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Marten Mickos – the former MySQL chief executive who now heads build-you-own-cloud outfit Eucalyptus Systems – has defended the Eucalyptus platform against recent criticism of both its "open core" model and its ability to scale beyond a relatively small number of servers. His comments come as Eucalyptus releases a new …


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  1. toor


    Fair enough on the million-machine-cloud front, that's not just scaling that's epic scaling, even big ISPs probably wouldn't need that size of cloud. I don't think they should be slated too hard for not making a system that scales that far straight out of the box but the damming part is this...

    "... and because his engineers weren't able to submit patches to the open source Eucalyptus project that would have improved its ability to scale."

    ...if you want serious community support then it has to be as simple as either requesting write access to the source repository or just emailing patches in for maintainers to merge in. I can't imagine there'd be any other excuse beyond plain Fail, if someone with a email address sends you a patch you aren't just going to file it in the circular file are you?

    The fact that it's described as "open core" will give it the whiff of Sugar (CRM) to the hard liners out there who, rightly or wrongly will accuse them of jumping on the open source bandwagon as well perhaps.

    A rocky start and now they've got some serious competition in the shape of NASA, I'd be worried if I was them.

  2. martenmickos

    Contributions welcome


    Thanks for your comments! We actively welcome contributions to Eucalyptus, and we do get a number of them. Here is a page on that topic:

    On the topic of NASA, in case it is of interest, they continue to use Eucalyptus in production and we just recently discussed with them new areas in which they may need us. NASA has hundreds of IT systems ranging from operational business and web systems to supersized scientific computing clouds, and I think we should expect them to try out and deploy a number of cloud platforms.

    Kind regards,

    Marten Mickos

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Copyright assignment and worse..

    Looking at the contributor agreement it's a wonder they get any outside contributions at all in my opinion. FAIL

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Eucalyptus is going the Rotten Core(tm) way

    Mickos takes the money, project goes down the drain. That's the Rotten Core way (tm)

    Richard Stallman was warning about that for years:

    "Value your freedom or you will lose it, teaches history. 'Don't bother us with politics', respond those who don't want to learn."

    Mickos will sell the thing to Oracle, and when Larry jacks up the prices, you will have no choice but to pay up since Eucaliptus EE is proprietary software and you get locked in. He almost ruined MySQL with his Rotten Core(tm) agenda. Now Oracle have a good shoot at killing MySQL thanks to Rotten Core(tm).

    There's Red Hat DeltaCloud and OpenStack, and Ubuntu Enterpise Cloud is going to be fork of Eucalyptus. All that is better than MickosCloud which is proprietary and probably patented.

    Don't buy from Marten Micros, enemy of your Freedom!!

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