back to article Alibaba opens up coffers for eBay listing service

Chinese auction house Alibaba is expanding its US presence by grabbing Auctiva - the Californian firm which makes tools for business users of eBay. Auctiva's listing tools for eBay to make it easier for small firms to run their online auctions. It claims 170,000 active users. The Chinese company said the deal made it the …


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  1. LinkOfHyrule

    Makes it easier

    Makes it easier to list **** goods from China!

    Mines the *fake* one

  2. Mage Silver badge


    The Chinese are tunnelling into eBay from below

    1. patricia013

      Alibaba Eats up Ebay a Crumb at a Time

      Its happening and I believe before long Aliibaba and its asian connections will either buy or take over Ebay.

  3. patricia013


    Alibaba will eat up Ebay one crumb at a time....Ebay so deserves this!

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