back to article Intel's SSD roadmap leaked

A leaked slide of Intel's nine-month solid state drive (SSD) roadmap shows a 400GB multi-level cell (MLC) enterprise solid state drive due in the first quarter of next year. A French Mac website posted the apparently real slide on Sunday and it shows a transition to 25nm MLC process technology but not single level cell (SLC) …


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  1. Jelliphiish

    mini ssd

    any clues on the size of these small form factor drives?

    1. James Thomas

      min PCI-E

      My guess would be a mini-PCI-E form factor. Like this one from OCZ:

  2. John Hughes


    I don't want to sound like an obsessive bore (or do I?) but SATA is no bloody use for those of us who want to use SSD's in servers.

    SATA may be good enough for the laptop or desktop, but for servers we want SAS, there is no way I'm going to be putting my data on a device that is tied to one server - we need multi-initiator.

    1. Svein Skogen


      Then use a suitable backplane for the disks. Use smarter backplanes in your rack, don't depend on the disk itself being smart (the failure might just as well be the disk logic board, not the software or silicon on your server)


This topic is closed for new posts.

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