in one of them. The Vichy comparison was entirely appropriate.

    12. Nev

      I live in France too...

      ... wondering when they'll start the forced repatriation of narrow minded British expats.

  4. Scott Broukell

    I don't care where they come from .....

    if they live in squalid illegal camps, sell their daughters into wedlock at around 13 years of age, teach the younger ones (who can't be prosecuted) how to beg, steal and pilfer, pay no taxes and yet cost the host nation for cleaning up after them etc., then I don't care for their ethnicity, creed or colour, I would want to send them packing as well. But Romania doesn't want them either, as they are seen as an undesirable criminal underclass in their 'home' country!

    Maybe we should ask them to drop the whole medieval life-style approach and join in the 21st century with the rest of us (most of the rest of us). They could still celebrate their ethnic origins.

    Or maybe the EU should insist that a little portion of Romania be declared their official home land and then they will need to traverse borders, like (most) of the rest of us.

    1. ian 22

      "medieval life-style approach"

      I had wondered why the pope's assistant called Blighty a "third-world country". Is it the pikey's medieval life-style approach?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      new country?

      Last time a new country was created to accommodate an ethnic group, it created problems for many years... still does, in fact.

      1. Tom Samplonius

        Re: new country?

        "Last time a new country was created to accommodate an ethnic group, it created problems for many years... still does, in fact."

        This probably an allusion to Isreal, but Isreal more re-created than anything. Out of a piece of the failed Ottoman Empire.

        The fact is, new countries are created all the time for ethnic groups, and it usually solves problems. Yugoslavia was a huge mess of issues, before they put everyone in their corner. It is still far from ideal, but it works better now.

        But a lot of this anti-Roma stuff is pretty racist. Sure packing up non-citizens sound great. But it can get out of hand fast, and turn into fascism. And some pointed out, ethnic cleansing is always popular among the people doing it.

        The conditions in the EU seem perfect for another Hilter. General economic malaise. One or more marginalized and easily identified people groups to act as scape goats for the problems. Popular support for persecution.

    3. Apophys
      Thumb Down


      Maybe we should use a small portion of your country for that.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So, your logic is...

      ...poor people show up, so you ostracize them. Then you deny them opportunities because they're separated from society, blame them when they fail to prosper economically, and tell them to get the hell out because they live in camps, are poor, and can't get jobs?

      Has it occurred to you that people don't just spontaneously pop from the womb as dirt-poor, homeless thieves, and that maybe - just maybe - the way society at large treats them has something to do with the results?

    5. Boring Bob


      You appear to be a little confused. Roms do not originate from Romania, Romanians do. Why dedicate a part of Romania for them? Why not designate Kent or Yorkshire?

      Why do you think Roms have a magical ability to travel across Europe without crossing borders???

    6. Pingla

      Been there, done that

      They gipsies were given houses, transportation, free schooling, counselling, etc.

      Basically all the support they could possibly need.

      Problem is that they don't want to settle down, they want to live like nomads.

      So they didn't send their kids to school, even if someone came to pick them up in the morning.

      They trashed the placed completely, and then trailed off.

  5. Shingo Tamai

    Every country...

    has the right to expel unwanted people.

    The UK could expel and ban anyone as "undesirable", so I really do not understand what te fuss is all about.

    You want to stay in a place? Get a job and pay taxes and apply for citizenship.

    If you cannot sustain yourself or if you want to be a parasite living by illegal means you are not welcome. Since you are NOT a french/british/italian/german citizen, SURPRISE, you are sent back to your own country.

    1. Boring Bob

      Missing the point

      The problem is the president of France has publicly started to blame foreigners for crime and has started targeting an ethnic minority on mass. Several weeks ago some police were attacked by Roms after they has shot one dead. The big clean out of the Roms appears to be a collective punishment for this.

  6. paul brain


    If the French turn this into a comedy movie it would be a Rom Com

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: comedy

      I can't see that doing well at the box office.

      I'd go so far as to say it would be a Rom Com Bomb.

  7. Veig


    They may be a bother in big towns, but they're not the main problem in our country (I'm speaking as a French citizen).

    The main problem we have is that, of all Frenchmen, we have elected this guy for president :!v=FWBUl7oT9sA

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Sarko did win support from Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi."

    Love it. If you're trying desperately to make it look as if you are rational and/or right then the last thing you want is the support of Berlusconi.

    From my POV any EU nation that has a problem with France's actions has one simple solution open to them. Repatriate every last frog living in their country, starting with the embassy staff. I've absolutely no time for the French when it comes to their policy on Europe. Basically they seem to think that the EU is there for two reasons; to pay subsidies to the French; and as a free market to sell French produce. Founder member they may be, but until they are willing to play by the rules their membership and the benefits thereof should be suspended.

    Oh and to those Daily Fail readers supporting the French on this consider how the French like to deal with asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. Do they repatriate them? Nope. They pass them on to the UK. Ask your tiny little Daily Fail mind this simple question: Would the UK have so many asylum seekers and illegal immigrants if the French dealt with them as they are supposed to?

    1. heyrick Silver badge

      @ AC

      And you, AC, ask your tiny little Fail Fail mind if the UK would have as many illegal immigrants if they were dealt with like the French deal with them. You have, I hope, bothered to read through 2004/38/EC?

      In case you have not, I quote article 7, 1, b: "have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members not to become a burden on the social assistance system of the host Member State during their period of residence and have comprehensive sickness insurance cover in the host Member State" [or be a registered worker or job seeker, etc]

      Could this not be used by the UK to deal with its own immigrant problems? Try wrapping your mind around that instead of whining "wah France sends us people it doesn't want wah". Yeah, it probably does, because the UK is too stupid to anything much beyond blaming France and the EU and everybody else for its own failings.

      Spain tightening up? Affecting ex-pats? France tightening up? No more free Carte Vitales? Germany tightening up? It's the same directive, you know...

    2. Daggersedge
      IT Angle

      You don't know what you are talking about

      Calais has all sorts of problems with illegal immigrants - so-called asylum seekers - trying to get into the UK. The mayor of Calais recently said that the problem was not due to France but due to the UK: the UK should either just let these people in or change its benefits system so that these people didn't want to go there. The fact is that the UK isn't policing its borders - France is and France is paying for it.

      Here's another fact for you: the French ex-pats throughout Europe go about their way quietly. They have jobs and pay taxes. When have you ever heard of the French marching through London demanding special privileges?

      France is standing up for itself and its rights. As I said in an earlier post, France isn't breaking the law. The law clearly states that if someone lives in a European country for more than three months without a visible means of support, then that person can be deported back to his country of origin. This law is the same throughout Europe. The UK itself could do this if it wasn't so busy bending over backwards for every minority group.

    3. dogged
      Thumb Up


      for not being a bigoted fuckhead like 90% of these blackshirted rejects.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Taking the piss?

    or are people really that sad as to upvote racist comments? (which I have reported)

    1. Daggersedge
      IT Angle

      Which 'racist' comments are those?

      Do you mean the comments insulting the French? I don't think so. No, you probably mean the comments telling the *truth* about the Roms. If you love them so much, why don't you invite them to camp in your front garden.

    2. Fisher39

      Wouldn't have done

      Except that the stink of self-righteousness wafting of your post got right up my nose.

    3. North Briton

      Not a liberal reformer but a liberal informer

      Did you report the comments to the police or the Register’s moderator, my little Stasi friend?

      ‘Like the soldier, the spy stakes his freedom or his life on the chances of action. The informer is different … He risks little. He sits in security and uses his special knowledge to destroy others.’ Whittaker Chambers, ‘Witness’ (p.454)

    4. Anonymous Coward

      Um. Are you talking about Rogerborg's post?

      'Cos I have a feeling he might have been... you know... kidding a little. The "Final Solution" reference was a bit of a clue...

      Of course, if he was serious then he's extremely, very wrong. But I rather suspect 'twas a silliness. There.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It's not racist...

      ...if everyone agrees with you. Didn't you know that?

    6. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @Taking the piss?

      Your moralising might carry more weight if you didn't post AC.

    7. Burch
      Thumb Up


      Sadly it seems quite a lot do feel this way. Replace the word Roma with any other ethnicity and most of them would be shocked. It's the acceptable face of racial hatred.

  10. peyton?

    Where's Lester

    Aren't the Romani in Spain much more integrated and contributing? If the Spanish are making a success of the situation, then it shouldn't really be described as an EU-wide problem with only one solution...

    1. Chris Thomas Alpha

      I live in barca

      and I can tell you, it's exactly the same as the guy who described france. they steal, rob, use babies to extort money, smell like drunks yet claim to be hungry, don't clean themselves and stink, they fight, sing badly on the metro, help themselves to sandwiches from the bar and then walk away without paying (oh yes, I saw this one personally, he waited in the queue for 10 minutes ahead of me, asked for a sandwich, thanked the girl and walked away, the girl ran after him, grabbed the sandwich, threw it on the floor and stamped on it, before saying "bon aprovecho!" which in catalan means "enjoy your meal"

      they are pretty much the worst people you will ever have the unpleasantness of meeting in the street, but I'm sure there are some bleeding heart liberals who will claim they are persecuted, without realising there might be a bloody dammed good reason why they are persecuted.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    We're talking about the one group who's been more heavily persecuted than the Jews for most of history. You always hear about how bad the Jews had it during WW2 but no one ever bothers to mention that the Roma were all but wiped out.

    Has it ever occured to any of you that they turn to begging and theft because no one will give them jobs and it's been that way for centuries?

    1. moonface

      Turn to begging and theft!

      I am sure if a someone with a Roma background turned up at a job interview smartly dressed with good CV and qualifications, they would not be unfairly discriminated against to get a ANY job.

      This is not a racial issue but a cultural issue. Racial equality should be supported but cultural equality should not. Not all cultures are equal and there are definitely a few issues with Roma culture, as it does appear to encourage its adherent's to indulge criminal and unsocial activity.

      If the Roma want jobs in the modern world, then they should give up their primitive medieval culture like the rest of us Celts and Saxons had to.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    It angle

    I live in France, and Daggersedge is wrong. The Roma are no worse than any other persecuted minority, and the "clearances" are mostly show. Most in france are against this vilification of an oppressed minority, and it is being done to distract attention from pensions and the veil ban, and other problems of Sarko's failings.

    Re IT angle, that would be the twitter account hack and the rest is accurate context.

  13. Jimmy Floyd

    At least we know it was a genuine hack... French diplomat worth his salt would tweet in English!

  14. mulder

    if you come t a country obay its laws.

    My view is that is you move to another country you must obay its laws,

    This is totaly regardless or where you come from , your race , sexual orientation ect.

    If you deside you do not want to obay those laws then you should leave and if you have broken those laws you should be evicted.

  15. John Tserkezis

    Measures? What measures?

    "The tweet has gone now and been replaced with a message which said the @francediplo account had been hacked, the message had been erased and measures taken to ensure it did not happen again."

    Measures? So the "1234" password was not so secure after all?

  16. Schultz

    Simply Racist

    I could respect a politician who enforces the deportation of foreign nationals because they overstayed their 3 month welcome ... but if that politician plays the race card for political gain he is racist. And I don't care if members of that race are more or less prone to perform illegal acts.

    You play the race card, you are a racists!

    Take that from a German.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The problem, you racist persons

    is that these actions are taken against a group of people based solely on their race. No-one sensible would have a problem with deporting people who do commit the kind of offenses you racists are claiming, however in a rational society we arrest, try and ultimately convict people before deciding they are theives / child sellers / child abusers / etc. rather than just claim it to be so because they are Roma.

    Replace the word "Roma" in your assorted Daily Mail-esque rants with "blacks" or "jews" and take another look at what you spouted. Still think you aren't a racist pond dweller?

    Then take a look at Sarkozy's obviously non-Freench background (Hungarian I believe) and you might want to ponder that not only are you a racist idiot but you have been duped by a world-class hypocrite to boot.

    You lot make me feel ashamed on behalf of your mothers.

  18. Anonymous Coward


    Ye, come to our countries, don't obey the laws that everyone else has to, don't contribute to society with your taxes. Then claim racism when you are told to go away.

    As for banning the burqa, it's a good start.

    When 7th Century barbaric mysticism collides with the principles of a modern enlightened(ish) society, which should take precedence?

    In Islam men are allowed to beat their wives. The penalty for adultery is stoning. You can be killed for leaving the religion.

    Halal meat is slaughtered by cutting it's throat without stunning it first. Why do religious rules beat animal cruelty laws?

  19. PhilDin

    Roma eunt domus...

    or is it Roma ite domun:)

  20. heyrick Silver badge

    The truth - this is also tearing France apart

    Read through the comments here. There are those who have experienced, or think they have experienced, Roma first-hand and want them picked up and deposited in their own country. Then there are those who have not experienced their way of being and practices who think this is horribly horribly racist.

    It is. To target a specific group of people for removal is little different than a form of ethnic cleansing. It shocks us, it is shocking France. But as this forum, and France's public opinion, shows, there are reasons why these people are being picked upon. Their way of life does not blend with the French way of life, and no amount of liberal thinking is going to appease a population sick of a group notorious for preferring to act like petty criminals rather than responsible citizens. The EU, its aims, and its directives were not set up to permit scroungers to go wherever the hell they pleased. Will there be casualties? Certainly, this mentality is little different to invoking a cultural stereotype (all Muslims are terrorists being another good example, for most of the ones I've ever met were sickened by what's been going on in the name of their religion). Is France justified in their actions? Possibly. Possibly not. History will be the judge of this.

    That said, the EU directives on freedoms of travel/work/residency are being exploited. France, Spain, the UK... Perhaps the push towards the exclusion of the Roma is the first step towards trying to do something to tighten up these rules, albeit at the expense of what may be perceived as the most visible problem. In a post at the top of the thread it was mentioned that their home country mostly doesn't want these people either - what does that say?

    Agreements and disagreements run deep in this forum. It's just the same in France, and it isn't being helped by a midget Napoleon with an ego problem...

  21. Pahhh

    Stop calling people racists...

    Would people stop making accusations of racism.

    The French have been dismantling a lot of unauthorised camps around France. The "Roms" that are being expelled only account for something like 10% of the occupants of these camps. Most of the occupants in the camps were French.

    Same as in England, we have "travellers" who arent necessarilly Gypsies or Pikies. These inviduals frequently have no trade other than theft and begging with vandalism is a hobby. Unfortunantly we cant deport UK resident, we can only "move them on".

    What the French are doing is 100% right. Its pathetic that people are objecting on the basis of race. It happens that some of these people are "Roms" who have outstayed their welcome and can be deported. What the hell is unreasonable about that?????

  22. Nev

    Brice Hortefeux

    For those who don't think there's something very disturbing going on in France,

    just Google M. Hortefeux and see the views of the openly racist (and recently convicted by a court)

    minister in charge of these repatriations.

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