back to article Texan cooks up deep-fried Guinness

Visitors to the forthcoming Texas State Fair will be able to enjoy* what can rightly be described as a culinary first - deep fried Guinness. Texan chef Mark Zable says he has wrestled for three years to encapsulate beer in a ravioliesque packet of pretzel-like dough which will survive 20 seconds in oil at 190°C. Zable …


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  1. EddieD


    Maybe we can stop the jokes about the Scots and deep frying...we draw the line at Mars Bars.

    And, as a point of fact many, many years ago, at some flash place in London, I had deep fried ice cream.

    It seems that those not north of Hadrian's Wall are more into the cholesterol packing fry ups....

    1. Hud Dunlap

      Scots in Texas

      I guess you are unaware how many Scots are in Texas. There is even a Bluebonnet Tartan.

      And Guinness I guess because of the large Irish Population.

    2. Steve X

      deep fried ice cream

      I remember seeing that demoed on TV. Take a smallish (sugar cube sized) ball of very frozen ice cream and impale it delicately on the point of a sharp knife. Dip it in batter, hold it a few inches above the hot fat, and shake it gently loose. Lift out after 10 seconds or so.

      If you get the batter thick enough to coat and protect the ice cream, and thin enough to flow over the knife cut before the falling ice cream hits the fat, it works. If not, the ice cream explodes and you get hot fat in your eyes.

      Need I bother with obligatory disclaimers?

      If you really want to play with temperature-inverted desserts, though, you'll not find better than a freshly made Moelleux au Chocolat...

    3. Burch

      Some of England

      is north of Hadrian's Wall (or where the wall was).

      And I'd love to try this.

  2. JaitcH

    What Zable claims is not quite accurate

    Quote: 'Zable explained: "Nobody has been able to fry a liquid before." '

    The Chinese cuisine has had "Fried Milk" dishes for a very long time. There are many variations of flavours.

    I have eaten it in HongKong and Toronto.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You have to remember...

      ... that no-where exists outside of America

    2. peyton?

      My undestanding of fried milk

      Is that it is semi-solid. In a like manner, the guy that created the deep fried butter also created deep fried Coke - but it was a Coke-infused batter. I believe the claim here is that what you consume is still completely liquid (albeit, as a filling)

      1. MeRp

        completely liquid...

        since when is Guinness completely liquid. I've had cheese that was runnier...

      2. JaitcH

        Liquid in the centre?

        Then try Gun Tan Gow - soup that is cooked in a wrapper - wrapper and soup at the same time, nor added/injected later..

    3. Anonymous Coward


      is an emulsion not a liquid.

      I know, I'm going

      1. ScientologyIsACult


        milk is indeed an emulsion, blobs of fat in a liquid. but if it quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck then...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Deep Fried Guinness

    Could be either completely awful or strangely tasty.

    Either way it should taste better than Deep Fried Butter. EGAD.

    1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      With any luck... will result in Guinness finally being fit for human consumption.

  4. Code Monkey

    Texas Fried Frito Pie

    I've no idea what that is, but I want one!

    1. web_bod
      Paris Hilton

      Oi! Google: What's in a Texas Fried Frito Pie?

      According to :

      "Well the Second Place Goat can't reveal any secret ingredients, but just think of all the great stuff in chili pie, then put it in a ball and fry it! Once you bite into it you get the crunch, then the chili and cheese, along with some of the messiness that a delicious traditional Fair food entails..."

      But on the home page the goat gives the game away:

      "Texas fried frito pie is the best use of coupons ever"

      So there you have it, nothing but vouchers and Nectar points.

      (Paris: well she looks like she could do with fattening up).

  5. petur

    Q: Why does everything need to be fried?

    A: So you can become a fat American

    mine's the one with the Belgian beer bottle in the left pocket

  6. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    I'd like to see...

    Deep fried water...

    Although I suspect the best way to do that is to batter an ice cube....

    But My God... did you see some of those past winners? Deep Fried Butter... F@#K.......

  7. Anonymous Coward

    what is strange,

    is its low calorie for an American snack, at only 6,000,000 calories and 3 lbs of salt, so quite healthy for them.

  8. Matthew Anderson


    So he injects some Guinness into some kind of dough tube, seals it up and deep fries it. Better hope it don't burst or there is going to be a bit of a Guinness explosion going on as the liquid hits the hot oil.

    1. Sooty

      I had wondered about that

      I certainly wouldn't want to be anywhere near a leaky one.

      1. Matthew Anderson

        Leaky one..

        There's a joke in that i'm sure.

  9. The Vociferous Time Waster

    OK as an experiment

    Stuff like this and the regular entries at are all very fun as a one off experiment from time to time but a lot of our less educated cross pond dwelling colonials seem to think that food like this is OK to eat every day.

    Same north of the Great Wall of Newcastle.

    1. David Eddleman

      Some of us...

      Are trying to lose weight. Myself included.

      Occasional indulgences are good, but some people (the ones who make the news) are the ones who s/occasional/frequent

    2. Diane Miller


      So, the Brits are the only ones who know how to cook and what to eat? Meaning no offense, as I'm rather fond of Britain, but I'm thinking "not so much".

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Geordie version

    I remember in the dim and distant past during my University days at Newcastle, they sold the famous deep-fried mars bars on the Quayside market. At Easter there was a special treat of deep fired Creme Eggs!!!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Creme Eggs and Student days

      During my student days in an "Auld Grey Toon" in Scotland there was a food emporium which deep fried almost anything, pizza, kebab etc., had a deep fried Creme Egg after a night out.

      Thing is though, this was in the middle of winter!

  11. Paul RND*1000

    Deep Fried S’mores Pop-Tart®

    That would be chocolate and marshmallow, surely? Or at least, chocolate flavored something and faux-marshmallow, since it's a toaster pastry and not made of real stuff at all. Maybe next year they'll deep-fry an actual s'more, now that would be prize-worthy (and enough calories to make Elvis look like a fussy eater).

  12. Seanmon


    a waste of Guinness. Stop this foolishness immediately.

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      Ah no...

      Not at all, that guinness is quite likely shite anyways...

      Who actually has had a pint that tasted right aways from home???

      1. BongoJoe

        To be honest

        since they've stopped making good Guinness in bottles about twenty years ago the whole lot has gone down in a blaze of 80s Yuppie marketing and it's not the same stuff as it used to be.

        But give the Americans their due; frying their beer can only improve it - I would hate to think what this process would do my pint of Glaslyn Ale.

        And I won't be surrendering mine for research purposes neither.

        1. Anonymous Coward


          Try a bottle of Guinness export, just like Daddy used to drink.

          Sorry but the pale imitation of beer is the only icon available

  13. Fenton

    Whats wrong with

    A nice cold litre of Munich beer with a large hot prezel on the side

  14. Dave 52

    Re: What Zable claims is not quite accurate

    I can not recommend "Deep Fried Milk" enough. If you ever find it on a menu, get 2, you will not be disappointed. Only place I know that serves it, is a Sushi place in Mississauga, Ontario called Kobe Sushi.

  15. aiko76nks
    Thumb Up

    Gimme Texas Fried Frito Pie

    I just returned from the web site. Fun site cool video's, very State Fair kitschy. Check it out. The food looks delicious.

    1. OldDogNewWalk


      So I took your advice and went to have a look.

      Hmmm... A full page of Flash. Should I allow and have a look? Nah, not THAT interested.

      But thanks for the heads-up anyway.

  16. Christoph

    Think of it as Evolution in Action

    (title says it all)

    1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

      Not Christoph

      Surely this should have been posted by Tony Rand!

    2. asiaseen


      given the geographical context, Intelligent Design

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why not?

    Use some of the Guiness (or stout of your choice) to make a beer batter then use that to coat the filling of your choice ( eg a nice piece of white fish) to go with some chips.

    And then enjoy the rest of the drink with it.

    Beer garden, umbrella and sound of leather on willow are optional extras.

  18. Trevor 7

    Remember this is American guinness

    It tastes nothing like real Guinness. The message on the bottle about serving ice cold should be your first clue.

  19. pete 22
    Paris Hilton

    You know...

    My brother has been known to deep-fry a bacon cheeseburger which consists of a slab of cheese sandwiched in between two half-pound slabs of bacon. Both he and I are of normal size and height roughly 6 feet tall and 160 lbs. But no, I'll never eat something like that...

    Paris, because she *does* need a few more

  20. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    tradition or running joke?

    @The Vociferous Time Waster, in all seriousness though, trying to fry absolutely everything at state fairs is.. I don't know if it's consider a tradition or a running joke. I kind of thought it was a southern thing, but then read about all the weird fried stuff at the Iowa State fair. I don't eat that healthy but I can assure you I can't go to the store and buy fried Coke 8-). Or any of the other stuff in the article or comments (except the fried ice cream.)

    @Steve X, regarding fried ice cream. I've seen it at the mexican restaurant in town, and there's is pretty different. They have a *large* ball of very cold ice cream, coat it in a sweet batter, and fry it. The batter gets crispy while the ice cream is quite cold. Then they drizzle honey on it, I think a little cinnamon and sugar, a little whipped cream on top and a cherry on top. I don't think they have problems with it exploding on them 8-). This thing's pretty big (like softball sized), I think people order it for a birthday, and split it with everyone at the table.

  21. NemoWho
    IT Angle

    If nothing else... least it's earned El Reg a "fried beer" tag. How often it will be used, of course, remains to be seen.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    Deep Fried Ice Cream

    Fairly common at the Mexican/American restaurants around Phoenix Az. Ice cream scoop rolled in corn flake bits, hard frozen, then briefly fried to produce a crisp outer shell.

    Traditional Mexican eateries don't have anything like this, of course.

    I prefer my beer cellar temp, or colder...

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