back to article Gordon Brown joins World Wide Web Foundation

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has buddied up with the Greatest Living Briton by becoming a director of the World Wide Web Foundation. The venerable Dr Brown, as he is repeatedly referred to in a statement released by the WWWF yesterday, will advise the foundation on ways to bring poor communities and world leaders closer …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Cant think of anyone less suited to the job, what ever next

    Eric Schmidt in charge of all our medical records?

    Mark Zuckerman in charge of homeland security?

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    1. tardigrade


      Was going to comment, but I couldn't put it better myself. Too bloody right!

  3. Marky W

    You are surely having a laugh

    This is, after all, a man who can't switch off a simple microphone despite wearing one almost every day for 15 years.

    Mind: boggling.

    Head: shaking.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I've made more coding errors than that in the last 15 days. Your mind is easily boggled.

  4. cannon

    Police State

    Why do i automatic think this is a bad idea after tony & gordons 10 year destroying our civil liberties?

    Taking Liberties (Since 1997)

    FTA: "TAKING LIBERTIES is a shocking but hilarious polemic documentary that charts the destruction of all your Basic Liberties under 10 Years of New Labour. Released to coincide with Tony Blair's departure, the film and the book follow the stories of normal people who's lives have been turned upside down by injustice - from being arrested for holding a placard outside parliament to being tortured in Guantanamo Bay. THIS IS WHAT YOU DON'T READ IN THE PAPERS! THIS IS WHAT YOU DON'T SEE ON TV! AND IT'S HAPPENING TO YOU!"

  5. John Square

    Monday's headline...

    "Internet goes bankrupt"

    Seriously, Brown *causes* crashes- that's traditionally a bad thing where IT is involved

  6. Chronos


    "I support Web Foundation’s mission to promote the advancement of the web, as well as access to it, especially in Africa where the web can act as a catalyst for economic growth.”

    He's had one of those "Dear freind, how are you?" type e-mails promising him zillions in unclaimed government funds. Can't you tell?

    Dear Gordy,

    until they bloody well pack it in, we want as few Africans, particularly Nigerians, on the 'net as possible, capice?



  7. Gary F

    Lost all respect for the WWW Foundation

    How could they appoint such an unsuitable man for this position? I thought okay, he messed up the county while in power, but at least he can't lay a finger on the web because it's internationally controlled. And now this happened!

    Brown is a control freak. He's now in a position to influence controls on the web. For a man who has little experience of technology this is a very bad decision.

    Maybe if I screw up repeatedly someone will give me a prestigious directorship. That's how it works isn't it?

    1. Rob

      Wrong wording?

      "...prestigious directorship." Did you mean directorship or dictatorship, we are talking about Brown after all.

      I will refrain from using his new title of Dr and will be using his old title of twat.

  8. isurrenderall

    Why not his full name?

    If we're including the Dr tag, why not just refer to him by his proper first name, James?

    That's right, his actual name is James Brown. That's too stupid to make up.

    1. Arthur Dent

      Why not...?

      "If we're including the Dr tag, why not just refer to him by his proper first name, James?

      That's right, his actual name is James Brown. "

      It may surprise you to know, Mr Isurrenderall, that in a large part of Scotland and some of Northern England the name normally used is the middle name, not the first. If that does surprise you, please evaluate whether you are an ignorant and arrogrant bigot with neither knowledge nor respect for cultures other than your own provincial prejudices. If it doesn't surprise you, what reason did you have for posting nonsense?

      Anyway, everyone knows that Gordon Brown is a failed Chancellor, a failed Prime Minister, a failed Party Leader, and a widely reviled and disliked character. So let's not call him James Brown - doing so might let him escape his deserver reputation. There you go, I've answered your stupid question twice for you now.

  9. Neil Greatorex

    !em kcuF

    Should have known G. B. Ruin had an appropriate degree:

    "a PHD in History relating to the Labour socialist movement"

    Ranks right up there with Bachelor of posting crap twatter comments.

    When are we going to learn? There should not be ANY "career politicians". <- Full stop. Terry Pratchett had it right in one of his books: Anyone *wanting* to be a politician should be immediately put in jail, as they must be corrupt just for the act of *wanting* to be a politician.

    Getting a degree in "how to climb the greasy pole" should automagically bar the recipient from entering politics.

    Look at what the recent results, of not barring the bastards, has been: Blair, Brown, Bush, Clinton, Twice disgraced Mandelson, etc. et bloody cetera.

    1. janet ward

      it's worse than that....

      Gordy spent NINE years shuttling through old Labour pamphlets, until eventually someone took pity on him and let him out with this supposed PhD.

      How you can make an original and new thesis on the basis of old leaflets is anyone's guess.

  10. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge


    Do offices and trusts and the like, to help fund charities and newly invented faith foundations escape income taxation demands?

  11. Stu J

    Brown == Luddite && Parasite

    Bet he'll be claiming first class air fares on his expenses when he goes to Africa to promote stuff he knows cock-all about...

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Two things...

    Unemployed? I know he doesn't turn up at Westminster much, but he is still an MP with the salary and expense fiddling that go along with the job.

    As for him joining the WWWF? Do they really want someone that one-eyed?

    Mine's the one with the copy of "A Journey - My Political Life" in the pocket....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      IT Angle

      Joining the WWWF?

      What does he know about pandas?

      1. paulf
        IT Angle


        [scripted] Wrestling?

  13. Tequila Joe

    Has Gord had 419 emails from Nigeria?

    [What he says -- What he thinks we'll believe -- What we actually think]

    "No more boom and bust" -- No more bust -- Bust and busted!

    "uniquely placed" -- Gord's in control so we're doing ok -- We're xxxxed! UK is only G20 nation still in recession (

    “Africa is a new source of dynamism in the global economy,” -- Gord knows better than us so we should advance him the cash -- Well sure, it probably is now! Please, somebody, stop him getting his hands on it.

    1. Vic

      Be fair - he did deliver on one of those.

      > "No more boom and bust"

      He delivered on that. There is no more boom and bust.

      We won't see another boom in a very long time - which is exactly what he promised us...

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "bring poor communities and world leaders closer together"

    Hmm. Given his government's record of listening to its own people, please excuse me for not holding my breath in excitement.

    Then again, at least he probably won't be able to do much damage at a think-tank.

  15. BoldMan

    PhD on History of the Labour socialist movement?

    What a worthless PhD... then again he was a pretty worthless MP, Minister and PM...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Worthless PHDs

      Care to name a worthwhile PHD?

      I can't stand the man, and would rather he fell over and died tomorrow than had a chance to fuck anything else up, but sometimes you commentards really are as clueless as your favourite hate figures.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Thumbs down but ...

        ... not one mention of a worthwhile PHD. They all have silly titles. They are all niche. They all (okay probably not all) bring something to our culture. Perhaps y'all just think that anything non-techie is worthless. The inability to see merit in that which you don't understand is why geeks get beaten up at school.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      No, on Labour Party leaflets!

      We, at least, must keep the facts straight. After all, that's impossible for socialists.

  16. Jeff Deacon

    "...unemployed PM" ??

    He may no longer be PM, but he still has a constituency to represent in Parliament; a duty that he has signally failed to discharge. Perhaps he ought to do that before all this self aggrandisement.

    Beer 'cos its Friday.

    1. Tin Foil Hat

      He gets paid but does not attend.

      Since the 6th of May Gordon has a 0% attendance record

      Lazy sod can't be asked to turn up but still expects us poor saps to pay his salary and expenses. What a complete fraud he is.

      1. IanPotter

        RE: He gets paid but does not attend

        Wow, anybody would think that with a Labour leadership election under way it would be better for him to be staying in the public eye and trying to influence its result rather than doing the honourable thing and staying out of the limelight. Instead he could be out sinking in the knife and hawking his self aggrandising and revisionist memoirs like Bliar.

        Of course he did win his seat by a whopping 23,000 votes so maybe after being in high office for 13 years maybe he's decided to spend some time with his constituents and young family too.

        Oh, and I do love the hypocrisy of someone posting under a pseudonym calling anyone a fraud.

  17. Alien Doctor 1.1

    re Brownnote

    Sir Tim is GayLesbianBisexual?

  18. stewski

    Neutral Web Karma IMHO

    I'm no fan but I believe Brown did get an agenda of publishing Ordnance Survey and other publicly funded data sets available via the web and Semantic Web.

    On the flip side he pushed the awful digital economy bill through the washup to.

    As for the other stuff from Iraq (he told paxman it was to support the UN which is amazing double speak) to the economy I don't blame the WWWF for not having an opinion on those.

  19. SkippyBing

    Africa is a new source of dynamism in the global economy

    Yes, look at the way they're dragging the World out of recession with their economic dynamism, even now I sit hear watching my Nigerian TV while my Zimbabwean car sits outside.

    No wonder our economy is f**ked if he's actually that clueless.

  20. The Metal Cod

    Well now...

    Another job for which he is patently unsuited. Just fade away into obscurity you horrible man. You're not wanted, not needed and not welcome.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh, just a director then...

    ... for a moment I wondered if he actually knew something about software.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Africa a new source of dynamism

    To give him his due Africa has huge natural resources that the Chinese are keeping a close eye on? (I've a vague memory that some of the minerals mined there are crucial for mobile phone/electronics manufacture....) Its also got more human genetic diversity than Europe so whilst it might not be obviously dynamic now it has massive potential..... A better person than Brown to do it - George Osborne would spring to mind....

  23. JaitcH

    Does he even know wgere a computer on/off switch is?

    Who else would employ such a loser?

    Brown brings nothing to the table that will contribute to the advancement of the InterNet. If this appointment had been put up for a vote he would have had the world + dog vote him down.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    WTF? Ex-PM for WWWF - has TBL the GLB lost the plot?

    Only someone with an ego the size of Dr B's would have a PhD in subject matter he enthusiastically tried to turn into nothing but a historical footnote.

    Given his track record we can expect his enthusiastic support for a multi tier internet, with bankers getting most of the bandwidth and fastest service ( subsidised natch), the middle classes getting 90% of what's left (although they'll have to lie about where they live/join the church, but they will get a heavy subsidy for "excellence"). The rest (former labour voters with nowhere to go politically) will have to pay the market rate (competition is always good) for the teeny piece of net slow lane they've been generously allocated*, although they may find it suffers occasional outages if the resources are needed to subsidise the bankers lunchtime grumble flick habit**.

    Oh yeah, Africa. Maybe he fancies a fucking another country up - Zimbabwe perhaps? They don't actually hate him there.

    * Connections may be monitored for intimidation and prosecution purposes

    **Connection quality can go down as well as simply very slowly - see Digital Britain T+Cs

  25. MrT

    Tim Berners-Lee or Gordon Brown...

    But which one's best?

    There's only one way to find out.... FIGHT!!!!

    See you after the break.

  26. Tom Oliva 1

    AAAAIIIIEEEEE ... Nooooo-oooo-oooo

    The one eyed lying deluded Caledonian snotgobblin ... ventures forth ... I demand a drugs test of the board of WWWF.

    The man is an embarrassment - a doodieing idjit, a pompous fool, a berk, a nutter - a man with a record of screwups that should put him in "Record Breakers"

    What pray, do they believe he is going to bring to the organisation apart from ridicule (in spades)?

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: AAAAIIIIEEEEE ... Nooooo-oooo-oooo

      Yeah, fine, but you rather let yourself down with the whole 'one-eyed' thing. If you want to have a pop at someone it's generally best to restrict yourself to the aspects of themselves that they have some control over, at the least. That whole 'mocking the afflicted' tack is... tacky.

  27. Fubar75


    Hilarious.... when did any of yiz ever see Brown former PM, former Chancellor taking on the internet foundation.... wait... hey.... he's got a glass eye... that could be his web cam.... gives a meaning to seeing everything in "Brown" - geddit durh hurh hurh.....

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Bad Phorm

    Given the pathetic and corrupt approach of the previous Labour government and lackadaisical regulation relating to the illegal BT/Phorm trials and Sir Tim Berners Lee criticism of that I am somewhat disgusted to be seeing this development

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Pity Africa then

    Hasn't Africa been through enough already without Brown turning up to "help"?

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Poacher turned Gamekeeper?

    Brown presided over biggest erosion of privacy and civil liberties in the UK since WW2.

    Is he now being paid to advise the WWWF on the tactics and methods he used to spy on, monitor and control the population so that they may be avoided in the future.

    Its the only reason I can think of for TBL (or anyone else) having anything to do with him.

    Or does he think he's starting a new career as a professional wrestler?

  31. Rogerborg

    Seems like a perfect choice

    Who knows more about "poor communities" than the man responsible for creating a country full of 'em?

  32. Tom 38

    @AC #1

    You missed one:

    Tony Blair: Peace Envoy



    Gordon Brown... the man who conspired with BT/Phorm to undermine the integrity of the web (not to mention the UK telecom infrastructure as a whole) - despite police complaints and a petition to Number 10 - is now appointed to join the WWWF?

    I recall Sir TBL stated; "I am embarrassed as a British citizen that this [Phorm] is happening while the US has drawn a very firm line to stop this" and "what's at stake is the integrity of the internet as a communications medium" and "it is essential to have absolute clarity that it is illegal".

    Badgers, because only they know what on earth a man with Gordon Brown's record could offer WWWF.

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