back to article Geek tech firm loses Jedi credentials

Jedi Mind Inc has conceded that someone else might just own the term Jedi, and has changed its name to Mind Technologies Inc. The decision follows legal action from Lucasfilm, which reckons it owns the Jedi Knights and everything associated with them. The action will probably now be dropped. Jedi Mind Inc reportedly agreed to …


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  1. David Dingwall

    The Force is strong with you -

    but you are NOT a Jedi yet

  2. Richard Gadsden 1

    Should have taken a page from L Ron Hubbard's book

    Should have claimed to be a religion, then they could defend the claim as being their religious freedom.

  3. Ian Ferguson

    Good thing too

    I would think twice about doing business with an outfit with such a childish name.

    </grumpy sod>

  4. IndianaJ

    I would love to see a welding mouse.

    Though I suspect you really meant 'wielding'.

  5. Tim Jenkins

    These Are Not the Trademark Infringements You Are Looking For

    Incidentally, every time you mention the RMS T*tanic, you owe James Cameron a Lear jet...

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      @Tim Jenkins

      I wonder where the assets of White Star lines reside these days? Are Cunard* still around of have they been bought out too?

      They should sue James Cameron.....

      *As in:

      Very smartly dressed sailor: "I work for Cunard and I am very well paid because of that."

      Scruffy sailor: "I work my bloody balls off mate and I'm paid sod all".

  6. Rogerborg

    Doesn't bode well for my new business

    Damn fascists - always trying to keep a Bothan down.

  7. Volker Hett

    It's a shame

    that they can't change their name to the Jedi opponents and become Sith Mind Inc.

  8. TC1

    In other news...

    It was reported that the church of Jedi realigned to Mandaeanism and rebranded to avoid any issues associated with the heathen Lucasfilm following, and so they could continue wearing their robes.

    Mine's the one with the floppy hood...

  9. Iain Curtain

    these are not the ...

    ... company names you are looking for

  10. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    Jedi (tm, Etc.) Mice...

    ...sounds like a great Saturday morning animation.

    Unless Disney claims a trademark on animated rodents, of course.

  11. syklops

    Spoil Sports with no vision

    This kind of Trademark/copyright infringement case really pisses me off. Jedi Mind inc were doing no harm to lucasfilm, nor were they selling products which competed with any products that lucasfilm are selling. They just didn't want another kid playing with their ball. Its sad and petty.

    The word Jedi has found its way into modern language, and into modern culture. If someone says Jedi, most people know what they mean. Even my mum and dad have an idea of what I am talking about. If anything mind technologies inc were benefiting the lucasfilm brand. I know if I was playing with a Jedi mind control headset, it would really put me in the mood to watch Star Wars. I would be more inclined to use the headset with anyone of the many Star Wars branded games. To add to the experience even more, I might even go out and buy a Jedi costume to wear while I was playing Jedi Knight, with my emotive headset. All these things would make money for lucasfilm.

    This is not why trademarks and copyrights were created.

    P.S. I have purposefully spelt lucasfilm with a small 'l', because lucasfilm is small and petty.

    1. CD001


      ... this is the real world, failing to protect your trademark can result in a loss of that trademark and then we could see a whole range of Jedi merchandise that has absolutely nothing to do with LucasArts whatsoever and is merely leeching of their brand.

      Still, they may be easily startled but soon they'll be back - and in greater numbers.

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Ken Hagan Gold badge
    Dead Vulture

    Er, which galaxy was that then?

    "products renamed to remove any reference to the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy"

    When you say "the" galaxy, I hope you aren't implying that it is this one. The opening text of the first film was "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...". I can't believe there is anyone in the entire IT industry who doesn't know this.

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