back to article Clickjacking threat punts Facebook survey scam

Miscreants have unleashed a new type of clickjacking worm onto Facebook. The latest assault relies on tricking users into using the Facebook "Share" feature without notifying surfers that content is being shared. By contrast, an otherwise similar clickjacking attack dating back from May relied on duping a user into injudicious …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    once upon a time there was a title

    "wasting everyone's time and polluting Facebook with crud"

    sounds like a pretty concise description of facebook if you ask me.

  2. Eden

    Business as usual

    Facebook even as intended seems to be 90% dross anyway.

    I've seem similar a while ago where I kept getting invites from friends to join a group titled something along the lines of "OMG I can't belive she did that to her daughter"

    But to see the picture of what the whole group was meant to be about you had to "login" to some 3rd party site with your facebook details....yeah right....sadly a few idiots fell for it and unsuprisingly got hijacked.

    1. Guido Esperanto

      curiosity gets the better of some people

      and seeing what "googlemaps shows somethin AMAZIN" is a pull to much for some people.

      however those still curious and with a few more braincells, can simply google said group and be presented with a dozen or so explanations including "AMAZIN" pics.

      no logins required, curiousity satisfied. no clickjacked. win/win/win

  3. Wize

    If you stick the names of these pages into Google...'ll see if the page is a scam or not (mostly is) and there are some websites that even show you what they are hiding from you on promise of a 'like'. None of them are worth it.

    1. Mr Brush

      There's a whole website dedicated to avoiding 'Like' scams, survey scams, etc on FreindFace

      However, even though I've informed my stupider friends who fall for the 'Like' scam of the above site, they still get umpteen 'zOMG! Look at this' posts on their feeds daily. There's no helping some people.

  4. Skymonrie

    90, a good number

    90% of what appears on facebook isn't worth 90 seconds.

    90% of the people on facebook haven't read 90 pages of a book.

    90% of the good pages/groups on Facebook are buried under 90 metres of solid crap.

    90% sure, 90% of facebook users couldn't live without checking their facebook status every 90 minutes

    90% wouldn't even know the definition of the word scam is and would click it 90 times if it didn't work.

    90 minutes on facebook a year is 90 minutes too much.

    I just go on once a month and am amazed at the amount of sheer crap that appears on Facebook. It's got to the point some people I know say 90% of what they do actually say on facebook with 90% more love...Remember when Facebook was about connecting people, not taking over peoples life? :p

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Big Brother


      Blame all those time-based Facebook games. I've decided to kick the habit and stopped playing all of them immediately, aka the "Cold turkey" approach.

      I'm spending way less time on Facebook already. Although adverse side effects include feeling bored at work on a slow day and constant urge to get out of office chair and walk around.

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