back to article Credit card trafficker cuffed after nine-month manhunt

A Russian accused of being one of the “most prolific” sellers of stolen credit-card data has been arrested in France, following a nine-month manhunt. Vladislav Anatolievich Horohorin, 27, was taken into custody in Nice, France, as he was attempting to board a flight bound for Moscow, federal prosecutors in Washington said. He …


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  1. live2give

    Make an example of him

    These online thieves have had it far to good for far too long. Make examples of them to show the other the trojan/botnet makers(highly intelligent computer whizzes) that they need to think twice and that they will do time for the crimes.

  2. Colin Miller
    Black Helicopters


    While I don't doubt that he should stand trial, there is nothing in your article to indicate on what basis the US is claiming jurisdiction over his alleged crimes.

    In the FBI's press-release, they stated that his servers were hosted outside the US. He should be tried in either the country where the servers are, or in the country that he controlled them from.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Team America World Police

      If the US or anyone with US citizenship might possibly be affected or for any other reason, they'll step in and claim whatever crap they feel like. Why do you even ask? After gitmo nobody needs to worry about legalities. They clearly don't matter if whichever of the many, many USA TLAgencies gets a bug up its ass.

      He's lucky though. He isn't silently being "extraordinarily rendered" for some good old medieval interrogation practice somewhere well outside USoA borders. A public trial show means he'll live.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Israel, Ukraine != Russia

    So is he a citizen of Israel and Ukraine or is he a Russian?

  4. Etrien Dautre

    Andy S. @ 12-1015

    Soviet, for convenience. It's a media catch, both Uzbek, Jew, Yakut or Ukrainian are usually called "Russians" behind the curb.

  5. Mr Young


    Bad boy sounds like he like money. Twat.

  6. bugalugs


    got iP4 in upmya. engage net 7. pay off cell 11. close down sub-group d. re-configure mirrors lunch. plot. plot some more. ring bell.

    leon ah....

    continue draft of book " money can buy you love anywhere "

    spirits of salts enema...

    hand grenade because this guy is caant and russians will look after him...

This topic is closed for new posts.