back to article Speculation swells as Apple event draws near

Apple's media event draws close - it kicks off it 6pm this evening - but the rumours regarding just what CEO Steve Jobs - with halo or horns, it's your choice - will announce. The Wall Street Journal has it on good authority - it says - that Apple will announce 99c (64p) rentals of TV shows from US stations Fox and ABC. UK TV …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    My money?

    iPad 2.0 now with flash support, working wi-fi and more local storage for erm..storing things that you're not allowed to transfer to other devices.

    This changes nothing, again.

    Although I'll no doubt enjoy watching the cringe fest that is a jobsonian product un-veiling.

    1. The Other Steve


      Wifi works fine, 64GB of storage has proved plenty, I've hundreds of hours of music and video and plenty left over on my development device, and of course you can transfer things around all you want either via iTunes or via individual apps' file sharing.

      If you're going to diss something, it helps if you actually know something - anything - about it.

      Come back when you have some clue.

  2. BeefStirFry

    I predict.....

    .. iPad will get iWidgets in OS4.1

  3. blackworx


    "if you have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 and Safari, or an iOS 3 iDevice, you'll be able to watch Apple's stream of the event from the link on Apple's website"

    Everyone else - your name's not down you're not getting in.

    Oh sod it... Laugh/cry, what's the difference?

  4. Raymond Wilson

    I predict!

    A VMware client for the iPad to allow Applephobes to load Windows XP Tablet edition on to their iPads.

    That way the Windows lovers can host their "happy interface" on trendy hardware

  5. The Other Steve
    Jobs Horns

    I predict ...

    ... that I will try to watch the 'cast just in case I need a heads up on new SDK releases, but will fail because Jobs is so whiny and irritating that thirty seconds of him is enough to make me want to stab my self repeatedly in the face with a USB stick.

    A bit like Interface Builder, really.

  6. RobAtAscolti

    Didn't you notice?

    Hey, Reg. didn't you notice the number of "refurb" deals on the current iPod Nano on practically EVERY SINGLE Apple store. UK, US, France, Germany, Japan, Swiss. Go look.

    Same goes for the iPod Classic and in some places iPod touch.

    If I was a betting man, I'd suggest they are flogging old stock to make way for the new iPod Nano. That would be my guess.

  7. Bryan Anderson

    Oh the irony....

    ....of clicking that link to Apple's page to see the keynote only to find that I can't seem to watch it on my iPad.

  8. Jeff 10
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    Multi-touch Nano

    The all-screen multi-touch, clip-on nano is kick ass!

  9. MYOFB
    Jobs Horns

    P'raps . . .

    . . . a new liver served up on iPharva Beans washed down with a glass of Chianti?

    P'raps not . . . Who knows?!

  10. Connor
    Jobs Horns


    My money is on an announcement of a reasonably priced product that provides not only value for money, but similar or better than specifications compared to its rivals.

    Has to be.

  11. Gangsta
    Paris Hilton

    huh... What?

    "Whatever happens, if you have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 and Safari, or an iOS 3 iDevice, you'll be able to watch Apple's stream of the event from the link on Apple's website. "

    Does this mean that I can only watch if I have one of these devices or am I being an idiot?

    Never the less I do have a iOS 3 iDevice but I would prefer to watch on my larger screened laptop.

    For the record, I am looking to purchase a new iPod touch to add to my existing collection (1 x 1st Gen 16gb and 1 x 2nd Gen 8GB) - Not A fanboy by any means

    Paris - Just in case I am being an Idiot

  12. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Why speculate?

    I don't understand why sites continue to speculate about future Apple products. Since Apple (well, Jobs in particular) LOVES sending cease and desist messages and generally working anyone over who happens to either be informed or even guess right, why do they continue taking the risk? Personally, even though I'm not an Apple fan, I *used* to enjoy speculating on what they are coming out with, but this attitude left a bad taste in my mouth so now I don't.

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