back to article Netezza, Symantec jump on takeover rumors

The global economy might not be on the mend as much as we would like, but there are plenty of IT behemoths sitting on big bags of cash, and tongues are a-wagging today about data warehousing appliance maker Netezza and security and systems software maker Symantec both being possible takeover targets. It's hard not to be …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Exadata V2 OLTP?

    "Exadata V2 appliance is not as good at data warehousing as it is at online transaction processing"

    Just because it is not good at BI compared to Teradata/Netezza/IBM does not make it good at OLTP. The whole Exadata compression off load engine does not even work if the data is changing. The TPC-C benchmark was done on SPARC and had the cache fusion software turned off.

    Last time I looked they didn't have a single benchmark for Exadata and only the $10M challenge which no corporate lawyer would ever approve with the T&C's.

    Larry, the Kat and the Turd are going to have a hard time selling a $10M/rack "appliance like" mashup of Sun inferior x86 systems.



    1. Anonymous Coward

      re: Exadata V2 OLTP

      Wow, bitter ever? What's funny is that Oracle is already on a 1Billion run rate with Exadata. That's 1 Billion with a B. So I'm pretty sure they won't have "a hard time selling a $10M/rack 'appliance like' mashup of Sun inferior x86 systems."

      As far as performance, Exadata is faster on OLTP and though not as fast on datawharehousing, it is still faster than its competitors. Just ask their customers. Quoting the competition about Exadata is just sad, even for the Reg. I have not heard of one customer complaining about the performance. Just amazed expressions of disbelief at how fast it is.

      Cranberry should either fix his attack piece that he's written or stop quoting the ignorant attack piece from Teradata.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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