back to article Survey scammers serve up supposed shelter from survey scams

Cheeky scammers are offering prospective marks an application that supposedly shields them from exposure to survey scams. Naturally, you first have to fill in a survey to install the script, which is punted through Userscripts(dot)org. Odds are that even after jumping through these hoops users will still be exposed to surveys …


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  1. John Tserkezis

    And the problem is?

    Scammers are moving from email to social networking sites...

    Fine with me!

  2. Neal 5

    So, then,

    is the conclusion to be drawn that all social network sites are used by scammers?, or just facebook?,or just that all members of social sites,or just facebook members are naive?, or scammers?, is email safe to use again?, now the scammers/spammers are leaving in their droves to join facebook/myspace, which now share things, what a rarity in the social network site network,with each other,will there soon be a premium membership for facebook so that one may avoid the scammers? or will that be for the scammers only?, too many more questions and my brains hurting just thinking abou it.

    Is that a record for comma's in one sentence?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or not? Full Stop.

    Oh yes, one more thing, why oh why oh why can not the plug be pulled on facebook's servers to prevent this kind of thing?

    Where is the F.B.I when you really need them?.

  3. danwiggio
    Thumb Up


    That's why I send my friends / family to -- get rid of the surveys but still get the content :-p

  4. Winkypop Silver badge


    The word "spam" is redundant in the sentence:

    "Returns are diminishing as people are exposed, develop a resistance, and recognise Facebook spam for what it is."

This topic is closed for new posts.

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