back to article MS lists Windows Phone 7 gaming launch line-up

Microsoft has listed the Xbox Live games that will run on Windows Phone 7 handsets when the smartphone platform launches later this year. Among them, some well known titles. MS hopes Windows Phone 7 will beat the iPhone and Android platforms at their own app-centric game, and entertainment titles is only part of that programme …


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  1. djswivel


    For a phone that's supposed to be good a gaming, the launch line up is more than a little underwhealming. I was anticipating full spinoffs, and DS style gaming, whereas it appears to offer little more that iphone ports.

    And as for Live integration, Halo Waypoint appears to be the only proper one on there, and that's not even a game more of a progress checker.

    Once again Microsoft tried and failed, despite having a good initial idea.

    1. Little Poppet

      WP7 impressive

      The thing is, smartphones aren't a replacement for dedicated handhelds, despite what others are saying. WP7 is in direct competition with iPhone and Android - so how does this new development compare to what the other two have?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    That list looks like the passenger list of a zunetastic failboat. Hasn't made winmo a more enticing prospect.

    Pass the popcorn, I'm going to enjoy watching this tank after uncy Fester pours lots of cash (though not quite enough to brute force success) into it.

  3. Samuel Deakin

    Still wouldn't buy one

    Still wouldn't buy one

  4. Mr Brush
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    A good booster for sales

    As a recovering gamerscore addict, the idea of getting my achievement fix on a phone is still tempting.

  5. Little Poppet
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    Quite Innovative

    It's interesting to see Microsoft actually taking advantage of their existing resources and making good use of them. XBox is certainly one of their better products and whilst they are a little late arriving on the smartphone scene - they are still at a an advantage with regards to this.

    Unifying and integrating all of Microsoft's products into WP7 maybe one of the better things they have done.

    (The WP7 UI is actually quite fresh and unique aswell - not what I would expect from MS!)

    1. Chad H.

      The problem is

      The problem is they should have done this YEARS ago - Instead of having huge walls between X-Box/Windows/Mobile/Zune/plays-for-"sure" they should have had a single online community/marketplace.

      1. Little Poppet
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        Well, better late than never. At least they're doing this now - and they are relatively ahead compared to the rest of the competition.

        [OT, love the UI - superior to Apple/Android - good to see someone get away from the rather old and staid 'app centric' approach.]


  6. Rob Daglish


    No angry birds, not interested.


    windows phone 7 and games

    hum sorry but im not into games on smart phones simply cause its to much of a pain and pointless il till my 360 blows up then i may go back to sony.

  8. paul-s

    This Is It?

    This is the best they can announce even after the hefty bribes they've been offering games developers?

    The icon says it all.

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