back to article MoD bod warns of cyber attack risk

The accounting officer for the Ministry of Defence has said that data losses and weaknesses in the department's information infrastructure have left it vulnerable to virtual attacks. In the MoD's resource accounts for 2009-10, Bill Jeffrey says that although the department is working to improve awareness of potential online …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Contracted for the civvy/EDS side of MoD for a while back in '05 or so, and they were the most shockingly incompetent and un-clued bunch of stuffed suits I've yet to see. And I've worked for BT.

    Still, I guess there's hope if they've finally acknowledged it after 5 years.

    And don't even let's talk about JPA. There was a JPA helldesk at the site where I worked, and the poor 17 year old temps manning it would get physically threatened every so often by frustrated WO's out in the field.

    AC, like Julian Assange.

  2. JaitcH
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    This is DoD code for ...

    we need more money.

  3. Tigra 07

    How about...

    If you lose an unencrypted dongle or a laptop you get a prison sentence for endangering national security?

    Or just a sacking and a massive fine?

  4. hmmm

    Encrypted laptops

    How long do they need to encrypt all their laptops? At this stage they are still only 70% encrypted?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Multiple responses

    @JaitcH: Not DoD. That's Department of Defense. Wrong spelling, wrong country.

    @Tigra07: Those measures are in place, if the loss was considered a breach of the Official Secrets Act, for instance. In any event a negligent loss can right now be considered to be gross misconduct and result in dismissal.

    @hmmm: Quite a long time, is the answer. Unencrypted laptops are forbidden to be removed from MOD (secure) premises, unless the risk is formally recognised and mitigated. Sometimes encryption is infeasible, e.g. if a mobile device is part of a larger, operational, system.

    Note on the article itself: Joint Personnel Administration is for the HR functions of the Armed Services. There is a different system for the civilians.

    Anon., because I can. Thanks, el Reg.

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