back to article 3PAR awash in sea of green

3PAR awash in sea of green Dell stoking HP's fire The Hp and Dell bidding battle for 3PAR has reached two billion dollars with HP's Friday afternoon bid of $30/share. It could be a crushing blow, exactly what Dell wanted. Consider that Dell's last two bids have been weak. Last week it increased an HP bid of $24/share by just …


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  1. JL 1

    Pillar, anyone?

    Well, there is still Pillar. Although they have struggled to get into large enterprise, they now have a decent track record of service. Maybe that are an opportunity for Dell to pick up on the cheap and invest in. You can do a heck of a lot for $2bln... which was exactly my thought when NTAP lost out to EMC on the Data Domain deal. CommVault is the next one to go in my opinion.


  2. Morten Bjoernsvik

    Author missed the point

    HP entered the stage after Dell and 3PAR had signed the papers.

    Dell only have to match HPs bid, while HPs offering have to be substantially higher. 3PAR also have to pay Dell a ~72 mill$ termination fee if they choose another partner.

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