back to article Internet Explorer 9 beta due on September 15

Microsoft has named the date for the first beta of its successor to Internet Explorer 8. You'll be able to download beta code for IE9 on September 15, the company said Thursday. Microsoft told The Reg that it's not releasing code to MSDN subscribers in advance, followed by everybody else. Microsoft is planning to formally …


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  1. karl 15


    I'm looking forward to IE9

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Cycle repeats

    IE is the world's most used, not popular, but used browser, so let's see what's in my crystal ball here...

    September 16th - Hax0rz write naff little trojan/malware to break it.

    September 17th - Every cack-handed little script kiddie and scumbag starts running malware on websites

    September 20th - Media goes nuts proclaiming IE is still broken

    September 21st - MS deny problem

    September 22nd - MS annouce date for full release

    November 1st - Full release out...vulnerability still present!

    The cycle of life is complete and round the merry-go-round we all go again...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cycle repeats

      So don't use it.

  3. mikebartnz

    Who cares

    It's a beta and not out for a month and the release not out until next year so who cares as it is too far behind and it doesn't run on linux.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    But even in preview 4, it runs like crap.

    Slower than even bloated old Firefix, which is rather impressive, as I didn't think anything could be as bloated and crappy as Firefix, but IE9 even with it's much touted hardware acceleration seems to have still managed it.

    Of course Chrome and Opera are way off in the distance in the performance stakes as usual.

    In typical Microsoft style, they are papering over the cracks of a crappy product with slick marketing and nice sounding words like "standard compliance" and "hardware acceleration",

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Well done..

      on commenting on a product not even released.

      Wonder if you'd like to try alpa versions of FF, Opera and Chrome? You may find them to be buugy, full of holes and incompatible. Thats the way it goes.


  5. Geoff Mackenzie

    Border radius yet?

    And standards compliant by default, rather than the stupid tag solution that requires me to add a kick-me sticker to the head of every page?

    1. frymaster

      Before you added that tag, I'd have thought you'd read up on how it's used

      ..IE8 _IS_ most-standards-compliant* by default. You only _NEED_ the extra header to force IE7 rendering instead of most-standard-compliant

      And yeah, border-radius works

      *I can't call it "standards compliant" really :P

      1. Wibble

        Fraid knot

        The meta tag is necessary to stop (L)users from setting their IE8 into IE7 mode (or idiot IT departments setting a policy). IE8 has two engines; the ok but nothing special IE8 engine, and the bug-ridden IE7 engine for "incompatibility" mode to render shite, broken websites the same as IE7.

        Properly coded website *may* be incorrectly rendered by IE8 in IE7 mode so you *have* to use the meta tag to ensure your site works.

        Will this poxy nightmare continue? I can hardly be arsed to bother downloading the beta as we all know it'll be the same old shit that Redmond always turns out.

  6. Mark C Casey


    "IE9 will also run Google's open sourced WebM video codec plus the closed and proprietary H.264 from Microsoft, Apple, and others."

    Woah there horsey, only if you install the WebM codec downloaded from Google.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      you have to install flash, shockwave, ogg vobis, divx, yahoo messenger, and oooh lots of other crap you may run in a browser.

      Now what's the problem again?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    WebM support?

    Could you clarify whether the WebM is going to baked in by default? Or if it is just the previously announced support for a user installed codec, which is far, far less interesting.


    ie9 beta

    looking forward to trying ie9 although i wont be using the beta il wait till the final release is out.

    1. Brian
      Thumb Up


      You can download the preview and run it with IE8. It isn't the full browser, just the engine.

  9. Brian


    The difference in the JavaScript engines is negligible.. but if you go to their preview site and run some of the apps in there that will also run in compatible browsers, you will see the hardware acceleration makes IE a helluva lot faster than FF or Chrome.

    On FF 3.5 I get 36 revs/min. On IE9 preview I get 1850 rev/min.

  10. knowledgenotebook

    IE and XP users?

    I heard that IE9 won't run on XP box. If that's true we've got a problem:

    BAD for XP users = BAD for MSFT.

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