back to article Palm Prē design lead ejects from HP

Demi-disgraced HP chief exec Mark Hurd may have been the most-recent high-level exec to exit that company's Palo Alto headquarters, but he's not alone in his good-bye drive down US Highway 101. Thanks to TechCrunch, we now learn that Peter Skillman, Palm's now-former vice president of design — and the man who shepherded the …


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  1. rahul
    Big Brother

    Increasingly reminding me of...

    Iron Man 2:

    THE iPhone is now being surrounded by myriads of mindless drones. The market desperately needed a sidekick to the iPhone, but with this exit, I don't believe HP will be delivering that sidekick.

    1. Andrew Baines Silver badge


      Windows 7 mobile is out soon !!!!!!!!!!

      Sure to give Apple a run for their money.

  2. JaitcH

    Merging companies is more than money

    With HP's acquisition of Palm paying the bill is often the easiest challenge.

    Deciding whether a Palm type entity remains whole under the HP umbrella as a separate operating unit or whether it is integrated INTO HP will make a lot of difference.

    Management style, work conditions even dress can affect employees.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    He probably realized what he had got himself into...

    ... in working for HP and quite correctly said "F%$k this, I'm off."

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not that it has anything to do with anything

    But I *hate* fake accents in product names.

    Anyone know how to spell FAIL in Gaelic?

  5. Anomalous Cowturd

    Sniff... PalmOS was good.

    I still have, and regularly use, a five or six year old Tungsten T5. It still manages a full day of Bluetooth geocaching on its original battery. Tethers to my Nokia 6310i for on the move intarwebs too! And, it has NEVER crashed while running a non-hacked app!

    Time, however, as it is wont to do, has moved on.

    Will Palm? I hope so. It used to knock spots off WinCE/Mobile PDAs...

    Tux, 'coz it synchronises with Ubuntu / KPilot and Evolution too!

  6. me n u
    Paris Hilton

    maintenance must be difficult... the HP Palo Alto HQ. That revolving door is always in need of preventative maintenance (oiling) and frequent replacement. Here today, gone tomorrow (or sooner). Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Last one out, turn off the lights.

    Paris, cause I give a f**k!

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