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Acer has been a bit of a late starter in the smartphone game but has been working hard to catch up and gain a similar reputation to what it has with computers – decent quality machines that deliver the specs without excessive prices. Acer Liquid E Flooding the market? Acer's Liquid E Among Acer’s most advanced handsets yet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    "The large 3.5in screen is a multi-touch one, so you can do the pinch-to-zoom thing in your Android browser"

    That would have been the point where you would have been well-advised to do the reviewer thing, and specify capacitative or resistive, to prevent people having to guess/google elsewhere.

    1. D@v3
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      i kind of agree, however...

      I have never heard reference to a multi-touch resistive screen.

      1. PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn

        multi-touch resistive screens....


        however the tech is slightly different, requiring a different controller and more info from the screen itself. from what I've read its cheaper to manufacture than capacitive, and it can use anything to interact (fingers, stylus, paintbrush)

        RIM are also supposed to be looking at a hybrid resistive/capacitive screen

      2. Stuart Halliday
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        You don't get out often do you?

        Then you've never used a LG Arena KM900 phone then.

        It's resistive screen is multi-touch or should that be multi-press once you put on a screen protector.

    2. tony72

      @AC 11:07

      "That would have been the point where you would have been well-advised to do the reviewer thing, and specify capacitative or resistive"

      If there was such a thing as a resistive multi-touch smartphone display, you'd have a point. There isn't.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Does it matter

      whether it is capacitive or resistive, it does multi-touch pinch to zoom, and the on screen keyboard behaves like a capacitive touch screen.

  2. censored

    The latest version of Android?

    Are you sure...?

  3. JaitcH

    Sorry, Acer is an untrustworthy supplier

    As owners of several Acer products my company finds Acer unreliable, devious in interpreting it's warranties and failure to honour driver commitments.

    Given that RF technology is a whole new ball game to Acer I think people would be better off sticking with the HTC's and Samsungs of this world.

    Even Apple, after 3 successful versions, couldn't get it right on the 4th go around.

    Think very hard before plonking your money down on the counter.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Can't have it both ways

      Being a whole new ball game is considered bad when applied to Acer, hence you recommend going with someone established. Then you mention Apple getting it right when it was a new ball game to them and blowing it once well into the game.

      Seems like unfounded Acer bashing to me just because you had bad experiences with one or two of their products. To redress the balance here, I'm very happy with both the Acer laptop and netbook I have and they have both survived more than twice the length of the warranty period without a single problem. Driver and bios updates have been available for both products. My only relationship to Acer is that of a satisfied customer (but I wouldn't touch anything bearing a Ferrari logo with a bargepole).

    2. alcopops
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      Acer are useless

      Yes, after various bad experiences with Acer's support department on their other products I would steer well clear of buying an Acer phone.

  4. Neil 38

    How many hours?

    Err, 400 hours standby?

    I can't get more than 4 hours standby on my Desire.

  5. The Original Steve

    Um - Froyo anyone?

    Running a HTC Desire with Android 2.2... also known as Froyo.

    Maybe i'm getting a bit confused but I'm sure a 2 is higher than a 1.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    They would have been better off using a cheaper (say 3Mp) sensor on the camera and better optics.

    Those pictures are awful.

    With such poor optic quality, what on earth is the point in 5Mp?

    1. LaeMing

      Probably because

      most of the market just assume that a bigger megapixel number is always better and wouldn't know what 'optics' meant anyway. And the manufacurers know it.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    "Liquid E"?

    Why not something more innocent-sounding, like buttock speedball, or qaalude-hash-tea?

    Ezer not good.

  8. Leeroy


    I purchased several Acer laptops for service engineers and after about 8 months 50% of the dvd drives had failed. Acer replaced each one within ~3 days and we have had no other issues.

    +5 for Acer support, -1 for build quality but these things were dirt cheap :)

    If the phone breaks you can trust the warranty, if you break it you have insurance.

    Beer, my old phones love diving in.

  9. LAGMonkey

    Acer Liquid, and Acer Liquid E

    Having recently spent some time looking arround for smartphones i did notice somthing that would prob be a deal breaker to get an ACER

    The "Acer liquid" and "Acer liquid E" are exactly the same phone but one comes with Android 1.6 and the other comes with Android 2.1

    ACER do NOT release updates for Android. (not currently).

    I suppose there will be an "Acer liquid F" soon for the Froyo version of Android. Same hardware of course.

    1. Michael B.

      Acer have released an update

      Android 2.1 is available for the Acer Liquid from here:

      I have to admit from that page they could have done a better job of naming the update but it certainly does exist.

      As to the hardware, they aren't completely identical the Liquid E has 512MB RAM as opposed to the Liquid's 256MB, but apart from that I can't discern any other differences.

  10. david bates

    I'm confused...

    What is the point of Acer Synch?

    My mail, contacts etc synch themselves from the phone without having to lark about with a PC and are then available from my Google account. I thought that was one of the points of Android - being able to do away with the PC connectivity and the universally hideous software that phone manufacturers usually perpetrate.

  11. Anonymous Coward


    Largest pile of B and C grade components ever assembled into anything remotely functional.

    Utter crap.....

  12. PaulR79

    Price is not in its favour

    Since you can get the quite superior HTC Desire for around £360, probably less if you look more than I did, I have a feeling that unless the price of this is nearer £280 it will do poorly in comparison. With the Desire HD supposedly on the way for around £400~ the Desire will likely drop a little in price making this even less appealing.

  13. Anonymous Coward


    Acer Desire + 2.1 (Eclair update) = Desire E ... you can pick up a plain old Desire for around £200 at the mo, utter bargain. @LAGMonkey - have a look on the Acer support site for 2.1 ...

    Only problem is the firmware is not recognised by Google so you can't buy anything in the marketplace ... 'teapot' and 'chocolate' spring to mind.

    Reg - can you make sure part of your testing for all Android phones is a trip to the marketplace to try to buy something like 'National Rail' or some of the better known games? Ta - this problem has also affected HTC phones too.

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