back to article Google opens Chrome Web Store to devs

Google is now allowing developers to upload applications to the as-yet-un-open Chrome Web Store, an online gallery of web applications and web extensions for the company's Chrome browser and its upcoming Chrome OS operating system. "Developers can now start uploading apps and experiment with packaging them, installing them in …


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  1. Mr Brush

    Upload of 78,394,931 fart apps

    in 5.....4.....3.....2....

    (We need a facepalm icon)

  2. bofh80

    Wrong Title

    Google to cash in on free ubuntu

    Your just thinking, "oh OK, yeah i see where you coming from. Redhat Ubuntu debian et al have missed a huge cash puppy that google can cash in on from tablets to pc's. ( = iphone store / steam)

    But your missing the real point here, unlike other companies who made the road google is using, they did not bite into the 'capitalism bug' with OSS software, you do not, as many have done, need to buy out the main company behind the software. (ie from googles point of view a company like Xandros would look very appealing)

    (There are some exceptions here, but lets go with the MASS percentage of sheer stupidy .)

    And on another related side note, while google does not seem to treating the OSS community rather well, (various technical aspects to android and chrome etc) they have caused a huge surge in developers on Linux to create free AND commercial software.

    It is just possible that google could make 2011 the year corporate applications finally start coming to linux 'en mass'. Here's hoping.

    btw, incase you think i'm some kind of fanboy, i'll point out that i've liked google less and less over the years, if microsoft is the devil, google is just sheer evil. :)

    1. OffBeatMammal

      but this isn't a Linux effort

      don't forget though that while ChomeOS is built on a Linux base there's no "native" apps. Because the UI is the browser it's only running web apps inside that browser (with some level of access to underlying APIs depending on how they choose to broach the sandbox)

      Google don't want people writing native apps that they can't control, distribute and monetize... they want nice little packages, sandboxed apps they can sniff

  3. Jay Jaffa

    This smells of a fail before it starts

    As much as I'd like this to work as an interesting alternative platform to both Microsoft & the increasingly strange Jobs & Co. at Apple, I can't see it.

    I don't believe there's a lot of developer buy-in globally and it's not got a successful vibe.

    I don't think it will be too long before Google actually realise this and re-focus this project's resources onto Android 3.0 and beyond.

  4. Awesomo

    Will all countries be able to sell apps?

    At the moment, only around 10 countries can sell apps through the Android marketplace. Will the Chrome shop be as limited?

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