back to article Druva delivers deduping laptop backup

Three-year-old start-up Druva is opening an office in the UK and delivering global deduplicating backup software for laptops. It's Outlook and Office-aware to reduce network transmission loads, and it provides user self-service restores, which Druva says Avamar cannot. The product is called inSync v4.0 and it resides on …


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  1. Cameron Colley

    Surely the answer is not putting data on laptops?

    OK, so you may need things like email and document management system cache files to speed up your work (encrypted, naturally) but anything else should only be an encrypted copy of a document held in the organisation's data centre or "in the cloud" if you're into that sort of thing.

    In other words the data on a laptop should be a tiny snapshot of some data that is already in a central location, not the other way around. Or are this company trying to encourage corporates to store more of their confidential and important data on laptops?

    1. Penguin

      @Cameron Colley

      I think from an infrastructure angle your point is sound but the problem comes when laptops are actually used as they are intended, 80% of our laptop estate is field based and central storage versus instant field access is an ongoing headache of mine. In the end I think it is best to accept that computers should in essence be standalone units first and foremost.

      Druvaa (incidentally it is double 'a') has worked wonders for us and along with encryption software has allowed us to let them out the door as individual units that require very little in regards of maintenance (WSUS and other updates not withstanding) whilst maintaining an effective level of control and security on the assets. After all, as I keep being reminded, IT should not be the anchor on the ship of progress.

      ... Or at least I think they are saying anchor.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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