back to article NoSQL CouchDB founder turns to phone and cloud services

NoSQL start-up CouchIO is targeting mobile and clouds after just a year of trying to monetize the company's CouchDB document store. CouchIO has changed its name to CouchOne while unveiling CouchOne Mobile, which puts the open-source, non-relational store on handsets. It has announced plans to start charging for CouchOne …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    ... "coo-chow-knee" is so much easier to pronounce than "cow-cha-dee".

    Mines the one with the Dragon text to speech translator in the pocket...

  2. Tom Chiverton 1 Silver badge


    Why is couch eye oh hard to pronounce ?

  3. henchan


    It would be good to see a good case study on replication at CouchOne.

    Replication is said to be CouchDB's stand-out feature, but it apparently does not have any significant commercial play yet.

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