back to article Cattle-burp eco menace mastered - by oregano

A bovo-boffin in Pennsylvania says he has saved life on planet Earth from being gradually stifled into extinction by burgeoning clouds of cattle-belch methane. The solution is apparently to feed cows oregano. "Cattle are actually a major producer of methane gas and methane is a significant greenhouse gas," says Alexander …


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  1. umacf24
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    Herby Belch Squelching

    Thank you

  2. Jad
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    But Inquiring Minds want to know ...

    does the meat taste better with the internal seasoning?

  3. Jonathan 17

    So... how did he measure it?

    And did he have to measure the flatulence too?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I hope its mass producable.

    Then the veggies can shut up about cow burps/farts.

    1. Code Monkey

      Cow burps aren't as bad as thought

      The figures for meat production and greenhouse gasses are being challenged, resulting in this interesting (and ballsy) climbdown from no less than George Monbiot this week.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If meat eaters damage the environment...

      ...can we make up for it by all eating one or two vegetarians each, as a sort of carbon offset?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    OREGano or oreGANO

    is it OREgano (US pronunciation) or oreGANO? If its the former, I'd rather die on a desertificated planet that listen to endless talk of OREgano.

    And anthropogenic methane from cows? Genetic engineering has a lot to answer for!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      The Americans favour the original Italian pronunciation. The Brits decided to go their own eccentric way.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And don't forget "erbs"


      It's *H*erbs! I don't care some Americans might confuse a herb with a bloke called Herb. If they can't work from the context if I'm talking about a plant and not a person then they deserve to be confused.


      Will this work on my wife? I think she comes in just behind cows in the contribution of Methane to the environment.

      Presumably, if the cows produce more milk we can have less of them and therefore reduce deforestation somewhat as well?

      1. h 6


        I'm a bloke named Herb. And I like oregano, especially the Italian pronunciation!

      2. Hardcastle

        Less cattle?

        "Presumably, if the cows produce more milk we can have less of them and therefore reduce deforestation somewhat as well?"

        Negative. SInce there is less "Natural Emissions" or "Dairy Air" from each bovine, this would mean we can have more tasty beef for a given amount of methane, as well as more milk to enjoy. As for deforestation, that doesn't necessarily pan out because there is plenty of prairie and pasture land to support cattle, so why bother moving cattle to the forest in the first place?

    3. Anonymous Coward


      The Americans decided to stick with the original Italian pronunciation while the Brits decided to go their own eccentric way.

    4. Alien Doctor 1.1


      the ancient italian art of pizza folding

  6. cynic 2
    Black Helicopters

    All is explained

    So now we know how the dinosaurs died -- not enough oregano in their diet.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    is it

    actually reducing methane production, or is it just stopping the cows belching it out.

    I for one, am looking forward to the exploding cow news stories...

  8. Anomalous Cowturd

    Herby belch-squelch technology?


    Quality journalism. Keep it up, that man!

  9. Hywel Thomas

    Johnny Fartpants

    When I use oregano, it cerainly makes my farts more powerful.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Mexican food uses a herb called epazote which is supposed to reduce flatulence. I wonder if they are related...

  11. disgruntled yank


    What are the implications for the cheese used in pizza manufacture? (Or "cheese food" for frozen pizzas.)

  12. Graham Bartlett

    Nice one

    And there's the added bonus that the milk tastes of pizza...

  13. Ty Cobb


    Good to know someone has finally made progress on bovine fuel efficiency. Now we Yanks are able to get many more gallons per feed when we drive our cattle, and can stay with the bigger Humvee sized heifers rather than the mini sized ones.

    1. Code Monkey

      You owe me

      1 monitor and 1 keyboard.

  14. Kevin Davidson

    Should treat the cause, not the symptom

    The clue is in the text "cattle feed". Cows are supposed to eat grass, not expensive and wasteful to grow grain which is what US farmers give their cattle. They'd do better eating their natural food instead (and yes, that includes growing better). Stupid. I take it this guy's patenting the idea to sell even more expensive cattle feed paid for by govt subsidies?

  15. Rick Brasche

    commercial product potential!

    need some of this slipped into the cafeteria for some of my co-workers. Especially if the extract is tasteless-like many of my co-workers, and odorless, unlike many of the same.

  16. bogwart


    It's about time someone developed self-milking cows. Think of the savings!

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