back to article Northamber musters 'cautious optimism'

Veteran distributor Northamber allowed itself a glimmer of optimism today as it unveiled its preliminary full year results. Chairman David Phillips said in his statement: "I am pleased to announce improved profitability for the year as a whole and importantly the return to profit at the operating level." He added that "whilst …


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  1. FL1X

    Isnt this the same company...

    That said the industry was ruined and we were in for a long recovery?

    Why do el'reg insist on interviewing this "vetren" disti and ignore the ones that have shown growth during the recession?

    1. g1nganinja
      Thumb Up

      Probably the same company

      The industry is ruined - he didnt say it wasnt - he said there are positive signs of recovery not that it is all joy in the garden of IT already.

      The Reg, obviously like to speak to independent companies, who dont sell out for a quick buck tro the first money bags that come knocking, to companies that have weathered many storms and continue to be a solid bell-weather to the UK IT industry as a whole.

      Nicely done David (and Henry) :)

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