back to article Verbatim InSight 500GB external hard drive

Verbatim's InSight external hard drive is an unusual-looking offering, but that odd wave-like curve at the front is home to the unit's status readout screen. Verbatim Insight Verbatim's InSight 500GB: tells you how much space you have left Unlike rival drive maker Western Digital, which also puts a status display on some …


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  1. Annihilator Silver badge

    Digital readout

    Does that pretty much define "gimmick"? I can't say I'd ever need to know the remaining capacity of an external drive while unplugged. Well, I could, but I'd be clutching at straws.

  2. thomas k.

    odd port placement

    Strikes me as odd that, having gone to the trouble to make it so stylish you'd be eager to plant it on your desk to attract the envious looks of yours friends and/or co-workers, they put the USB port up near the front like that, rather than at the rear.

  3. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    How's this storage meter thing work then?

    And if you're ever thinking of repartitioning it in any manner other than default... hehehehe... I wonder what would happen.

  4. anonymous_one
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    can get others for less


    Re: "It's a nice little drive, the Insight, but it's pricey, with the cheapest I've seen it being £70. Not expensive per se, but you can get other, equally good brand-name 500GB external hard drives discounted to £50."


    Yes, you can get other brand names for less but what the article failed to mention is that this portable drive comes with a 5 year warranty and the others do not. This difference more than offsets the price differential and makes it a winner in my books. I bought 2 of these devices to back up both my PC and Laptop. I rotate my backups onto these pocket-size portable drives and then I keep one at home and take the other to work which in effect gives me secure offsite storage.



    1. spencer
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      A whopping 5 year warranty is almost certainly worthy of mention in a review like this. Good point.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Stupid feature!

    "Fill up your drive, and the InSight itself won't tell you that you have no more room until you unplug it, forcing the display to refresh."

    Utterly pointless then, because you'll only know it's full after plugging it in, by which time you could just check the capacity using Explorer anyway!

  6. Eric Hood


    I disagree with the conclusion because the capabilities of the backup software would indicate it probably is worth paying the "premium".

    Look at how much a copy of retrospect is for example, given you can also buy external drives with retrospect personal backup included it would be worth comparing prices.

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