back to article Dell crafts mother of all graphics cards

Here's just what you need to play Crysis. The bespoke server division of Dell, called Data Center Solutions and accounting for a sizeable portion of Dell's quarterly server volumes, has cooked up a PCI-Express expansion chassis that can house up to 16 GPU co-processors. The new expansion chassis is part of the PowerEdge C …


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  1. Si 1

    Fermi based GPUs without a fan?

    Fermis without a fan? Isn't that a recipe for a fire or have Nvidia halved the clock speeds?

    1. serviceWithASmile

      i asked a similar question

      last time these cards were mentioned on here.

      it was pointed out to me that they will all be running in an air-conditioned server room most likely, so in this case the GPUs take advantage of the server / server room's cooling.

      probably won't last long in your coolermaster HAF932 though :)

      1. Si 1

        Coolermaster HAF932

        You're surprisingly close, I'm currently using an older Coolermaster Stacker case! It does a decent enough job of keeping an i5 at 4GHz, but probably wouldn't handle that Fermi rack. ;)

    2. Stevie


      The required Liquid Sodium Cooling Unit and connecting hardware were obviously erased from the picture for clarity.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Ah but can it.. know the rest.

    1. LuMan


      Yes, it probably will.

      However, I'll still not be able to get a decent Flash video speed on my Mac, even if I connect this to it!!

  3. Magnus_Pym

    Yes but will it play...

    ... ok it probably does. But still it had to be said.

  4. karl 15


    It's hard to get 2 GFX cards to work never mind 16

    16x the stutter

  5. Fluffykins Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    Wil this run a realtime Paris Hilton simulation AND drive a full-spec groin attachement?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Guffaw, Guffaw............

    "Yes, but will it play..........." Brilliant!

    Seriously impressed. Didn't realise Dell had a black ops division other than for bleeding money out of Intel..............

  7. RichardB
    Thumb Up

    FusionIO ftw

    16 of those Fusion cards in a stripe giving 10TB ultra fast storage. Probably somewhere itro 4-10GB/s sustained read... and several million iops! Trick is having enough CPU/RAM to deal with the data.

    Awesomeness. Want.

  8. Tom_


    I gues OnLive will be buying up some of these.

  9. Peter Kay

    Lucky sods

    Imagine the testing the poor product testers had to do..

    *boom* *zap* *schhhhwam* *splat*

    'no, honestly, I'm just testing that 16 graphics cards work'

    (OK, the Nvidia computation cards don't actually have a video output, so technically they couldn't play Crysis. Don't know about the ATI version)

    Still, must be a heck of a lot of computation power there.

  10. Neil Spellings
    Thumb Up

    Perfect for RemoteFX

    This type of expansion will become increasingly common once Microsoft release RemoteFX for VDI deployments which will allow this bank of GPUs to be shared amongst hundreds of Virtual Desktops.

  11. Graham Bartlett


    It's a metal taco. So presumably you could hit it with something and it'll resonate.

    Congratulations Dell, you've invented the Taco Bell!

  12. CASIOMS-8V
    Paris Hilton

    Just wondering

    How much it costs and how many winter gas bills I need to save on before payback with that mother blowing hot all night . .

    Paris, cos, well you know

  13. James Melody

    What I want to know is ....

    .......Will it Blend?

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