back to article Microsoft: Hotmail fix coming soon to a browser near you

Microsoft is telling pissed-off Hotmail punters to be patient while it tries to fix the various glitches found in the recently upgraded service. As we were first to report earlier this week, solutions offered by needled Microsoft support staff in the Hotmail forums included a novel suggestion that the company’s webmail might …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Seriously? People still use Hotmail? lol, it was utterly shit 10 years ago and still is I'm sure.

    I still remember getting an account. Within 5 minutes and never even having used it I'd got half a dozen spam messages! Swiftly deleted and never returned. Sheesh, worse than Yahoo!!

    1. Rex Alfie Lee
      Thumb Down

      Yahoo, be honest!

      Perhaps Yahoo doesn't covet spam well, that is true but as far as the layout of email within Yahoo, theirs leaves Gmail for dead. I dumped Yahoo when they sold out to M$ bcoz of M$ but I miss their layout. Gmail's layout sucks but control of spam is much better.

  2. Seanmon

    All they need to do

    is make hotmail available via IMAP. No-one needing to visit their crappy site == No complaints.

    Of course, that means less eyeballs on the ads, so don't hold your breath.

    1. Robert Moore


      While it is not IMAP, you can connect to Hotmail with pop3.

      Works quite well.


        pop3 finally?

        so they finally broke down and offered free pop3?

        is what wikipedia links to. Well, even AOL offers IMAP, so, even on that point, hotmail sucks.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    It's interesting

    Microsoft are breaking new ground here and I think it has taken them by surprise as a corporate entity.

    In the past where they has a near total monopoly on the browser I dare say they just did IE testing and determined that other browsers weren't an issue. We all know about non-IE compatibility with Microsoft websites in the past.

    They just can't do that now and they are finding out that standards and interoperability are a must in the real world, particularly for a high-profile website like Hotmail. I seem to remember interoperability is not something that Microsoft have a good record on.

  4. robert cooke

    both of you fail

    I've been using hotmail for over ten years, it's my main account. i can get it on my android phone no problem. The nice new interface has worked perfectly for me.

    so for AC, stuff has moved on in the last 10 years, this is called progress, being in IT you may have come across it before.

    Seanmon, it is available over IMAP, and has been for years.

    failing to understand your problems, and no i'm not an MS staffer, or any way connected to them.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Still brown

    Hotmail still isn't very good, but as a lot of people use msn messenger ...

    as for spam, my favorite one is creating an account for my cat (it was for a joke with a friend) and then the first email in there says "hot pussy wants you".

    Beer, cause I could use one

    1. tigoda
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      hate to point this out but . . .

      you dont need a hotmail account to use msn, just pop over to the microsoft website get any other email address verified under the passport thingy (windows live id?) and you can log in to msn with it,

      i have been using my gmail addy for msn since the day i got it, leaving my hotmail email for dust

  6. WireBug


    I find it interesting that so many people assume hotmail accounts are required to use MSN. This is not true, you can create a LiveID with a GMail or any email address you want. LiveID = MSN access and any other MS site that uses Live ID's.

    <Sarcasm>Hotmail is great</sarcasm>, at least for signing up to questionable sites or mailing lists... LOL I prefer my Gmail over hotmail and ISP mail any day.....

  7. Kevin Reilly

    go gmail

    Get a Gmail account & use that account to poll your hotmail account over pop3. that way you have webmail or IMAP or pop3 plus great access from android or iphone / ipod touch / ipad or most Nokias etc.

  8. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "switch off the High Contrast display mode"

    That's like asking me to roll down my window to ensure proper power steering.

    1. Rex Alfie Lee

      Your analogy of the car window forgot to mention...

      1/ Turn the engine off at the key.

      2/ Stop the motor by unplugging the battery.

      3/ Wind down your window.

      4/ If this does not work you have a faulty set-up. Re-install Windows

  9. tony 33
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    whats up

    hotmail since the upgrade is better than it ever has been !

    and yes you get lots of spam, although fairly well filtered these days

    but i generally use it for catching anything i am not to sure of online, so it is basically a spam account anyway for me

    and btw i don't use chrome, just firefox at home, and IE at work

    1. Rex Alfie Lee

      spam control...

      If you get more than 1 spam not identified as spam then your email system sucks. I'm lucky to get one spam message in a fortnight. No exaggeration. GMAIL does spam better.

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