back to article Red Hat plays Switzerland in balkanized cloud world

If you listen to all of the major cloudy infrastructure players - and some of the minor ones too - they all sound like they have all the answers and you need only come to them to solve all your fluffy IT problems. But no one actually has a complete cloudy stack. Even Red Hat, which tried again today to give that impression while …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Reading between the coded lines ........ for the dictatorial spiel

    Seems like Red Hat are trying spectacularly unsuccessfully to obfuscate a Virtual Empire Building Enterprise, Timothy, which relies on everyone else mentioned remaining on board to provide them with their tools ....... which is never going to work, is it. Not nowadays, whenever everything can be controlled so easily with nothing more physical or demanding than words shared in the Information Space of InterNetwoking Webs and Grids.

    There's even a cult iconic figure song about that, too ......... Plateau/Kurt Cobain and Nirvana .... which reveals who needs action when you got words.

    It is sad for the Reds though, that the Blacks and the Greys and the Whites Embedded a Rainbow of Command and Sublime Control and Stealthily Secured that CyberSpace Environment long ago.

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