back to article hit in latest mass hack attack

A hack attack that can expose users to malware exploits has infected more than 1 million webpages, at least two of which belong to Apple. The SQL injection attacks bombard the websites of legitimate companies with database commands that attempt to add hidden links that lead to malware exploits. While most of the sites that fell …


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  1. Thomas 18
    Thumb Down

    Hah AVG disables thereg

    Had to turn AVG off just to get to this article

    1. tim-e
      Thumb Up


      You need AVG. You wouldn't if you had a Mac. :p

      1. Mick F

        You wouldn't if you had a Mac

        Nope, nothing on a Mac can stop real hackers getting through!

      2. Anonymous Coward

        spoken like

        Spoken like a true dumbass.

        Fanbois never learn, ever.

    2. Dan 55 Silver badge

      That'll teach El Reg for those nasty articles about AVG a while back

      Or maybe it's just another reason to dump AVG...

  2. LawLessLessLaw

    Lol, now TheRegister is trying to kill me

    [NoScript XSS] Sanitised suspicious request. Original URL [] requested from []. Sanitised URL: [].

  3. Flybert

    how ironic on enterprise security article

    I am getting blocked to this article by AVG Resident Shield ..

    "Treat Blocked: Exploit Link to Exploit Site ( type 1526 )"

    1. Flybert

      come on .. can el reg please fix the link so I can read the article ?

      hours later and having same problem

      "Threat Blocked: Exploit Link to Exploit Site ( type 1526 )"

      I'd say it's AVG except it's only on the link for this particular article

      for the AVG bashers .. had AVG free for almost as long as it's been around, 8-9 years I think, and haven't had an infection in all these years, and no false positives .. this might be a case of that .. but I have no clue how an internal site page here could be written in such a way that it seems to be serving an exploit ... unless ...

      please check what probably is a *first* loading advert serve ..

  4. VeganVegan

    What's with this obsession with Apple?

    So they had (at least) 2 pages infected; but what about the other (more than) 999,998 pages?

    Aren't there other "interesting" sites infected, perhaps more extensively?

    This is no more interesting than saying (perhaps breathlessly), " there are more than a million automobile accidents, and at least two of them are (insert your favorite car model)".

  5. Ted
    Thumb Down


    slow news day, the register must be hungry for hits.

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