back to article Philips BDP3100 Blu-ray player

Philips has made some interesting innovations with TV in recent years – the Ambilight series among them – but with DVD and Blu-ray it's tended to follow Far Eastern manufacturers, while still managing to deliver decent, no-nonsense players that do what it says on the tin. So it is with the BDP3100, but the impressive thing about …


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  1. BigCW

    Don't quote me on this...

    OK, don't quote me on this, but I _think_ that there is firmware update (downloadable from within the player's menu) that allows you to watch video content saved on USB devices plugged into the USB port on the back.

    The reason I remember it is because it specifically says in the manual that you can't do this, and yet the firmware update allows it.

  2. stucs201

    Open button on remote

    What would you use it for? Planning on mounting the player vertically on the wall, poised so that the disc falls into the case when ejected? Just press the button on the front, you're going to have to get up anyway to take the disc out!

    1. Dapprman

      On their DVD players as well

      My last DVD player was a Philips, and it had exactly the same design feature, which frankly frustrated the hell out of me, and I too can see no reason why there should be no eject button on the remote.

    2. Sooty


      it's because discs don't eject instantly, they have to stop spinning, etc.

      On most players, that gives just enough time to press eject on the remote, get up, and walk over for it to open just as you get there. OK it only saves a few seconds, but it can be irritating to have to walk over, press eject, and wait.

      1. Robert E A Harvey

        Ye Glods

        are we now so up ourselves that we can't wait for a disk to stop spinning?

        I know modern life is hectic, but watching telly is supposed to be a leisure activity, not high productivity!

        Beer. I'd rather have one of they than watch 99.9% of the things sold on disks.

    3. Eddie Johnson


      I use my eject buttons all the time. My various players can be quite slow to cough out a disk so I usually hit eject before I get up so by the time I reach the player the tray is already open. I've calculated that it has saved me 3.95 hours cumulatively over the past 10 years. ;)

  3. Dave 129

    Re: open button

    Not sure if this will apply to the BluRay player, but every Philips DVD player I have had has allowed the disk to be ejected by holding down the Stop button for several seconds. Try it, it might work - if not, oh well.

  4. Mr Bear

    Open.... come on open.... come on, hurry up.

    I've got a Sony BDP-S360. When I press the eject button so I can put the disc in, I have to stand round waiting, for what seems like an eternity, for the player to warm up and what have you rather than it ejecting the draw and sorting itself out while I'm loading it.

    So having an eject button on the remote (Which mine is lacking) would be very handy as I could be sat on the sofa, can press the eject button and then I could make a detour in to the kitchen to make me tea and then come back, eat it and return the plate to the kitchen and return to the living room just in time to pop the disc in the player.

    WTF? because curious as to what's taking me player so long to eject.

  5. xenny

    The penny-pinchers' player of choice?

    I've managed to purchase a Sony BDPS 370 for £99.99, which will also pull tricks like playing freeview over the network connection. It's certainly also worth considering for this title.

  6. mfraz

    Not buying another Philips player

    Bought a Philips blu-ray player earlier in the year, but could never get it to connect to my Belkin router. The router could see it as it appeared in the DHCP list of the router.

    Maybe this one is better, but I wouldn't hold out much hope.

  7. stucs201

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    This reminds me of some requests I've had for software features that don't make sense. Turns out you're asking for one thing (eject on remote) but the actual problem is something else (slow eject mechanism). I assume the reason is you think its 'easier' to implement. This may be true in this case, but its sometimes easier (as well as more satisfactory) to solve the problem than implement a half-arsed workaround if only people would say what their issue really is.

  8. pita_frampton

    Philips BDP3100/5

    When is this player going to be launched in the USA? I don't get it why it is for sale in Europe but not in the USA?

    1. mfraz

      Makes a change

      It makes a change to hear someone in the USA complaining about not getting something we are.

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