back to article Koran-burning 'pastor' loses website

Red-nosed pastor Terry Jones, who plans to burn copies of the Koran and Jewish text the Talmud at the weekend, has either had his website hacked or his ISP has pulled the plug. The site, at is unavailable this morning. The pastor of a tiny fundamentalist church in Florida, which has reportedly lost …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    Organized religion ...

    Organized religion is the root of all evil.

    That's not to say that all organized religion is evil, mind.

    An it harm none, do what ye will.

    No, I'm not Wiccan, but I grok the sentiment ...

    1. Chris Miller

      *All* evil?

      Three words: Hitler, Stalin & Mao


      1. David Gosnell


        Hitler was religiously rather ambiguous. He was definitely not atheist, and bent religion to suit a lot of his arguments.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          Hitler based a lot of his policies on the teachings of the Jesuits. In particular his hatred of Jews seems to stem from his Jesuit upbringing. So yes religion was at the root of some of Hitler's evil.

          However I don't agree that religion is the root of all evil. There are many "evil" people out there who use religion as a handy justification for their deeds and a handy way of making others do "evil" things.

          Would the amount of evil in the world reduce if there were no organised religion? I doubt it. The bad guys would just find other reasons. We already have them.

        2. LuMan


          "Hitler was religiously rather ambiguous. He was definitely not atheist, and bent religion to suit a lot of his arguments."

          What, like pretty much all religious leaders??

        3. Benchops

          Hitler not religious?

          Then why did he pursue with great passion both the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail?

          1. Anonymous Coward

            Isn't it obvious?

            "Then why did he pursue with great passion both the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail?"

            To give Indiana Jones something more interesting to do than teaching.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Most evil then you pedantic prick, however...

        Hitler was a very religious person, the SS held quasi religious ceremonies based on some dodgy interpretation of paganism, and the Nazis encouraged the cult of the Führer. Mao certainly encouraged people to believe in his cult - it is still going strong, and Stalin did the same.

        1. GunBoatDiplomat

          Err that wasn't him

          That was Himmler . In fact Hitler attended services of the Reich Church.

          Also many of the SS were secret christians despite Himmler.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        Almost all

        So Christianity has nothing to answer for here, right?

        Hitler: member of the Roman-Catholic church until April 30, 1945.

        Stalin: top student for 6 years at Gori Theological School. Spent some time in a seminary after that.

        Mao: no idea what his religious connection is, but probably not Christian. Maoism can be said to be a religion, though, so at least he started his very own like L. Ron Hubbard and other scammers.

        So one out of three is not bad. Wait. It actually is, isn't it?

        1. Chris Miller

          We were talking about *organized* religion

          Mao and Stalin were avowed atheists, irrespective of any earlier dabblings. Hitler kept quiet on the subject in order to avoid unnecessarily antagonizing the church, but it seems unlikely that he was following the precepts of any recognised religion.

          If you want to redefine 'organized religion' to mean "anything that causes evil", feel free - but your argument may become rather circular.

    2. Boring Bob


      The bloke's church is independant. The whole problem is caused by un-organised religion. It bis the organised religons that are condeming it.

  2. Naughtyhorse

    you know you are in the shit....

    when Sarah Palin thinks you are a nut job.

    I saw this moron on tv last night banging on about going ahead if theres no sign from god.... man i was praying for a thunderbolt right then...

    nope. invisible, impotent friend it is then.

    PS, that money in germany was just resting in his account by the way

    1. DrXym Silver badge

      Yeah but look at the way she said it

      To wit - "Book burning is antithetical to American ideals. People have a constitutional right to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation – much like building a mosque at Ground Zero."

      The "mosque at Ground Zero" is a day centre two blocks away that she and her followers turned into an issue, nobody else. She might not be quite as demented as this pastor but she is definitely of the same persuasion.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "mosque at Ground Zero"

        Yup, Charlie Brooker summed it up better than anyone I've seen:

        In short: 1) It's not a Mosque and 2) It's not a Ground Zero.

        I weep for humanity

        1. Svantevid

          @ Anon Coward

          "Charlie Brooker summed it up better than anyone I've seen"

          That's a fine example of British humour.

          Have you people thought about going over the pond and reeducating your ex-colonials? They would profit from it.

          1. BorkedAgain

            I utterly heart Charlie Brooker.

            Even his articles read with that sarcastic sneer he does so well. Genius.

            I wonder how much fuss would have been made about a day-centre for religious inclusion opening in Manhattan were it not for the silliness...

        2. C Yates
          Thumb Up

          Pure quality!!! =D

          Thanks to AC for that link - brightened up a horrible day.

          I must quote this for those of you not bothered to follow the link:

          "The planned "ultra-mosque" will be a staggering 5,600ft tall – more than five times higher than the tallest building on Earth – and will be capped with an immense dome of highly-polished solid gold, carefully positioned to bounce sunlight directly toward the pavement, where it will blind pedestrians and fry small dogs. The main structure will be delimited by 600 minarets, each shaped like an upraised middle finger, and housing a powerful amplifier: when synchronised, their combined sonic might will be capable of relaying the muezzin's call to prayer at such deafening volume, it will be clearly audible in the Afghan mountains, where thousands of terrorists are poised to celebrate by running around with scarves over their faces, firing AK-47s into the sky and yelling whatever the foreign word for "victory" is."

          ROFL ^^

      2. Naughtyhorse

        good point, well made

        but palins nut-job credentials are a given in any situation

    2. bex
      Thumb Up

      well done that man

      a overt father ted reference is always welcome

    3. jnewco81

      Thumbs up...

      for the Father Ted reference. Careful now.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Hmm, isn't Judaism the precursor to Christianity?

    So they'll be porking themselves then. Perhaps the worm hole will open and swallow them whole.

    1. Chronos Silver badge

      Re: Hmm, isn't Judaism the precursor to Christianity?

      That would be the Torah, not the Koran. The Torah or Pentateuch refers to what Christians would call the first five books of the Old Testament. The Qur'an or Koran postdates the New Testament by several centuries.

      1. Chad H.

        The net result being

        The net result being that the 3 reliving who seemingly have come into the most conflict this century all worship the same god but disagree on a few specifics...

      2. I didn't do IT.

        @ Chronos

        OP was referring to the article, where the right Rev. will also be burning Talmuds, the Jewish religous text... or for Christians - the Old Testament.

        1. Chronos Silver badge

          @ I didn't do IT.

          Bah, rats! I didn't notice that little bit of idiocy. Sincere and plentiful apologies to the OP.

          Getting my coat right now.

  4. s. pam

    First it was the @£$% Southern Baptists in the South...

    Having had the (mis)fortunate growing up around family trees that were vertical and NOT horizontal in the US south, I thought wrongly that the Southern Baptists and their incredible hypocrisy, idiocy stunts dissing other religions took the biscuit. My favourite growing up was the SB's that would dress up their daughters in Easter Sunday clothes and send them to your front door, typically on Sat AM when hangovers prevail. "Have you taken J*sus, or Do you believe in J*sus" were the typical incendiary comments. Asking them in for a joint and a pint usually caused their Mum's to snap them up and go running for the next idiot to attack.

    Then this lot was incorrectly bred, and looks to be a prime candidate for a retroactive abortion.

    Then these idiots came out of their sub terrain slumber, and are unleashing all the stupid that stupid can be upon the world. They're probably delusional to an extent that purging a religious sect's book will kill the poison, but woe be these morons for the results of their issues.

    Clearly they skipped courses in school, it they even went/finished on Cause & Effect.

    Perhaps the wrath will just land on their heads, if anyone's listening!

  5. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    If even Sarah Palin thinks you are too radically right-wing

    perhaps you might start thinking?

    Oh, wait, this is a fundamentalist, so thinking is probably considered sinful.

    What really makes me sick is that in a time when I hear several Muslim groups are shifting their end of Ramadan feast so that they do not coincide the September 11, out of respect for those who died, we have an idiot like this tarring all Muslims with the same brush.

    BTW, could they not fine him on environmental charges?

  6. John G Imrie

    Its been out since at least 8pm (BST) yesaday 8/09/10

    Which is a pity as I was looking for a forum to post a comment liking the paster to those other book burning ideologues the Nazis.

    Humm, does this mean I can call Godwin's law on my own post?

    1. mike2R
      Thumb Up

      Not Godwined

      Godwins law only applies when the person you are comparing to a Nazi is not actually behaving like a Nazi.

  7. Paul Hates Handles

    Who can make...

    ...a tshirt of a badger with the pastor's head fellating a donkey? That'd be a top seller :)

    1. Cheapster


      Wouldn't that be illegal to look at?

      Get yourself down to Westminster and have them all arrested as they pass by.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    red nose?

    red-neck more like, saw him on TV working at his desk with a massive hand gun on the desk, just within reach...

    WTF - because, zOmg W.T.F.

  9. BarryMc

    That money was just resting in my account!!

    "left the country after members of his congregation accused him of financial shenanigans."

    Made anyone else think of Father Ted?

    These cows are small. Those, are far away. Small. Far away.

    And this, is my coat.

  10. Gav

    Ignore him and he'll not matter

    You know, every society has its share of crazed, gibbering nut-cases. Some more than others, but you'll find them everywhere. So the problem here is not that this particular crazed, gibbering nut-case is hell bent on seriously insulting a whole lot of innocent people, but that somehow he's managed to get his society's media to pay attention. Any sensible society would be ignoring him because, well, you know, he's a crazed, gibbering nut-case.

    Lunatics do lunatic things all the time. The world doesn't need to hear about it on the news.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Terry Jones?

    He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      You beat me to it!!


  12. Anonymous Coward

    Burn Baby Burn!

    Mark my words Mr Jones, you'll burn in hell for this ;)

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

      In a furnace, specially made for him

      stoked with bibles?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    terry jones's latest project.

    maybe its a sequel to life of Brian

  14. LPF

    He can do what he likes!

    Who cares seriously?

    What you afraid if he does it your all goign to die from car bombs, crying out loud, how about you all go grow a pair, Osama is laughing it that amount of yellow being shown!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Very, very, very unlikely that anybody reading this thread is going to die as a result of a car bombing following this idiots action.

      Much more likely that US/British kids serving in Afghanistan will die.

      So that's OK then?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        I don´t need no fucking title

        What about all the other countries kids dying over there? they are worth less because they aren´t US/UK ? they don´t deserve your respect? Why the emphasis on US/UK ? why not The NATO soldiers?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          I think you're missing the point

          Of course they are - I'm sure he was not trying to offend by omission. He was simply making the point that soldiers, men and women from whenever (and not just "kids", think of the adults for God's sake) would likely suffer from such an action.

    2. CD001

      I hope this is a troll

      I thought "inciting religious hatred" was a crime - don't know about in the USA though. Muslims consider the Koran itself to be sacred, the literal words of God - it must be handled reverently. Burning it like this is tantamount to wandering into your local church and taking a dump on the altar/pulpit/whatever during Sunday Mass.

      Since I grew up in a country where the car-bombs were planted by "Christians" - death by bomb isn't something you generally worry about - it'll happen or it won't. What I object to is dickheads living in the Dark Ages - Christian or Muslim. Worse from any of the three Abrahamic religions as they all worship the same God - essentially they're fighting each other over semantics (Christian/Muslim or even inside Christianity itself with Catholic/Protestant).

      feckin eejits

  15. Rob

    Wouldn't you just love it...

    ... if he tripped while throwing a book on the fire and ended up incinerating himself.

  16. william henderson 1

    jesus h christ!

    it looks like the whole world is infested with these blind, superstitious, war mongering idiots.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Father Ted?

    "Jones first hit the pulpit in Germany but left the country after members of his congregation accused him of financial shenanigans."

    That money was just resting in his account...

  18. Billy 7

    To lift the mood a little

    Here is a spoof promo video for the event:

    Probably NSFW, but it is funny.

  19. WonkoTheSane
    Thumb Up

    Legal solution?

    Florida state law

    Title XLVI Chapter 823.02 "Building Bonfires"

    Whoever is concerned in causing or making a bonfire within 10 rods (165ft) of any house or building shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.

    Title XLVI, Chapter 775.31 "Facilitating or furthering terrorism; felony or misdemeanor reclassification."

    (1) If a person is convicted of committing a felony or misdemeanor that facilitated or furthered any act of terrorism, the court shall reclassify the felony or misdemeanor to the next higher degree as provided in this section. The reclassification shall be made in the following manner:

    (a) In the case of a misdemeanor of the second degree, the offense is reclassified as a misdemeanor of the first degree.

    (3) As used in this section, the term "terrorism" means an activity that:

    (a)1. Involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life which is a violation of the criminal laws of this state or of the United States; or

    Is intended to:

    3. **Affect the conduct of government through destruction of property**, assassination, murder, kidnapping, or aircraft piracy.

    1. Eric Crippen

      It's called the Constitution...

      ...and it trumps state law since this is a freedom of speech issue and would not cause undo harm in it's performance/display.

  20. Elmer Phud

    website hack

    It was God wot done it!

    Geezer(?) of indeterminate race just said ' What the fuck is that tosser up to now? Enough is enough".

  21. Liam Johnson


    I hear correct way to burn the devils own literature is to cover it liberally with petrol.

    Then you need to get all your god fearing worshippers right in close, to stop the evil spirits escaping.

    Everyone needs to start praying very hard.

    Then the pastor sets light to it all.

    If they are holy enough, then they will be protected from the ensuing cloud of evil plasma as it escapes upwards to be absorbed by heaven.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      I like your plan!


  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm in trouble....

    If the weekend is nice I plan to burn a few sausages.... The pigs will be revoulting...

    Seriously, these people are such a danger to global society but years ago they were widespread and classed as prophets... Most of the largest and bloodiest wars are down to religion... I weep for the past(ors), present and future...

  23. Anthony Shortland
    Thumb Down

    losing followers?

    judging by his support on the foxnew sites comments, I'd say unfortunately the opposite was the case.

  24. Deadly_NZ


    And here you are decrying a guy for FREE SPEECH is'nt that what its called in the land of the Paranoid and Insane ??

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

      It's the old freedom vs license issue

      Freedom is fine, and we are not stopping him. We can call him an idiot, and he SHOULD be held (directly or indirectly) responsible for ANY damage or deaths caused by this action, especially because he has been warned about the consequences. Freedom is empty without responsibility.

      1. Eric Crippen


        If a wife leaves her husband because she has the right to divorce and he kills her after warning her, then it's her fault???

        It's a book. He's not the state, ergo the whole nazi-blow-a-load imagery doesn't apply. He's a babbling citizen exercising his right to be stupid. That doesn't mean he's responsible for someone going out and killing people because he burned a BOOK. Was the Dutch cartoonist responsible for the killings after the his toon was published or was it the editor, or maybe the shareholders who own the company, or how about the paperboy who delivered the paper?

        1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

          There is a difference

          between being threatened directly by the man you wish to divorce (e.g., because he is a violent bastard), and being warned that your action could lead to innocent deaths, and which could be prevented from expressing yourself differently. If I want to express my anger, disrespect, etc, and I am told that a particular way of expressing it: (a) offends many I do not mean to offend, and (b) could lead to a violent backlash, should I then not consider expressing myself better?

          Again, I am not denying this man his right to free speech, but the right to free speech does not deny my option to sue someone for libel, or defamation, etc. Inciting hatred is another reason you might be sued. If you call for all members of any ethnic, political or religious group to be rounded up and hanged, and send out this message repeatedly, should you go unpunished if some idiots take precisely this action?

          There are no easy answers, and different rights need to be balanced.

          Rather than calling for a ban on the burning of books, I would suggest he behave in a more civilized way.

    2. Chad H.

      Just because

      Just because one has the right to do something doesn't mean one should.

      I also hear in this case he doesn't have that right, he's been denied permission to build a bonfire on safety grounds.

    3. Paul RND*1000

      Free speech is great...

      ...but the speaker must remember that it carries a heavy burden of personal responsibility. Words are powerful. Words have consequences. Words can start wars. Words can destroy churches, end pastoral careers and get innocent people you've never even met killed just because they happen to have a certain nationality or religious belief.

      The right to free speech is NOT a license to be deliberately inflammatory or hateful and expect there to be no consequences to yourself or others just because it's "protected speech". There are way too many people in positions of influence who have forgotten that, or aren't willing to accept responsibility for the consequences of their words.

  25. Jimmy Floyd

    Thank fuck for that!

    "...which has reportedly lost half its congregation since the publicity-seeking preacher started his latest campaign..."

    Phew! I thought they were all nuts. Just half of them, then.

  26. Steve 48

    Pot calling kettle...

    One of the justifications this nut job gave was about the link between Islam and terrorism - how about he reads the history books about things such as the crusades, witches, the inquistion and the sectarian violence in Ireland - violent episodes *justified* by radicalised christian views. Perhaps this guy should extend his event to include bible burning too, no scrub that - let's have a tw*t burning instead!

  27. Jolyon


    Would have been a funnier typo.

  28. Greg J Preece

    Gotta love the name

    "The Dove World Outreach Center also sells "Islam is the Devil" T-shirts and runs an eBay business."

    The name of his "church" has been amusing me since this story broke. Way to reach out to the world, dickhead.

    "Their fundamentalist religion is evil! They want to call people heathens, and burn their symbols, and potentially kill them! All we want to do"

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

      In ancient Babylon

      The dove was a symbol of war (emblazoned on the the banners of their army), as I recall. Maybe that was where he got his ideas from.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Before my time

        so I take your word for it.

  29. Cameron Colley

    Why shouldn't he?

    I am not suggesting that all Muslims are fundamentalists, nor all fundamentalists terrorists -- but his point that without the Koran the attacks would not have taken place is true.

    While he's at it he should burn the Bible (well, those books the Catholic church have allowed him to have in a book) as well for all the suffering that has given the world.

    Perhaps those in any sort of organised religion should look to their own faith and wonder how it may be divisive and why such abuse can be carried out in its name.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      but his point that without the Koran the attacks would not have taken place is true.

      What a dumb ass comment.

      If it wasn't the Koran that was used as a justification it would be something else.

      Catholics and Protestants have been killing each other in Ireland for years and they both read the same book.

      1. Cameron Colley

        I disagree.

        The people in Ireland are a great example that proves what I just said. Without the ability to call someone "Catholic" or "Protestant" or, even, without the fact that the two religions are, from the outset of protestantism, at war it would have been a bit tricky to polarise people in Ireland and maybe, just maybe, whoever was the most sensible may have become the majority without the need for murder and from-birth indoctrination of children to their cause.

        If it weren't for people taking these fairy stories far too seriously to the point of using one as an excuse for murder or just using them as excuses to get people to vote for them we wouldn't be in this mess.

        Yes, humans are violent and will war without these books -- but doctrines like these make great mechanisms to control large numbers of people who would otherwise call you a twat and ignore you.

        The reason some of these cults started in the first place seems, from their history, to be to band people together to kill another group of people, in fact.

        1. irish donkey

          Do Football thugs

          have holy books. They don't kill many people but try wearing a rival team strip anywhere in Europe and find out how long it takes you to get a good kicking.

          Just a thought!

        2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

          Excuse me...

          It's the Sassanach b4st4rds that came across and invaded us.

          They just happened to be protestant. No doubt if no religion existed we'd still have wanted in them old days to kick them out and would no doubt have found some other differentiating issue.

          While it is good to remember what they actually did to us as a lesson, I would say, forgive and move on, eh? :) I find the Brits are generally infinitely more pleasant to deal with than Yanks, to tell you the truth!

          But my point stands. People will find differences to make trouble, all the time, Religion or otherwise.

          And when they don't want to, they can find reasons to be friends.

          I don't think we're doing all that bad with relations with the UK and sure, aren't the US and Japan much friendlier now than they were nigh 70 years ago?

    2. DrXym Silver badge

      Every religious book is the same

      Fundamentalist idiots are fundamentalist idiots. It doesn't matter what magic sky pixie demented worldview they've bought into, they're as stupid as each other.

      I propose flying every fundamentalist and dumping them all on a small island. There they can brutally kill each other in their insane never ending holy war and leave everyone else alone. Whichever faith comes out victorious shall receive a small Tesco Value plastic trophy for their troubles.

  30. Stone Fox

    Compulsory Euthenasia.

    see title.

  31. Deadly_NZ


    Under the laws in the land of the Paranioid and Insane, he can sue anyone who trys to stop him under the 1st amendment sommat about free speech ... Oh ya gotta love it

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, whatever happened to...

    Free speech, eh...?

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: So, whatever happened to...

      Well, that clears that up. No further discussion needed. Everyone go home!

    2. Chad H.


      Freedom of speech does not give you freedom from criticism.

  33. irish donkey

    freedom of speech

    The problem with freedom of speech is everybody has to have it.

    If the media hadn't picked it up nobody would care that he was having a B-B-Q in his garden.

    I think most sane IT individuals will agree that it's not the book but more how the book has been used by head banging preachers that are the problem. Much like how the Rev Jones is using the Bible to justify being a complete C*unt.

    icon ... obvious

  34. GeorgeTuk

    Hurrah, if it's the ISP

    And I for one struggle to understand his motivations, whether directly (as State Department says) or in-directly through reputation damage he is putting American lives at risk.

    He is what I like to call a Prize Plonker which is reserved for only the worst people.

  35. The Gopher

    What can I Say

    Hmm there is always one somewhere that wants to upset the apple cart, the small minority that ends up getting the rest of us tarnished with the same brush. I do hope it was some white hat that took his site off line, I'm sorry but as independent bible believing baptist myself, this saddens me terribly. I'm just thinking maybe someone, a Christian would be nice should go deal with this Inbred idiot who's doing to Christianity what the Taliban and "old hook-hand" did to Islam, and then let God judge him..

    @ Jake that ain't strictly true now it's just what happens when the garden don't get weeded right and the hateful get left to grow and then preach their own TWISTED version of the truth.

    @NH - yeah when Sarah Palin thinks your a nut job, it's time to call the men in the white coats to come take you back to the nut house. I wonder if the nut house there is missing a few nuts.

    @AC - Yup totally true, the bible comes from the original Hebrew through Greek to English with nothing left out and anything added clearly marked, at least in my bible it is.

    @S.Pam - I feel for ya, I can see why you've probably stayed away from church, there are other churches out there, as God (if ya believe in him or not) has a purpose for all.

    1. adrianww

      Bible with nothing left out?

      Presumably, your copy of the Bible is one with the Apocrypha as well then? You know, all the books that are normally left out in most Bibles?

      Just checking...

    2. Cameron Colley

      Nothing left out?

      Do you have the bits that the popes have burned over the years then? I didn't realise that Baptists pre-dated Popes.

    3. Chad H.


      So yours includes the gospels of Judas and Mary Magdeline?

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Oh you mean..

      >>@ Jake that ain't strictly true now it's just what happens when the garden don't get weeded right and the hateful get left to grow and then preach their own TWISTED version of the truth.<<

      Like, I dunno the bible in it's current form?

  36. moonface

    Why the fuss!!

    It's a crazy place when world leaders incl. Tony Blair condem someone for burning a pile of old books but are not so concerned when their actions lead directly to burning people. i.e. mainly muslims in Iraq.

    My only suggestion to the pastor, would be to, add the Torah,Nevi'im and Ketuvim, to the pile of Korans and Talmuds.

  37. Shinobi87

    @Hmm, isn't Judaism the precursor to Christianity?

    my thoughts exactly. what an idiot this guy really is. hes just going to raise tensions and create conflicts. why is no one stopping him. I thought book burnings were illegal nowdays, its not the dark ages anymore ffs

  38. Just Thinking

    Freedom of expression

    The guy is expressing his disrespect for something which he doesn't respect. He is allowed to do that.

    He is burning some books which he owns. He is allowed to do that.

    His motivation may be to insult and offend half the world's population, and get himself a load of publicity in the process. So he is a deeply unpleasant jerk with views that most of us completely disagree with. He is still allowed to express those views.

    Are ordinary muslims offended by this? Only those that want to be, I suspect.

    Some nutter in Afganistan might use this as an excuse to kill a soldier? Blame the nutter. He would have found a different excuse.

    If we carry on suppressing freedom of expression to avoid upsetting terrorists, we may as well give up.

    1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

      Not quite so simple

      If you know certain actions (while legal) may lead to the deaths of others (through no direct action of yours), you are still in part responsible. We are not claiming he should be silenced, he can vent his distasteful ideas in different, less insensitive ways, but if he chooses not to, he is in part responsible for the consequences.

      All that people have been saying that they feel the action is unwise, distasteful, etc, and have been warning him of possible dangers, whilst at the same time indicating that he has the right to be the complete jerk he appears to be (he may of course be an incomplete jerk).

      The right to say what you want goes hand in hand with the right to be called into question, and the duty to face the consequences

    2. mike2R

      Re: Freedom of expression

      No one is suppressing his freedom. People are saying he is a deeply ignorant, egotistical, self-serving, pathetic excuse for a man, and the world would have been a better place if he had been strangled at birth. But no-one is denying that under the US constitution he does actually have the right to do this.

    3. DrXym Silver badge

      @Just Thinking

      It boils down to this. If this person publicly does what he claims he will do, people will die. That is the outcome, and the cause rests firmly with his entirely avoidable and completely offensive act.

      Possibly it will be US soldiers who die, possibly some poor bastards who get caught up in the frenzied demonstrations that will inevitably follow, possibly some Muslims in the crosshairs of the police, possibly some time later when some radical uses it to justify blowing themselves up.

      This "pastor" is a moron. I think he should be allowed to burn the Koran if he wishes. I believe he flown to the main square in Tehran where he will be promptly stoned to death by the angry mob. Then we can get this shit over with until the next loon decides to exercise his free speech in the most offensive way possible.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        @ DrXym

        "It boils down to this. If this person publicly does what he claims he will do, people will die. That is the outcome, and the cause rests firmly with THAT OTHER PERSON WHO WILL USE ANY EXCUSE, INCLUDING THIS ONE, TO DO his entirely avoidable and completely offensive act."

        There, fixed that for ya.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          @AC 23:16

          Why give them the excuse? Sure, they'll probably try killing some soldiers, some civilians anyway - hell, who can predict what a religious nutsack will do?

          But this will also give the terrorist cells the fuel to recruit and train new recruits as well, something that he WILL be DIRECTLY responsible for.

  39. Chronos Silver badge

    Interesting point

    I heard someone political (completely forgettable so I can't remember who) saying that although this is a minor disturbance in the grand scheme of things, this little troll of one particular set of god botherers will never go away due to the persistent nature of the web.

    So they've just discovered this little foible of the web? Then WHY in the name of ANY deity do the politicians and big business alike advocate we forget all about privacy when it comes to the Internet? They obviously recognize the drawbacks.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    A Fatwa for a Fathead.

    I suspect this may be the last we'll hear of this doofus if he goes ahead with this stupid 'stunt', as he'll be in hiding for the next few years.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's about 300 years since the concept of "toleration" entered Christianity. It's taking one hell of a long time to reach Texas.

    1. James Hughes 1

      It's a big state.

      But that's probably not the reason.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Religion? Tollerance??

        Two words that definitely do not go together mate. Hell, I have family who claim to be JW's (claiming to be the most tolerant of all religions) and they're pretty bad at any kind of tolerance.

        Want to know who are the most tolerant people that rarely get into stupid arguments? Atheists. Simple really; when you think of the majority of wars in mankind you notice that religion is at the forefront. WW2 was actually encouraged by the pope's inner circle, in fact it is stated that their comment was "God wants them all to die"... yeah, 'not part of this world' indeed.

        Funny thing that God/Allah/Mohammed/whoever is supposed to teach tolerance as a basic requirement of faith.

  42. Chris Harden
    Gates Halo

    Tesla Cannon

    Um, has anyone invented one of these: that can shoot like one of these: yet?

    If we know where he will be doing the burning, we could actually strike him down with lightning. Steep shot off of a building, it could actually look like the work of god.

  43. 10over7

    Why are the media feeding this troll?

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Why are the media feeding this troll?

      You're stretching the definition a little there.

      1. 10over7

        Re: Why are the media feeding this troll?

        I see your point! But surely being inflammatory for the sake of it is trolling, regardless of the medium?

        Mines the paradigm shifting one...

      2. Chronos Silver badge

        Re: Why are the media feeding this troll?

        I respectfully disagree, Sarah. A troll, if taken from the original etymology of trolling from angling before the AOLers got hold of it, is an action deliberately taken to get a bite or two. I think that describes quite nicely what this foolish "pastor" is doing. Both the media and Islam have bitten when ignoring the halfwit and his bait would have denied him his 15 minutes of fame.

        1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

          So, Chronos...

          Why are WE feeding this troll (El Reg)?


          (You are right though)

      3. Chad H.

        @ Sarah

        Was that the definition of "Troll" or "Media" you're querying ;-)

  44. Linker3000
    IT Angle

    The important question

    Is the book burning event taking any postiive action to be carbon neutral?

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I am not one to stop freedom of speech....

    But this idiot (And the nutters at the Westbro Baptist loony bin) surly must be candidates for state sponsored gagging.

    Mine is the one with the gaffer tape in the pocket!

    1. NukEvil

      No title for me, thanks.

      Learn how to spell before calling other people idiots.

      ...yes, the one with the spelling dictionary in the pocket.

  46. DrXym Silver badge

    The problem as I see it

    Is that this insane, insignificant, god botherer has managed with little effort to cause a massive international storm of controversy. In a rational world, people would just ignore the loony (and the many Christians / Jews / Muslims just like him). Sadly, it's not a rational world and people will die because of this idiot.

  47. Slackness

    Reserving comment

    I personally am awaiting a comment from Pastor Deacon Fred from the Landover Baptist Church before I decide the rights and wrongs of this issue.

    1. Martin

      And my suspicion is that his comment would be....

      "Damn - why didn't I think of that?"

  48. Thomas 18

    Nobody complains when it's the bible

    I'm sure Marilyn Manson has burned and ripped up several bibles in his time on the stage and the world didn't unite against him.... well maybe back in the day but everyone's blasé about it now. I don't really care what you want to burn as long as it isn't alive.

    Don't people realise they are only feeding the beast to make such a spectacle about it. If nobody complained it would be 15 people in a congregation having a fun redneck evening but now everyone's angry and the pastors message is reaching millions. It's the same deal with the newspaper articles with the pictures of Mohamed.

  49. Anonymous Coward

    Remember, remember...

    Hmmm... a guy burning stuff to commemorate the anniversary of a terrorist attack. Now, that would never happen in Britain, would it..?

  50. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    How odd, or perhaps what one should expect.

    "...and Jewish text the Talmud ...".

    I find it interesting: everyone is worked up about Muslims and Christians. But the Jews seem to be mature enough to ignore this nonsense and the ER correspondents to be either anti-semitic enough to think it is all right or just obsessed with hobby horses about Muslims, politically correct and naive slanging off of Christians and general ignorance.

    Fascinating. Really should stop reading the sheer idiocy and nastiness published here; but it gives a horrific insight to the, supposedly, technically educated minds of the IT world, a bit like staring at a bad crash on the motorway. Ugh.

  51. Cunningly Linguistic

    My title is Mr

    I can't help thinking that Islam is the new Communism and Terry Jones is attempting to channel McCarthy.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Mine's Sir

      As far as the US is concerned they were lining up Islam to be the new communism way before the WTC attacks. US governments always need a bad guy, they like to keep themselves on a virtual war footing in order to control the population by spreading FUD.

  52. Anonymous Coward

    Don't burn, quote it!

    If the pastor really wants to kick off a genuine debate about the problems within Islam relating to the Koran and its use by extremists Islamists then he would do better to quote from the Koran rather than burn it. Quote those passages used by Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups to support their heinous acts.

    Anonymous for obvious reasons. I am rather fond of keeping my head attached to my body.

  53. IglooDude

    What'll be the weather on Saturday?

    I don't suppose we could get a little hurricane action around Gainesville? I might even pray for it tonight.

    And yes, on the face of it this idiot certainly qualifies as a troll with his "oh, yes we'll go ahead with the burning unless God tells me not to" although perhaps not - what are the odds that he's got a dollar figure in mind?

    1. Fatman

      Saturday's weather

      Saturday evening is expected to be clear, except in the area around Gainesville, where smoke and airborne soot will cloud human judgment.

      The possibility of violent thunderstorms can not be discounted.

      Outdoor activities should be avoided late in the day.

      Because of the potential for wildfires, any unnecessary outdoor burning is prohibited by order of the state fire marshal.


      Personally, I hope that as this fool goes to strike up the match, a bolt of lightning flies out of the clouds, and strikes him dead.

      That would be evidence of God's will.

  54. Anonymous Coward

    DNS pulled?

    Looks like the DNS servers responsible for the domain have stopped responding for requests for that domain. They are servicing other requests ....

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Here's an IT angle...

    So, it's deeply offensive to burn a Qu'ran as it is the holy word of God. Fair enough. But what about deleting electronic copies? Is that just as bad? What if ones eBook iDevice thing throws a digital tantram and you lose your copy? Is your eBook iDevice now going to silicon hell instead of silicon heaven?

    I think that this whole sorry episode goes to show how ridiculous religionists - of both 'sides' - can be. Ones religion should be about ones personal relationship with God, not bricks and morter, ink and paper. Ones belief and faith should be in the heart, not in the physical.

    For a non-religionist like me I only need one commandment - 'Be excellent to each other'. Neither strapping on vests made of plastique or burning peoples important books meet this simple commandment.

  56. s. pam
    Thumb Up

    Best Post: WWF meets pastor stupid f*ck

    don't have your speakers on too loud, but you'll piss yourselves with this:

  57. Anonymous Coward

    Other book burners


    Spanish Inquisition



    Hey, he's in good company at least...

  58. chrisironside
    Gates Horns

    Look to pastor's new

    This man has no place in religious teaching.

    If someone strikes your right cheek offer them your left and all that!

    Is the aim not to show that your belief is less flawed - not "you target us, we'll target you more".

    He's an embarassment not just to Christianity, but to all mankind.

    I'm glad there's been such outrage towards these actions from the West.

    On the other hand, I think outreach should be taken one step further.

    For example, a Mosque at Ground Zero (even if it was Ground Zero and not just onlooking)... why not? Shouldn't we always endevour to be the best we can be regardsless of what other people/religions/cultures are doing?

    Also... I can't believe that it only took to the second post to mention Hitler. What a ridiculous response - IF IN DOUBT, MAKE A COMPARISON TO HITLER.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Well, the H-dude is the best example

      Of an intolerant bigot...

  59. Paul RND*1000

    Weapons-grade stupidity

    Sweet weeping Jesus...when even Sarah Palin and half of your fundamentalist congregation are taking a large step back from your rabid intolerant nut-hattery, you'd think that perhaps, just perhaps, that's some sort of sign from God, right there, that you've crossed a line and then kept on running and you maybe should stop sometime soon.

    What's with burning the Talmud, too? Some sort of warped middle-east peace attempt? He's going to get the Jews and Muslims to stop lobbing rocks at each other by getting them to join up in united fury and lob rocks at Christians instead? WTF? Really, just WTF?

  60. Cunningly Linguistic


    I've just finished downloading the Koran. Do you want me to burn you a copy?

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