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Free signing for Java apps, a new Java touch API, a Web SDK for smartphones and a new Ovi store - but best of all you get to squash pigs with eagles. All this and more at Nokia World, which is this year combined with the Nokia Developers' Summit - reflecting just how important mobile applications are these days. Nokia is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why bother?

    Nokia's Ovi store was an arse to begin with and it's stll an arse today. Most of the app revenue goes to the operators, the Finnish government (VAT) and Nokia, leaving the developer with less than 25%. Nokia has failed to rectify this problem and no amount of in-game/in-app billing will help. No developer in their right mind would touch Nokia....

    Sorry guys, that's an F grade, please dawn you dunce hat and take your (regular) seat at the back of the classroom and for your homework tonight, look up the meaning of the word "competition". 25% revenue share is not the same as 70%.

    1. jodyfanning

      Only half the story as usual from an AC

      Give the whinging a break and actually read before you post. You were completely missing most of the changes.

      "Nokia will focus on making developers more money by leveraging the largest operator billing footprint available and greatly improving the operator revenue share for payments made after October 1. "

      I saw somewhere they were guaranteeing 60% share for operator billing.

  2. Wize

    Angry Birds on Nokia?

    Not seen it yet. Had the free demo version on an iPod but yet to see the same on the nokia store.

    Not that I intend paying for anything like that for my mobile. Mobiles change every few years. I don't want to be tied to Nokia (or any other phone manufacturer) because I'd have to buy all the same programs again if I switched during my next upgrade.

    And going by the N97 I have, I will be looking to switch. Sent it to get repaired and it still has the same screen fault it went in with.

    And why call the shop OVI? It only sells programs for Nokia phones.

    1. Joe Harrison

      wrong way go back

      Doesn't the internet already have plenty of games for free? I'm thinking here. Why will people pay for the Ovi ones? I'd be more than happy to tell Nokia how to make me buy their stuff but the conversation will be more about decent phones than about eagles and pigs.

  3. Sonny Jim

    That's if you can actually get the OVI store to work

    See here for a post from Smoku, developer of several emulators for the N900 and why he has decided he doesn't want anything to do with Nokia anymore:

  4. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Ovi fail

    I wanted a good Spanish - English dictionary for my E90. It should be easy, and with a big screen and qwerty keyboard should work quite well.

    Well, it seems that there isn't any way of finding out what the software is like, and the reviews didn't give me enough confidence to try any. Plus they were horrifically expensive. A few cost more than my actual Casio hardware dictionary. Plus one that requires a special mention. You have to pay for it, but it requires a network connection (not always available) and a dataplan, and is basically what you get free on in a paid-for application.

    Then I try with my ipod touch. A number of free ones, all good enough to use.

    Ovi fail.

  5. Levente Szileszky

    Ovi vs Nokia - what a "great" branding... God, Nokia mgmt IS completely worthless.

    Seriously, can't wait to see this ship to sink and then something meaningful to re-emerge finally... this level of utterly clueless, shockingly incompetent mis-management will be taught in business schools for long years to come, I'm sure.

  6. Andy Hards

    Played a free Ovi Maps based game the other day

    But was a bit pissed when it started telling me about all the great add on that I could buy for the game. The game wasn't that good to start with so why would I pay for more questions on each of the continents? Silly. If I buy a game I want the game not half a game. If I wanted to spend money at the arcade I'd go to the arcade. |f I wanted a game with multiple addons where I can buy new weopons and upgrades etc I'd ask for one.

    Saying that I'm not a great gamer and I dunno maybe some people like that sort of thing. Not me tho.

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