back to article Big Blue finally punts an Opteron 6100 server

It only took five months, but on Tuesday it finally happened: IBM announced its first — and what could very well end up being its only — System x or BladeCenter server fitted with AMD's "Magny-Cours" Opteron 6100 processors. With IBM being an early and somewhat enthusiastic supporter of Opteron server chips back when the 64- …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    hp the only one?

    Of all the folks releasing/released Opteron 6100-based systems is HP the only one that has systems that offer the full 12 DIMMs per socket memory configuration? IBM only does 8, Dell only does 8. I've looked at Supermicro and Tyan boards, all of them only do 8(last I checked). Only the HP DL385G7 and the HP DL165G7 and the HP DL585G7 offer 12 DIMMs/socket.

    Yes I know populating 12 DIMMs vs 8 lowers memory performance somewhat, but it's certainly nice to have the option of adding more memory, I for one would almost always opt for more memory in the face of it being a bit slower.

    If you didn't want to take the hit, then don't put the extra DIMMs in.

    I mean what was it 2-3 years ago that Sun had a 2U quad socket AMD system with 32 DIMM slots?

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