back to article DoJ demands HP docs in bribery probe

The Department of Justice is demanding HP hands over a pile of documents related to its Russian business as part of a bribery investigation in Germany. German corruption investigators are probing allegations that the ink giant paid bribes to secure a contract with the Russian Prosecutor General's office. It is alleged that an …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can we call it Inkgate?


    Coin your own IT/Vulture related slang!

  2. Alister




  3. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    this is great news

    German federal prosecutors are turning out to be second only to the US in actually getting their act together in prosecuting bribery of foreign officials by people and companies based in their home country. I'm a little more cynical about the Russian prosecutors' enthusiasm for the case given the track record of political influence overwhelming prosecutorial and law enforcement agencies there.

    DPP and SFO take note and emulate (emulate the Germans, I mean, not the Russians - we all know you've got the being overwhelmed by political influential people bit down pat).

  4. Trevor_Pott Gold badge


    Let's replace "gate" as a suffix with "auuugh." My brain already does the transposition so its natural step for me.

    Climateauuugh. Antennauuugh. Inkauuugh.

  5. gimbal

    Well, Russia...

    How about, Borschtgate?

    ....and Germany is where it apparently started from ... BeerVersusVodkaGate ?

    Or we could just call ourselves a cab, and go get a drink ><

  6. Wallyb132
    Thumb Up

    Well it seems...

    There might be more behind Mark Hurds departure after all...

  7. Smoking Man
    Big Brother

    Wishful thinking

    [Quote] There might be more behind Mark Hurds departure after all... [/Quote]

    You bet.

    Probably, hopefully, we see quite some changes in management over the next months.

    ("Why don't you watch out for opportunities in other segments, even better, other companies, before the local authorities guide you out of the building..")

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