back to article Oracle names self virtualization king

If Oracle and Sun Microsystems have anything in common - and as the poster children for Silicon Valley's IT upstarts, they have much in common - it is that they are not afraid to say they have the best technology and no one can touch them. That, in a nutshell, was what Oracle's top techies spent hours trying to convince the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Litigation, Litigation, Litigation

    I think that's more accurate when talking about Oracle.

  2. Aaron 10
    Paris Hilton


    Did they purposely ignore their own free product?

    Paris, because she gives her product away for free too.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    why believe in stuff that oracle does not believe in ?

    Oracle has a history of killing stuff, without any concerns about their customers.

    Some recent "achievements" :

    - solaris on x86

    - moniforce

    - virtual iron

    they tell us *their* XEN is the ultimate thing.

    Is it really ? It is not *theirs* to begin with.....

    - it descends from the CentOS / RedHat tree,

    and as we all know

    - RedHat does not do Xen-host any more.........

    So what will oracle do now, now that the source dries up ? They can't do it themselves; because they don't want too...

    they rely on centOS for bugfixing etc. From internal sources it is rumoured they have about 1.5 kernel person working for them, and that's it......

    their enterprise mgmt tool, xvm opscenter, is a cemetary with withering support for anything people run, except sun solaris on sparc. Nothing has been released , no roadmap update since SUN went down.

    true, other virtualization sellers have the same hodge podge, but they at least believe in what they are doing, and they put their money where their mouth is.

    That is something that Oracle consistently refuses to do since the SUN acquisition....


    1. Kebabbert

      Please stop the FUD

      "Oracle has a history of killing stuff, without any concerns about their customers.

      - solaris on x86"


      Solaris on x86 is not dead. Why do you FUD about Solaris? I was actually a bit surprised why you didnt finish your post with

      "we have now migrated from SPARC to POWER but I am a SPARC lover. But the POWER machines seems really cool and I think I will like them. Our department has saved 50% in costs and increased performance 10,000%. Sadly, I really love SPARC, but we have been forced to POWER by cost reducing management. POWER seem better, though". Just the normal IBM FUD.


      Regarding OpenSolaris being killed. Sun has released and killed several preview Solaris 11 distros: SXCE, SXDE, OpenSolaris - it always was the same Solaris 11 preview code, but different distros and different names. And now Oracle is doing the same. Oracle is just rebranding OpenSolaris to Solaris 11 Express, which will be released at end of 2010. Solaris on x86 is not dead.

      And Sun had 35.000 customers. Oracle have 350.000 Enterprise customers paying big money today. Oracle have 75% of the database market share: Oracle + MySQL. IBM DB2 has ~15% market share. Oracle will try to make all of the customers switch to Solaris. The Solaris future is brighter than ever.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Oracle's VM technology is a bag of SH1T

    Any customer that buys into Oracle's powerpoint BS is looking to spend the majority of their budget on Oracle and get less for their dollar.

    VMWare - proven technology (just not for Oracle products or large applications)

    PowerVM - proven technology - certified by Oracle

    Do yourself a favor and call IBM about their hardware before you spend anything more on Oracle.

    We made the switch last year from SPARC to Power and could not be happier. We have standardized on VMWare for Windows and Power6 for our important applications.

    The Oracle rep did an audit last month to try and charge us more or talk us into a ULA and was shocked to see we dropped our licenses in use by 80%. She is just focused on selling new modules vs. more EE or RAC licenses.

    Power7 looks cool, we just don't need it yet.

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