back to article America's top model fights off 'pervert' at Star Wars convention

America's ex next top model Adrianne Curry has taken to the social networks to detail her alleged molestation at a Star Wars convention in Miami over the weekend. The 28 year old, who won the first series of America's Next Top Model and has since appeared in Playboy, had visited the show wearing a Princess Leia "slave" outfit …


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  1. andy gibson

    "defended me with force"

    Surely she means THE Force?

  2. Flugal

    Disorderly intoxication?

    "The man was reportedly arrested for disorderly intoxication..."

    What other kind of intoxication is there?

    1. Dan Wilkinson


      Orderly Intoxication? You know, sleeping it off?

    2. Dave in the States

      re: Disorderly intoxication?

      ""The man was reportedly arrested for disorderly intoxication..."

      What other kind of intoxication is there?"

      I, for one, am a very orderly intoxicationee, um... intoxicater, err...... drunk

  3. TeeCee Gold badge

    "breeze lifting up my skirt"

    There's a skirt on the Princess Leia "slave" costume?

    I guess I can't have been paying attention to the important details........

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ah, the drink is strong in this one Leia. (compliments to whoever said it first, not me unfortunately).

  5. James Hughes 1


    Someone who Female, isn't a bit of a minger, and actually goes to star wars conventions?

    Is this a first?

    "And the Geeks shall inherit the earth......"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Quite common at SW conventions

      However, the nerds are too busy drooling over lightsabers to notice.

    2. Mike Powers

      Paid talent

      Most of the geniunely-attractive female cosplayers at conventions are paid attendees; they're the contemporary equivalent of E3's booth babes.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    assailant description

    "NOT a Star wars fan , nerd, or con goer"

    Sounds what most of us would describe as "normal" to me.

    I wonder what would have happened at a 200AD convention....?

    1. TheRobster Silver badge
      Thumb Up


      A beating of some sort, probably chased down by Roman Legionaries or Indomitable Gauls with magic potion.

    2. Marky W

      "what would have happened at a 200AD convention"

      Nothing. Too tricky to get your hand up a toga.


    3. lpopman

      titular shenanigans

      "I wonder what would have happened at a 2000AD convention....?"

      The Groper would have kicked ass?

      Bagsi the Nikolai Dante costume

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Wouldn't happen at a Doctor Who convention/concert.

    1. Tigra 07 Silver badge

      What's a Mexican?

      Yes, because theres no mexicans in the Doctor Who universe

      They were only at the Star Wars convention because Darth Vader destroyed the Mexican home world, which is shaped like a Dorito

  8. Matt 21

    I'm a bit confused

    If she's the ex "next top model", does that mean she is in fact "the top mode"l, or is she ex that too?

  9. RachelG


    Perhaps he was just in character as Jabba the Hut but forgot his costume...

    1. LaeMing

      In which case...

      ...a nice slow garotting with a rusty chain would be in order.

  10. Steve Evans


    "The man was reportedly arrested for disorderly intoxication..."

    So not sexual assault, driving under the influence or fleeing the scene of an accident? I'm sure one of those must be a felony.

    I thought American law was supposed to be tough?

  11. Tigra 07 Silver badge

    And Darth Vader?

    If you recall, there was a guy dressed as Darth Vader who robbed a bank a couple weeks ago

    Is he using cheap mexican labour and robbing banks so he can afford a new death star?

  12. Marcus Aurelius

    I find your lack of courtesy .... disturbing

    I wonder which one used Force Grip?

  13. smudge


    Only at a sci-fi convention could a heterosexual man wanting to cop a feel of an attractive woman be classed as a pervert...

    1. John H Woods Silver badge

      There's nothing wrong with wanting to ....

      .... it's feeling that you can just help yourself which is frankly perverse.

  14. Gene Cash Silver badge


    It was in Orlando... which is about 200 mi away. And yes, there was a lot of cuties at that convention in little metal bikinis. She wasn't one of them, as she was faking it in some generic non-SW-related outfit thing. She was just there for her "street cred" and to be in the "with-it" crowd. Just like Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson showing up at MotoGP. They aren't there for the bikes, just to "be seen"

    1. David 141

      With it?

      "She was just there for her "street cred" and to be in the "with-it" crowd."

      With it? At a Star Wars convention? Whatever they're with, it isn't it.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      "She was just there for her 'street cred' and to be in the 'with-it' crowd."

      That ship sailed as soon as she left the house.

  15. Oldfogey

    Not wise to cause trouble at SF Cons.....

    Some years back I was at an SF Worldcon in England. A bunch (about 20) of drunken football fans thought they could find some entertainment by hassling the nerds (and several attractive women in costumes).

    Hotel front-of-house were outclassed, and those of us fans who were about weren't going to do much better, so we called Con (not hotel) security.

    Security came down the stairs, about a dozen guys all well over 6 foot, plus 2 young ladies who would actually have been the dangerous ones. We parted and let them through. The troublemakers started to look a bit less certain, but stood their ground.

    What really got rid of them (without trouble) was when security parted to let through 8 BIG guys, all in full Viking costume and weapons, straight from a demonstration.

    Never cause trouble at a Con.

  16. AlanN


    Brilliant. You owe me a new keyboard AND coffee. And a gravity well generator.

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