back to article Scammers seize on tax rebates as phishing lure

Fraudsters have wasted no time jumping on news of a tax mix-up in the UK as a hook for scams. Up to six million people in the UK had paid the wrong amount of tax as a result of HMRC mistakes with employee PAYE codes. Around 4.3 million are due for a refund while 1.4 million face demands* to hand over an average £1,428 each. …


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  1. isurrenderall

    I got the exact email

    I received the exact same e-mail about 2 days ago. Same e-mail address, same tax rebate amount. Always funny when they send e-mails to hughjass@mydomain.

  2. Richard Scratcher

    When will these scammer's, ever learn

    The sample letter on the GFI security page is littered with punctuation errors such as missing full-stops, misplaced and missing commas. The letter begins "Dear Applicant" but the reader isn't an applicant yet.

    And why would the UK tax office need use the abbreviation GBP to describe the "over [sic] payment"?

    These people are giving HMRC a bad name.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      actually ...

      a perfectly spelled and puctuated email would be *more* suspicous. i would wander wot their up to ?

    2. Anonymous John

      Re When will these scammer's (sic), ever learn

      Pot, meet kettle.

      1. Richard Scratcher

        @Anon John

        Only spotted 1 out of 3?

        Must do better!

  3. Tigra 07

    Woo Hoo!

    I already know i'm expected a refund, i paid tax on the first 7k i earned, which is illegal apparently

  4. dreamingspire

    Many variants of those emails circulating for some time

    These emails are not new. Both US English and British English versions have been arriving here for months, some with an attached file, some with online links. None seen this month (yet), though...

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