back to article Wells Fargo hops NFC train

Wells Fargo is joining the effort spearheaded by Visa to help NFC break in the difficult American market. The addition of Wells Fargo, reported by Reuters, means that three US banks - the others being Bank of America and US Bancorp - are now working with Visa to proximity-payment enable mobile phones, bypassing the network …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    These banking,,,

    thieves should be hanging at the end of a rope. Yet, flush with TARP money generated by their corrupt cretin friends in Congress and the White House, they are at it again.

    Of course Americans greatly desire another unregulated banking fiasco. Americans are on average bonehead stupid compared to - for instance - those Icelandic Vikings who have refused to pay for their thieving bankers misadventures.

    Damn all bankers to Hell.

    1. James Woods

      also to blame

      Americans are largely to blame for allowing our country to run itself off the tracks.

      The entire definition of a market is "winners and losers". Once our government began selecting winners and letting others become losers the market as we knew it was gone yet it continues to chug on.

      GE's stock went down to around $4 until uncle sam came in and gave them corporate welfare.

      The poor Americans want to shop at walmart and mortgage their homes 104% and the government is more than happy to be there to back those mortgages with printed money and debt.

      I had experience banking with Wells Fargo via next day usps priority mail.

      I was sending cash $500-1000 every few days and they told me to stop mailing cash. I started to send checks and they were depositing them in other peoples accounts using fake names to sign for the mail.

      I caught them red handed using fake names when a check didn't post and the postal service provided me with a signature while wells fargo was denying it ever arrived.

      Fake, no person there, or at least that's what I was told.

      So you can't place all the blame on the bankers, they do provide a service.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        same Dumb f--ing Comments Over Again

        They should have let the banks all fail because it would punish wall street and the bankers!!!! or would it . . . Yeah the Wall St big wigs would lose a few billions of their billions in nest egg but would they suffer? Yeah.. The contagion effect would bring down the entire financial system and we would all be fucked . . but who cares .. . punish the bankers

        It is funny how the same people who are knocking the Govt. for helping the banks are the same ones who are against the type of regulations that would prevent the mess in the first place and prevent it from recurring.

        FREE MARKET... FREE FREE FREE... Let greed rule the roost and when the system fails be barren enough to just blame the GOVT. THE MARKET IS KING ...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Black Helicopters

      Two thumbs up

      Not much else to say.

      I feel like a whore, I work for a major bank.

      Yes damn all banks to hell.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    No Fucking Clue

    What does NFC stand for?

    I guess you meant Near Field Communication but it wouldn't hurt to include this in the article.

  3. HereIAmJH


    Expectations are pretty low for journalists these days, but how can an acronym be used 9 times in an article and never be defined.

  4. Neil 7

    @These banking,,,


    Time to get over it an move on - you're boring now.

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