back to article Dixons to do app stores

Dixons is launching an app store for netbooks, tablets and laptops early in November. The store is a rebranded version of Intel's AppUp offering, launched last year and going live today. Dixons' version will be branded PC World and Currys - one for each chain, presumably - with a shortcut to the web-based store pre-loaded on …


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  1. Shingo Tamai


    ...selling hardware at ridiculously high prices is not enough.

  2. Cunningly Linguistic


    ...there will be after market warranties available for every app? And the ability to buy £50 Monster cables?

  3. LinkOfHyrule

    Apple must be ****ing themselves!

    PC World and Currys apps - too funny!

    Want bad advice when buying consumer electronics? There's an app for that!


    dixsons group

    seems everyone is getten into this app thing blyme heh all you need is comet and a few others to join in the fight

  5. A 31

    aaaah DSG

    One of the worse company this country ever produced and thankfully on its last leg.

    ANOTHER piece of genius idea form them , their management really is completely useless ...

    I also learned how they treat their staff too. and if their Apps are as good as their support ... I'd rather buy my apps from lidl or matalan !

This topic is closed for new posts.

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