back to article HP confirms 'Palm pad' to ship early 2011

HP will bring its WebOS-based tablet to market early next year, a company executive has stated. During the PC giant's quarterly earnings conference last night, Todd Bradley, head of the company's Personal Systems Group, said: "Tablet sales and slate sales [were] a big part of the reason we acquired Palm. You'll see us with a …


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  1. riCh chestMat

    Should be lovely

    And almost entirely lacking apps. Shame but true unless HP bust a gut to get deva on board. Had to see though with iOS and Android about - let alone symbian and windows mobile.

    I hope I'm proved wrong though.

  2. DaveTheRave

    Does anyone care?

    HP got owned in the mobile market by not bring out decent, up to date, fully functional iPaq. The tablet will be lame.

  3. JaitcH

    Backing a loser - Slate with Windows

    It is strange for a company to hack what must be, by any criteria, a dud.

    Without doubt, Android will rule. The toss up for second place will be between Apple and RIM so that leaves fourth place for HP.

    These products will be price sensitive which again places HP at a disadvantage as most of it;s products tend towards the high end. As others point out, Apps also will determine the most suitable unit for he intended purpose - quality and not quantity.

    1. David Edwards

      Right result, wrong reason

      Whist I agree, in terms of sales that the consumer market will be a apple v android battle with the others as also rans. The article says that HP is using PalmOS for its consumer devices, so your comment about windows slate is pointless. If HP make windows slates for corporates, thats a different kettle of fish, where application compatibility (for legacy stuff, think IE6 woes) etc is a bigger issue.

      I used Palms happily for years, but they ran into a black hole and (in my opinion) Apple picked up the ease of use friendliness that the old Palm Pilot had that made them so popular 10 years ago (while Apple were floundering) Palm OS was too late into the phone arena, but it may be a contender (albe it not the most popular) in the tablet space.

  4. Paul Bruneau

    There's a new fanboi in town

    > Without doubt, Android will rule. The toss up for second place will be between Apple and RIM so that leaves fourth place for HP.

    and they call us Apple folks fanatical. At least we have a product that we admire.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why not Android?

    It is simple, Google is getting too close to the server business. HP can't support Android, because it would be funding Google, pushing Google further into the ARM based server market. Google is already believed to be running more servers than any single entity in the world and has been working on some groundbreaking projects with servers in shipping containers.

    HP can't afford to let them profit off of their tablets.

  6. JDX Gold badge
    Gates Halo

    What Windows?

    Confused by the comments about apps. The article doesn't say Windows Mobile (or whatever they call it now), unless I'm mistaken? Any decent tablet built on desktop Windows could be pretty strong... by 'decent' I mean it has to not just be Windows with a touch-screen, preferably.

  7. Giles Jones Gold badge


    Nice that they're putting a product out, but are they going to develop the OS?

    What use is the WebOS if it falls behind the competition?

    I may be wrong but HP aren't a company I associate with developing OS software.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Another non-exsistant "I-p*d killer" device

    Not unlike the Android phones! Just you wait until Android release 16.33! Then, we will see who is the baddest!

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