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Ovi Maps has a new beta, bringing creepy tracking and Web2.0rhea to compete with Google Mobile Maps. The new beta sports an improved interface and better search (including suggestions). It also supports local reviews and comments, and "check-in" functionality for those who like the world to know where they are. But just to go …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "...but if it works as advertised then Ovi Maps will be a very credible competitor to GMM, something no one else seems able to provide."

    Unlike Google Maps, route calculation on Ovi Maps sometimes is awful. But if they fix that and deliver the new features without issues, then Ovi Maps can be a serious business.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Route calculation.

      Route calculation appears to be a factor of where you live. I have done a few long trips this year and I can report safely that Google Maps sucks exceptional [expletive] at routes in Western Canada. Especially rural areas. Blackberry Maps and Bing Maps ont he other hand have both served me quite well.

      Google’s fine in every Metro I’ve tried except Calgary. Nothing can find anything in Calgary except a TomTom. Still, it’s Calgary, so nothing of value was lost.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    *Ovi maps out Google competitor

    May I be the first to say "HAHAHAHAHAHA.. hhhaa.. BWAHAHAHA".. er, "good luck".

    Nokia have two big things going against them here:

    1) They have a tendency to bait-and-switch. So it'll be all great and free at first, probably working about as good as Google Maps; then the hammer will fall and it'll become paid . This is their history, and prior Nokia apps prove this out.

    2) Nokia couldn't code their way out of a paper bag. Look at their current phones on the market - crap UI, crap physical design, christ they can't even code a decent phonebook transfer system - how do they propose making their existing mapping system good enough to work as a commercial app, let alone compete with Google or - I dunno - other GPS devices out there?

  3. Anton Ivanov

    Best mapping and route planning experience some other time

    It does not know anything but motorways in half of Europe. Even on motorways it does not know the junctions. Google knows all junctions, most minor routes even in Easterne Europe. For example it knows about the existance of the Belgrade ring road, Sofia ring road, Budapest ring road, etc. Ovi does not. As a result I spent 2.5h crawling through a traffic jam across the Belgrade city center and wondering "Ok, the GPS is plotting the road through here, why I do not see a single truck on it". Similar (though shorter) experience in Budapest.

    It is also completely lost in Holland with their bloody split motorways where instead of rebuilding bridges and widening they have built a couple of lanes in parallel with the old one. In order to take the right junction in this spaghetti you sometimes have to switch to the "correct half" a couple of miles in advance. It is totally lost there as well.

    Czech maps were also clearly substandard so trying to navigate the roadworks on the work-in-progress motorway between Prague and Dresden I ended up on some mountain roads instead.

    Best mapping experience? Do not think so. I analysed the same routes on Google maps and in all cases it brought better answers. Same for using a proper Garmin GPS.

  4. AndrueC Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Best routing, my arse!

    I recently bought a Nokia and used OM to get me from Brackley to Dumfries and Galloway via North Wales.

    It's preferred routing from North Wales to D&G ended up taking me through one of the Mersey Tunnels. Worse still it was the one near the docks for some reason. Good job I wasn't in a hurry and was genuinely curious about the route.

    Coming back it tried to do something similar but I stuck to my guns and held out for the M62.

    North Wales to Brackley it didn't like me going through Wrexham. I've owned several navigators before and usually once you've ignored two requests they figure it out and all's great. Not OM. The predicted journey completion just crept up and up along with requests for me to turn off. Then /finally/ when I was nearly at Shrewsbury it figured it out and conceded that I would arrive at 10:30 after all. Up till then it had got to 11:45 in it's pointless attempts to take me away from the A5. routing? Not on yer bloody life.

    1. AndrueC Silver badge

      Oops :)

      I meant M56. I think it was the M62 it was trying to take me down :)

      Anyway the point is that its routing is dubious at best (seems to have a fetish for Liverpool) and it's very reluctant to change its mind and adapt. Nav software disputing arrival time by ten minutes based in its preferred route is fine and dandy but to suddenly concede a 45 minute improvement is stupid.

      Luckily I normally only rely on it for street navigation so long distance idiocy isn't a major problem but it ought to be better than that.

  5. JP19


    I welcome competition. This will only force Google to improve their product.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Built-in obsolescence

    Besides what everyone already wrote here about the routing, there is also the built-in obsolescence. Like they had done to the N96, their previous flagship phone, now Nokia drops support for all the rest of the S60 3rd edition and previous. While with android you can get Google maps in almost all phones (excluding some of the first less powerful ones), and won't feel shafted and pressed to spend another 500€ just one year after you bought that top of line phone.

    If only google maps had a offline mode, like ovi maps, then it would be perfect. But until then, there is brut - just google for it.

    1. Hans 1
      Thumb Up


      I have an iPhone with French Orange, with google maps ... I was in UK at me sister's. At her place, I would ask it to calculate my route with wifi. I zoomed in here and there (start and end, mostly).

      On the way, I got my iphone out along the way (without data connection, I am not rich) and location services was enough to tell me where I was according to the map I used before. So it does have "offline" cache.

      BTW, last week I had my first to dropped calls, not bad after 1 and a half years (same day, at an interval of a minute)!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        > BTW, last week I had my first to dropped calls, not bad after 1 and a half years (same day, at an interval of a minute)!<

        You've had an iPhone 4 for 18 months? Must be Steve's butt-buddy.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Abort / Retry / Fail - in Finnish

    More ground shaking innovation from Finland

  8. mego

    Looks like a Nokia shill

    is in the thread down voting all the naysayers...

    1. mego

      Yes, just like that


  9. Anonymous Coward


    The way the comments are rated so that you Elop?

  10. Robert Forsyth

    I have Google Maps on Nokia S60 5th

    but it calculates stupid routes as well.

    Ovi Maps gets fixated on a route and you have to click Diff. route to get it to reroute: not easy while driving.

  11. Deadly_NZ

    Ovi Maps

    I Live in NZ and I know where I am going. I'll bet this don't even know where NZ is and this and other new OVI stuff has appeared on my new phone time for the big delete and uninstall

  12. Graham Bartlett

    Ovi Maps on my E72

    It's not bad. But it's a long way from perfect.

    If I turn it on whilst driving to work, in the next village along it wants me to do two half-mile-long sides of a triangle instead of taking the quarter-mile straight-line road on the other side of that triangle.

    There's also some woes with the E72 where it takes forever to get its GPS up and running, which is a PITA.

  13. Andy Hards
    Thumb Up

    I find Ovi Maps pretty good.

    When I turn off for petrol or take a different route then it seems to instantly recalculate the route and send me merrily on my way. Never had a problem and use it all the time now. You can keep the rest of the bumf like cimena listings etc, if I want that I'll go to the cinema site and get the prices etc from there rather than just show times but to be honest I love Ovi Maps. Use it far more than Google Maps now.

    1. Ancient Oracle funkie

      Me too!

      And there was I thinking that Ovi Maps was quite good. Not only was it free but it doesn't use any of my precious bandwidth as it's all offline.

      What's more it handled travelling around rural Brittany without a problem when our TomTom decided to go on strike! It even gave us a laugh with the English voice's pronounciation of French roads.

  14. James 47

    'Competing with Google to see who can give away more services seems perverse'

    What's perverse about it? There are regularly web site scripters here getting their knickers ina twist about the latest web browser 'market' figures

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