back to article Sony granted PS3 modchip dongle ban Down Under

Sony's Australian wing has successfully asked the Federal Court to ban the importation and sale of the PS Jailbreak USB dongle. Local mod chip sellers OzModChips, Mod Supplier and Quantronics, both of whom were offering the PS Jailbreak gadget, will have to stop doing so and hand over their stock of the devices to Sony. The …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Cue the Freetards

    That seem to think game development is cheap, and they deserve to get stuff for free...

    1. CmdrX3

      Oh really?

      And cue the sanctimonious twats that think everyone who wants to hack, mod or jailbreak their equipment only wants to do so in order to play copies. I have an original Xbox, that is modded, fitted with a larger HD, runs XBMC and has my games loaded onto the HD (no disc required) and is a cracking little media centre. I own not one illegal game for it, but all my originals are in tip top condition because I don't use them. Any PC game I buy, the first thing I will do is try and get a no-cd patch. I have a modded PSP, which means I can put several games on one memory stick, instead of messing about with the UMD's. Now cue fast forward to my son's XBOX 360 which isn't modded and requires the disk even after a HD install. So far two games ring scraped because he moved it accidentally. I spend and have spent a lot of money on games, but if I can mod something that will be improved by the modification then I'm going to do it, but just because I do, does NOT make me a freetard.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    has it been verified that this works yet?

    ...getting up to change discs is such a chore...

  3. Anonymous Coward


    ...they you go, if ever there was an endorsment for a product many had doubts about, there it is.

  4. David Webb


    I seriously hope Sony managed to get this injunction before the mod companies could ship to "customers".

    5 years I've been waiting for Gran Turismo 5 and it's due out in a couple of months, it's been in development to get it damn near perfect for 5 years and some pirating toe-rag would happily chip their PS3 and not pay the fine folks, and not just for that game either.

    If mods have been shipped, I hope Sony ships code with all future games that detects if the device is a dev console, if it isn't and is in dev mode, brick said console.

  5. robert 15


    I see their page now says they are "Sold Out".. interesting I wonder if its to do with the injunction..

    If they do get banned from selling them.. I better get my $169.99 back :P

  6. Head
    IT Angle


    It appears that to make this law valid, it should no longer be legal to backup your data....

    Looks like Sony will fail in trying to make this permanent.

    1. Highlander

      Not really. If sony can show...

      If Sony can show that the device or the application that is distributed with it use anything that is unlicensed the device will be perma-banned.

  7. the_leander
    Thumb Up

    Needs more bad press!

    David Webb, of Sony PR wrote thusly:

    " I hope Sony ships code with all future games that detects if the device is a dev console, if it isn't and is in dev mode, brick said console."

    Because what Sony really need, after having bolloxed up peoples PCs with their drm, left people needing to purchase new DVD players to get around their spec breaking drm and before that CD players for much the same is, after all that, to fuck up peoples games consoles for using 3rd party mod they don't like.


  8. Tigra 07

    Can you imagine...

    What if they did this with CDs and stopped you being able to rip them to computers?

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