back to article Google Chrome OS tablet in repeat rumorfest

Rumors continue to swirl around Google's efforts to challenge the Apple iPad. Last week, the AOL-owned Download Squad told the world that Google, Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC, and US wireless carrier Verizon will launch a Chrome OS tablet on November 26, and now, the Israel-based Haaretz claims that the so-called "gPad …


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  1. fixit_f


    Has Dappy diversified into technology then? What an unfortunate name.

  2. Rich 30

    how long?

    How long untill everybody has stopped being so interested in "pads"

    I can see these going much the same way as Netbooks. A great idea, but actually, not that many people will use theirs for long, or indeed buy a second.

    That said, i want one. Obv.

  3. Bill B

    Can we have more speculation please?

    I am VERY disappointed in the amount of coverage being given to the gPad.

    If this had been a product from Apple, we would have a ton of articles about what's in it, who's making it, how big the screen was, what's the feature set , will it have a camera front, rear and on the side, why has manufacturer X bought 10,000 folding 10 inch screens based on super plasma led thingies technology... all about a year in advance of the actual release.

    So come on guys .. up your game a bit. Why should fandroids miss out when fanbois get all the fun?

  4. OffBeatMammal

    if you really want an Android tablet....

    there are many available from China already.

    While some are pretty crappy and run Android 1.5 there are devices like the Weistech A81E that support FroYo and while they are not official (ie Market and the Google Apps are not supported) there are cooked ROMs that add that functionality back in.

    Android isn't like Apple where the fanbois have to wait for whatever the mighty Jobs chooses to bestow... like Windows CE (that a lot of these tablets/slates also run) Android is open source so anyone can take a fork and call it a product.

    Go check out

    Personally, I'm waiting for a Win7 Slate but that's just how I roll

This topic is closed for new posts.

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