back to article Twitter tightens grip on own firehose

Twitter is on a mission to regain control of its own firehose. On Wednesday evening, the ballyhooed microblogging operation struck not one but two blows against third parties hoping to feed off its endless stream of self-serving mini-messages: The company said it's moving all users to its own url shortening service, and it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    More interesting

    Is that every HTC Sense based Android phone is currently broken with regards to Friendstream/Twitter due to the Oauth change. Seems HTC might be rather busy releasing firmware updates to undo this mess, for which HTC have had 8 months warning about.

    Before iCretins jump on this about how Android sucks because Steve says so, blah blah blah, this is nothing to do with Android, this is a HTC problem...

    1. gav_taylor

      major fail...

      IIt's not just HTC debate that need a kick up the star, a few phone manufactures that somehow missed the deadline

      I don't understand how they missed the switch off, it was announced in December, Twitter reminded us once a month, then every day in August, and even gave a 2 week extension...

      1. gav_taylor

        opps.... darn phone auto-complete...

        * It's not just HTC dev's.....

      2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

        Major fail

        "I don't understand how they missed the switch off..."

        Probably the same way that the phone manufacturers missed lots of bugs; Once the phone is sold they seem to not care about it. They are looking at the next one.

        I don't know about HTC personally because I haven't had one yet, but from other marks, particularly Ericcson / Sony-Ericcson / Nokia / Samsung...

        Before you say that Apple do provide firmware updates for older models, it's true, but they too sometimes stick their heads in the sand and say "that's not a bug, it's a feature" or "It's not a problem" or "we don't care".

  2. bainzy


    When will Social Networks (SN) realise that it is the users that make them? As quick as they grow they can be replaced in a slightly different formate. It makes me laugh. The internet is alive and free not a tameable creature...The next Twitter is just around the corner, cut the 3rd party life line and death is imminent....

  3. gav_taylor
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    WWhile its great that they are opening up to 3rd party developers, I'm not sure about forcing everyone to use it by replacing all links...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    oauth and

    OAuth is pretty awful to actually implement (mainly due to the lack of feedback if something is not *exactly* right in the many steps) but not actually that *hard* (I've managed to do it for Java, PHP and C#) and there's been plenty of time to get it working - there's really no excuse for getting it wrong.

    And if is going to be used to track who clicks what then how long before apps simply scrub any useful information from the requests?

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Desperation for the desperate.

    "Today I farted. BF ran from room - LOL V funny."

    "Today BF didn't return. SMS'd me, called me a self indulgent tool and has turned gay".

    "Today - my heart bleeds, glad your all so fascinated with my bullshit'

    "Today I read 500 twitter entries - biggest self record eva - life is great".

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