back to article Zuck buffs image ahead of Facebook movie

Mark Zuckerberg has submitted to the New Yorker treatment, ahead of a major movie about the founding of Facebook that's expected to drag his reputation through the mud. A typically lengthy profile contains no new revelations. In fact, in agreeing to spend time with the writer, Zuckerberg has reaffirmed many of the aspects of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who's gonna watch that crap anyways?

    "He's socially awkward and a bit robotic"

    bit like the sheeeep that follow his 'vision' all 500 million+ of them.

  2. nichomach

    title substitute

    "...who doesn't deserve a punch in the face. I honestly believe that I have not done that."

    C-, try harder.

  3. FreeTard

    Where the

    "This is shit" icon?

  4. Shonko Kid

    "who doesn't deserve a punch in the face."

    Shall we take a vote?

  5. John70

    Facebook is a film??

    I for one will not be watching this film.

    I will keep my pennies for something that is worth watching. Cinema prices are bloody expensive.

    I hope this will become a very expensive flop.

  6. Jim Benn

    And we need to care about this because, . . .

    You must be joking, old man. 95% of the hyper successful are anti social. You have to be a tyrant, single minded, relentless, and convinced that you are right, in order to succeed BIG. If success happens when you are young, then double the amount of all the aforementioned qualities. Do we really need to see all these wonderful human qualities, in a person we care nothing about, on the big screen, and PAY for it TO BOOT ??? I think not.

  7. PaulR79

    500 million will surely see it... right?

    I wonder if that is the thinking behind making a movie out of this bollocks. I'm one of many that probably have a profile there purely to contact a few friends that sadly won't use any other means of communication. I hate the site and this guy surely deserves many punches in the face at the very least. Getting rich by stealing ideas from friends then fobbing them off with what will be pocket change now.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    another rotten tomato

    i see this heading on a one way ticket to stinksville . . . anyone remember the "PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY"?

    if you really need to know, check it out here:

  9. N2

    Next time

    When Im really shit faced and cant quite throw up, knowing that its essential to avoid a hangover

    Ill think of this pile of crap to complete the job

  10. Nic 3
    Thumb Up


    This film is not a fluff piece by all accounts. I doubt Steve's ego will be massaged by the content. Sorkin is a particualry talented director. If he thinks there is s story to be told I would imagine it will be worth watching.

    He is responsible for single best tv series ever made IMHO.

    1. Michael Duke
      Thumb Up

      @ Nic 3

      I am assuming you mean The West Wing.

      If so then #2 and #3 must be Sports Night and Studio 60.

      Huge Sorkin fan here :)

    2. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Sorkin

      Yes of course, because no decent director has ever been responsible for a genuine, cast-iron, gold-plated stinking shitpile straight from the "this is trendy and might make some cash this week" school of filmmaking, have they?

      Anyone who thinks there's any truth in that ought to go and look up who directed "G.I. Jane" for starters.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You can ...

    always gild the gingerbread but can you REALLY polish a turd?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    aaron sorkin

    must be ok surely

  13. Blitterbug

    High on the autism spectrum?

    I recall a study of MS employees a few years back that indicated the average Microsoftie placed somewhere on the autism scale. At the very least, Aspergers Syndrome was often indicated. The conclusion, inevitably, was that IT tends to attract the 'socially awkward' inward-looking types who often have issues empathising with others. A sweeping generalisation, undoubtedly, but is it possible that Mr Z can blame some of his 'issues' on a touch of Aspergers..? Just a thought.

    I speak incidentally as an IT guy myself, who also could be said to fit this 'profile' in many ways.

    1. Ralph B

      The Autism Scale

      > the average Microsoftie placed somewhere on the autism scale.

      Everyone places somewhere on the autism scale. Even if it's at zero.

  14. Doug Glass

    Zuck ...

    ... fuckerberg and the horse he rode in on too.

  15. Doug Glass

    Other Robots ..

    ... who can't think for themselves will pay to see this dribble.

    1. Nic 3


      You do see that this film isnt a promo for social networking don't you?

      Its about a guy who went from student to dark lord of the interwebs in a very short time.

      Taxi Driver was a great film but I didn't watch it thinking I was going to learn all about driving taxis.

      Don't get my started on the Deer Hunter either. I demanded a refund after feeling my knowledge of how to take down a Deer was not improved.

  16. JaitcH

    He's gone one better than ...

    Jobs, which is surprising as he has got to be at least a bigger prick than this guy.

    P.S. What's Facebook?

  17. Mark 65

    Missed of the list

    "He's a blood-nut"

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Released on 1 October in US

    and worldwide on the same day via bittorrent. So people in the UK won't have to wait until 15 October to see it, and by the time it is released there many of their potential audience will have already downloaded it. Honestly, when are these bloody fools going to realize that delayed releases by country are a waste of fucking time? For fuck's sake, just release in every country on the same day and you won't lose so much to piracy, if indeed you're losing anything at all in the first place.

  19. Mike Green

    It's written by Sorkin...

    But directed by David Fincher of Fight Club, Zodiac and Panic Room fame....

    Still doesn't really appeal to me...

  20. AJames

    Read the book

    The Accidental Billionaires (by Ben Mezrich) already outed Zuck for antisocial behaviour, questionable business ethics, and backstabbing friends to get ahead.

  21. Markk
    Paris Hilton

    Back in the day, Facebook was "Assbook"

    Here in Boston, college students used it to hook up with others in local universities. Facebook was limited to Harvard U., then college, then H.S. students to keep out MySpace pervs, parents, and random others. That crimped its size and business model for sure, and thus fell by the wayside.

  22. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    You know, I've heard worse summaries of a life.

    Change this:

    Mark Zuckerberg:

    * He's technically talented

    * He comes across as a bit arrogant, even to close friends

    * He admits he labelled his users as "dumb fucks" while at Harvard

    * He has lost some friends getting rich

    * Some people find him difficult to work with

    * He's socially awkward and a bit robotic

    To this:

    Trevor Pott:

    * He's technically talented

    * He comes across as a bit arrogant, even to close friends

    * He admits he labelled his users as "dumb fucks" while sleep deprived

    * He has lost some friends while staying miserably poor

    * Some people find him difficult to work with

    * He's socially awkward and a bit too random

    Suddenly I have a lot of sympathy for the man. Hmmmph.

    I don't know that I would ever "backstab a friend" as some in this thread have suggested M.Z. has. In fact, I get accused often of going too far in the other direction: helping others to the point of my own detriment. Also; he's rich and I'm not.

    Is that it? If I had stabbed a few friends in the back (maybe been more "robotic" and less "random") I too could have been stinking rich? That's a depressing thought, honestly. Maybe I should have spent less time focusing on failed attempts at self-improvement and more time being a cock.

    Actually, come to think of it...he can have the money. I wouldn't trade my friends for anything in the world. I know what it’s like to lose a good friend. I wouldn’t want to ever lose the ones I’ve got.

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