back to article Windows Phone 7 SDK coming 16 Sept

The final version of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools will be available from September 16, while handset information isn't leaking so much as flooding ahead of the official launch. Microsoft reckons that more than 300,000 people have downloaded the beta version of its Windows Phone 7 development kit, and based on feedback …


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  1. brale
    Gates Horns

    All those downloads...

    Microsoft has every intention to pump the numbers.

    Since Microsoft does not specify whether these are completed downloads or merely download attempts, it's possible it is the latter.

  2. Seb123
    Gates Horns

    Interesting point

    I've had to try the installation/download process 3 times before it would work because of a funny error half-way through. I then realised that I had to remove the existing Silverlight installation and it went through smoothly. I wonder if my multiple attempts are counted in that number.

  3. JDX Gold badge
    IT Angle

    I doubt...

    ...anyone else does differently when reporting downloads, thought that doesn't stop it being a valid point.

  4. Martin Lyne


    Download -> Laugh -> Uninstall

    Even if theyhave brought it into this decade, it will still be way behind modern Android releases, bug laden, with the same upopulated app market as Winmo6.5. First day of installing Android on my HD2 I had already found 3x as many decent apps as I ever paid for on Winmo. Because the Winmo marketplace has very few free and useful apps.

    All they will do is waste precious resources, the HD2 is an incredible phone, utterly wasted on Winmo - Android sets it free.

    Do everyone a favour Microsoft: save your money and fuck off.

    1. Anonymous Hero
      Gates Halo


      Android wasn't exactly perfect on day one but in the short time it's been around they've done a damn good job.

      I think MS have learned a few things watching Android and iOS mature and from the mistakes made with Kin. When you have guys like Scott Gu pimping WinMo7 dev tools then you can take it as read that they're serious and we'll see a fairly rapid release/bug fix cycle ala Android. MS can't afford not to do this, not this time around

      I agree that as a Window Mobile 5/6 user I wasn't exactly enamoured. The platform was stale and had no sex appeal. WinMo7 feels different.

      I have a HTC Desire and love it. I'm also about to kick of a dev project targetting Android, but I'm also gonna take a stab at WinMo 7 because it looks interesting.

      I wouldn't write them off yet.

  5. Nathan 13


    I am almost as excited about a Windows7 phone as I am about getting diarrhea.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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